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What Is The Best Social Bookmarking Tool For Traffic_


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What Is The Best Social Bookmarking Tool For Traffic_

  1. 1. What Is The Best Social Bookmarking Tool For Traffic?The best social bookmarking tool for driving traffic to your site isnt one of the better known websitessuch as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Reddit or Digg. Not even social networks like Facebook orTwitter. The real answer lies in services that submit your webpage to all of these websites with justone click.Therefore, its safe to say that the best bookmarking tools are less well-known sites such as Onlywire,IMAutomator, SocialMarker or SocialAdr. Apart from saving time and being generally free, these sitescan really contribute to some of your work going viral. And as far as the best social bookmarking toolgoes, SocialAdr doesnt only submit your work instantly to 40 bookmarking websites, it also letsothers do it for you! This way you can get devoted readers participating in the promotion of yourwebsite. All of these sites have paying options which generally submit your work to more places.Another great option for social bookmarking is TrafficBug. Despite not being free, it is cheap (20$ amonth) and also includes your website in general and RSS directories. If youre working with a largerbudget, Bookmarkingdemon (BMD) is definitely worth the 147$ it costs. It not only creates accounts inabout 100 sites, it also works like a charm getting backlinks in a personalized way. A few months ofusing it will boost your PageRank (PR) for sure.On the downside, I havent found any of these sites (even BMD) to consistently work perfectly. Thatmeans that the connection is broken between Onlywire or SocialAdr and one of the destination sites.Therefore, its not a bad idea to check once in a while to see which sites your submissions areconstantly failing on, and add them manually. Social bookmarking sites are also weary of spammers,and try to crack down on the worse quality submissions. You might find your accounts being shutdown if your content isnt good.Of course, you might want to personalize your communication strategy a bit more, and find a focus toshare your work on social networks. Facebook or Twitter users tend to respond much better if it lookslike youre talking directly to them, being humorous, inspiring or irreverent instead of just adding a linkwith the post title. I recommend a mixture of both: automatic bookmarking with a bit of catering foryour followers. They tend to love conversations, not just being herded into a website, no matter howgood its content is.So if you think you have great content but cant seem to get the traffic going, check out these socialbookmarking tools and make your work known to the world.Increase Website Traffic