Tropical Home Lamps Bring The Vacation To You (7)


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Tropical Home Lamps Bring The Vacation To You (7)

  1. 1. Tropical Home Lamps Bring The Vacation To YouIf you think that tropical design is outdated, you are mistaken. It started in the 40s, and was moreHawaiian than anything else. It then evolved in the 50s into a more Cuban style. By the 80s, tropicaldesign was more of a Caribbean, reggae, island theme, which presently has changed only a bit moreto include an awareness of our environmental needs.The one thing that has always remained consistent is that it is a warm, informal, and fun style that isagain becoming hot, hot, hot! Lots of natural color, heavier on textures than intricate prints, withlightweight furniture made from easily replenished materials, you can hear the steel bands playingand smell the ocean breeze just walking into the room.Tropical lamps for the home complete this picture of ease and comfort, and you have quite a varietyto choose from. Set the scene with a tall, hand colored brass lamp with a bamboo shade on yourrattan foyer table. Next to it, a vase of orchids or bird of paradise, set against bamboo-inspiredwallpaper. A small rattan chair or bench, cushioned in a neutral, interesting texture, and a bamboo orjute floor mat centered on the light stained hardwood floor, and you your guests will think theyveentered Paradise.Carry the theme through to your living room with bamboo or natural wood furniture, using fabrics witha banana leaf or tropical bird motif, and, perhaps, a porcelain lamp depicting a bamboo forest on yourend table.For the perfect bedroom, have a fluffy, earthy colored comforter and put your design into severalthrow pillows, covered in a jungle print that includes monkeys, large cats, and parrots. Use mosquitonetting for your canopy, and complete the picture with a leather and bamboo lamp, a white-washedwooden fish trap lamp, or a brass wading crane lamp. A fan-backed wicker chair and ottoman, oceanbreeze scented candles, and color photos or a painting of hibiscus, or palm dotted beaches, will makeyou feel like youre on a romantic and secluded beach, all year round.Remember to keep your furniture casual, even to the point of shabby chic, with colorful accessoriesthat include lots of flowers, colored beads, perhaps a tall wicker vase filled with bamboo, palm fronds,or even raffia grass. Fine home lamps in every room, of brass, leather, bamboo, rattan, or porcelain,but always in keeping with your tropical theme, will light up your rooms, and whisk you away to yourtropical hideaway.Luxury bedding collections