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Sot presentation finaldraft


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Sot presentation finaldraft

  1. 1. Florida Atlantic University Student Organization Online Training 2013
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes Navigate, edit student organization information and locate forms on Owl Central Request Space for Student Organization Events Request and utilize the resources available through the Club House and L.E.A.D. Obtain and use funding through COSO Go on to complete the remaining re-registration requirements Understand the policies and procedures for specific events Effectively and appropriately promote your organization events
  3. 3. Responsibilities & Re-Registration • Student organizations need to re-register annually each spring to remain a recognized and active organization at FAU. The five requirements for re-registration are: – Re-register student organization online through OwlCentral – Have at least 2 officers certified in Fiscal Training – Have at least 2 officers attend the fall Student Leadership Conference – Have at least 2 officers complete online Student Organization Training – Have at least 2 officers attend the fall Hazing Prevention Summit • Failure to complete any of the five re-registration requirements will result in the student organization losing its registered status, all A&S fees allocated to the organization, and all rights and privileges granted by the registration process.
  4. 4. Responsibilities & Re-Registration • Requirements of student organization officers: – Undergraduates • Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA • Must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits – Graduates • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA • Must be registered for a minimum of 3 credits – Students serving as President must have earned at least 15 college credits.
  5. 5. OWL CENTRAL • Jing Video (partial script below)
  6. 6. EVENT PLANNING • Overview of Event Planning for Student Organizations – Registration for student organization events – Fees and charges associated with student organization events – Late Night Event Policy – Food for student organization events – Rules and Restrictions for Special Student Organization Events
  7. 7. EVENT PLANNING • Registration for student organization events – Student organizations must register both on and off campus events with the Student Union/Student Involvement & Leadership. • To register a student organization event and request space on campus, submit a Program Registration form at least TEN business days in advance of the event date. • Make sure your advisor is aware of the event being requested. – Registration for late night events, defined as those held beyond 11 pm, follow the Late Night Event policy and process
  8. 8. EVENT PLANNING • Jing Video for Event Registration Form
  9. 9. EVENT PLANNING • Fees and charges associated with student organization events – Boca Raton Student Union Facilities are always free for student organizations, unless they are… • Having co-sponsorship event/program with a department, tax-exempt group or commercial group • Charging a registration or admittance fee or sell tickets • Sponsoring a program that is open to the general public – Additional Charges for Student Organization Events • Student Sponsored Events with Critical Risk Factors may require campus police officers to be present. Charges for campus police officers are $35/hour per officer for a minimum of 5 hours. • Violations of event planning or Chartwells policies and procedures
  10. 10. EVENT PLANNING • Late Night Event Policy – Late Night Social Event Reservation Process • Boca Raton campus – complete the Late Night Social Event Reservation Form and a Program Registration form THIRTY days in advance of the event date to begin the process. • Dates are pre-selected, and times are 9 pm to 1 am OR 10 pm to 2 am. – Late Night Social Event Locations • Student Union Grand Palm room • Recreation & Fitness Center – Late Night Social Events require Responsible Parties to be present. The host organization must supply at least two entry monitors, which may include: • Advisor (required) • Other responsible professional staff or faculty member • A responsible club member or organization officer – Late Night Social Events require FAU police and possibly CSC security when non-FAU students are allowed to participate and/or there is a monetary transaction (such as an entrance fee, donation, or other monetary transaction)
  11. 11. EVENT PLANNING • Food for student organization events – Steps in Planning Catering • Must use Chartwells to cater on-campus events (unless outside vendor is approved) • Contact Chartwells/Business Services at least two weeks prior to event – Self Catering • If catering options do not meet the need of the event, submit a signed dining Service Waiver Form • For donated food, submit an Event Donation Form or letter from the vendor on company letterhead addressing the description of the donated items, price of the donation, and signature and date by both the vendor’s manager and event sponsor. – Outside Catering • If you’d like to use an outside, approved vendor, submit a completed Dining Service Waiver Form • Outside caterers must have Proof of Insurance, Health Department documents, and licenses (A list of already approved vendors is available on the Business Services site)
  12. 12. EVENT PLANNING • Rules and restrictions for special student organization events – To show a movie on campus • Contact one of the major firm companies below to obtain a public performance license: – Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. – 1-800-876-5577 – Criterion Pictures USA, Inc. – 1-800-890-9494 ext. 224 – To create a contract for performers, artists, and/or speakers • Speak with Student Involvement & Leadership AT LEAST 4 weeks in advance of the event/program for more information and to start the process • MUST use a FAU approved Contract for Performance Agreement • Students, student organizations, and advisors CANNOT sign contracts on behalf of FAU
  13. 13. EVENT PLANNING – To register a date or service audition • Schedule a meeting with the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Office or designee to discuss the details of the event. • Have participants sign the “Date Auction Participation Agreement” • Complete/submit a Program Registration form. Attach all signed Date Auction Participation Agreement forms.
  14. 14. Finances
  15. 15. Promotion & Marketing • Overview of Promotion & Marketing for Student Organizations – Advertising with flyers, signs, posters, & notices – Posting a MyFAU announcement or on – Using student organization logos and the FAU name – Developing/ordering promotional items
  16. 16. Promotion & Marketing • Approval of flyers, signs, posters, & notices – Must receive stamp approval in Student Union, UN 203 • MUST include name of the sponsoring student group or department. • MUST include the following statement: If accommodation(s) for a disability is required, contact Person/Phone Number/TTY 1-800-955-8770, a minimum of five (5) working days in advance of the date of the event. • CANNOT advertise alcohol in any way. – If posting in Housing, must also receive approval from Housing & Residential Life.
  17. 17. Promotion & Marketing • Placement of flyers, signs, posters, & notices – Can be posted on approved bulletin boards and sign-holder frames ONLY. – CANNOT be attached to painted surfaces, vending machines, building fixtures or signs, building exteriors, trees, shrubs, plantings, or existing signs. • Removal of flyers, signs, posters, & notices – Must be removed by the sponsor organization within 24 hours after the event. – Any and all signs over two weeks old will be taken down regardless of stamp.
  18. 18. Promotion & Marketing • Posting a MyFAU announcement or on – Event must first be registered and approved by the Student Union – Announcement requests for all three outlets must be emailed to (Boca Raton), (Northern Campuses), (Broward Campuses) or by the weekly deadline of Thursday at 5 pm following these guidelines: • Specify where you’d like the announcement to be posted (MyFAU Announcement or • Subject Line (cannot exceed 45 characters): • Body of Announcement (please send the following information in paragraph format): – Event name – Date/Time – Location (include campus, building, room number) – Description (three sentences or less) – Sponsoring college, department or group – Contact information for event (clarify if RSVP’s are necessary) – Contact information for listing (if different from event contact information)
  19. 19. Promotion & Marketing • Using student organization logos and the FAU name • Developing/ordering promotional items
  20. 20. TRAVEL • Undergraduate • Graduate
  21. 21. HOMECOMING
  22. 22. Hazing Prevention
  23. 23. Resources
  24. 24. TROUBLESHOOTING • What happens if our organization cannot send two people to the Leadership Conference? – Contact Student Involvement as soon as possible. In most cases, two officers must attend a Leadership Institute prior to December 1 to ensure that the organization remains registered and in good standing.
  26. 26. WHAT NOW?
  27. 27. THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THIS TRAINING! Now Click here to take the assessment >