Occ sci presentation


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Occ sci presentation

  1. 1. Occupational IdentityElla List
  2. 2. Being part of my family gives me asense of belonging as I have beenraised to be thoughtful and mindful ofothers. I care for my family and theyare a part of who I am and who I willbecome as they are always there tosupport and encourage me
  3. 3. Friends in Dunedin I have formedmany newfriendshipsover my timeinDunedin, these new friendssharecommoninterests andhelp me in mynew home ofDunedin.
  4. 4. Although now we are all apart, I spent a lot of my school life growingup with these friends and I know when I visit them nothing everchanges and we can still have the same long talks and it was like wewere never apart
  5. 5.  Dance makes up my occupational identity as I have beeninvolved with it my whole life. It allows me to express myemotions and practicing to perform to an audience
  6. 6. Skype allows me to be connected with my family all over the world, tofind out how they are and what they are doing it is important for me tostay in touch to continue our relationship.
  7. 7. Growing, preparing, cooking and eating foodis a big part of my life.I like to spend time inthe kitchen making anice meal and tryingout new recipes andchallenging myself totry newfoods, especially whenin a new place.
  8. 8. Studying is a new part of my life where I am doingsomething I love for the end goal of being an OT, Ihave met lots of new friends and learnt new skillsand knowledge
  9. 9. boyfriendI enjoyspending timeand enjoyingnewexperienceswith him.
  10. 10. I have been luckyenough to havetravelled and livedoverseas, byexperiencing newcultures I have learnt alot about others and amvery appreciative ofwhat I have and it hasmade me love movingon as I cant stay in thesame place for toolong.