(Mock) Communications Profile of Seattle Children's Hospital


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(Mock) Communications Profile of Seattle Children's Hospital

  1. 1. Strategic CommunicationsPlan Presented by Ella Czeisler DUE DATE
  2. 2. Plan Outline1. Vision & Mission Statements2. Research3. Situation Analysis using SWOT4. Branding Attributes5. Goal & SMART Objective6. Market & Niche Audiences7. Strategies & Tactics8. Action Plan & Calendar9. Budget10.Evaluation & Measurement11.References & Resources12.Contact Information Seattle Children’s Giraffe Entrance
  3. 3. Current VisionWe will be the best children’s hospital. We will provide patients and their families excellent care with compassion and respect We will provide superior, accessible, cost-effective service We will attract and retain the best talent at all levels of the organization We will be one of the top five pediatric research institutions We will be the nation’s premier pediatric educators We will achieve worldwide prominence by integrating patient care, research, education and advocacy
  4. 4. Vision Statement Analysis Pros Cons Positive, self-fulfilling  Vision is not stretching far language: “We will…” enough: already “provide[s] patients and Specific goals to be their families excellent reached: “be one of the care with compassion top five pediatric research and respect” institutions”  Too long or could include a slogan
  5. 5. Vision Statement Option We will improve the lives of children through methodicalservice while integrating patient care, research, education and advocacy.
  6. 6. Current MissionWe believe all children have unique needs and should grow up without illness or injury. With the support of thecommunity and through our spirit of inquiry, we will prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease.
  7. 7. Mission Statement Analysis Pros Cons Inclusive language: “we”  Everyone agrees that children “should grow up By saying, “With the without illness or injury”, support of the so it is stating an already community” it sets shared belief company up for fundraising
  8. 8. Mission Statement OptionThrough the Seattle Children’s Hospital spirit of inquiryand support from the community, we will prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease.
  9. 9. BrandingAffordable Children’s Financial Assistance Program Top ResearchSafe Institute & Nationally Ranked HospitalPart of the Community Community Engagement Through Classes & Events
  10. 10. Goals1. Raise funding for community classes2. Raise awareness of community classes within the Greater Seattle Area3. Raise attendance for community classes
  11. 11. SMART ObjectiveWe will raise $700,000 to fund Seattle Children’s HospitalCommunity Classes through the Teaching for Life auction.
  12. 12. Current Strategic CommunicationEasy to use websitewith visuals & relevantinformation Identifiable logo & color scheme
  13. 13. Current Strategic Communication Giving Seattle Children’s a FaceStayingConnected
  14. 14. Research Gathered from Interview Primary InterviewHeather CooperManager, CommunityEducation and Outreach atSeattle Children’s Hospital According to Heather Cooper, Seattle Children’s Hospital Strives for “Community Engagement” “Customer Service” “Enthusiasm” “Optimism”
  15. 15. Recommended Research How successful Social Media has been for the Seattle Children’s Hospital brand How the community views Seattle Children’s Hospital  What can be done to improve image for current and incoming patients  How children view Seattle Children’s Hospital What Seattle Children’s Hospital rates for pediatric care compared to other Seattle Hospitals
  16. 16. Market & Niche Audiences For Auction Greater Seattle Community Parents in the Greater Seattle Community Wealthy Parents in the Greater Seattle Community Wealthy Parents in the Greater Seattle Community who have used Children’s Hospital’s services
  17. 17. Situation Analysis Using SWOTInterna Strengths Opportunitiesl • Evening auctions gain • Auctions allow time to more publicity include information about • Cooperation with Seattle Children’s different Seattle Hospital and Children’s Hospital opportunities to support departmentsExtern Threats Weaknessesal • Other events; auctions, • In this economy, some dances, family events, may not want to bid as holidays much as in the past • Environmental: traffic, • It is near the end of rain, lack of parking or school year so some directions families may leave for
  18. 18. Strategies & TacticsCreate excitement over event, • Invitationexclusivity creates flattery Get auction • Press Release publicity Auction needs a • Creative Brief specific feel
  19. 19. Teaching For Life Auction Saturday June 16, 2012 The Seattle Marriot Waterfront Hotel Silent auction with wine and champagne at 6pm $300 donation for 4-course dinner while speaker tells more about Seattle Children’s Hospital at 7pm Live auction at 7:30pm Thank you candle gifts per guest at 8pm
  20. 20. Invitations Target only niche market for the auction  Spending less money on broad marketing Invitations are more powerful for recipient using pathos Recipients are based off of former donors to Seattle Children’s Hospital and board members and recommended donors
  21. 21. Press ReleaseLogo Children’suses on press “Glamorous” Chose June 16threleases catches eye; because no conflicting pathos events for Children’s, no Holidays, not a work evening All important information History Children’s uses for Press Relevant story using male and female subjects, and quotes
  22. 22. Creative Brief for Event Planner SMART Goal included so everyone is on the same page about expectations Will also have a past large donors list in packet Sample fabrics and candle scents will be included in packet Possible Budget will be included in packet All important Seattle Children’s contacts
  23. 23. BudgetActivities & Deliverables CostRenting the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel ballroom $2,000Invitations $300Organizing volunteers using interns $50Candle gifts $300Catering $1,000Event Planner $200Guest Speaker $400TOTAL $3,950$4,00 0
  24. 24. Calendar Supervisor contact information Name of action so no one forgets
  25. 25. Calendar Specific tasks to complete
  26. 26. Evaluation & Measurement1. We will raise an average of 150% profit on live and silent auction items.2. The amount of press coverage, including social media, will be doubled.3. 50% of the attendees will request to be invited to the auction next year.
  27. 27. For More InformationContact Ella Czeisler …………………………..(206)555-5555czeisler@childrens.com
  28. 28. References & Resources As Appears "Images and Logos." Seattle Childrens Hospital. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. <http://www.seattlechildrens.org/media/images-and-logos/>."ArchDaily: The Worlds Most Visited Website for Architects." ArchDaily. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. <http://www.archdaily.com/157175/seattle-childrens-bellevue- clinic-nbbj/>. Web. 03 June 2012. <http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/default.aspx>. "Welcome to Seattle Children†™ Seattle Childrens Hospital. Web. 03 s." June 2012. <http://www.seattlechildrens.org/>. Heather Cooper, Seattle Children’s Hospital Communication Department