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Nursing Degree Programs


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Nursing Degree Programs

  1. 1. Nursing Degree ProgramsThe nursing profession has been around for a very long time. It is a profession that is consideredmore of a calling than just a career. Its also considered a very noble profession that has never hadenough workers. The reason it is considered more of a calling is the fact that at the point of caring forpeople you are bound to be required to go an extra mile to help them recover. It is also very likely thatyou will become emotionally attached to your patients in the course of your work. The empathy youhave for patients families will also drain you and sometimes leave you vulnerable to trauma and orthe family members taking advantage of you.However beyond the passion and caring nature, one requires sound academic qualifications to makea good nurse. There are various nursing degree programs that will ensure you have the requisitetheoretical and practical training. Unlike earlier years nursing which was considered a non academicfield that only called for compassion for the sick, today nursing is a very academic intense professionwith programs from certificate, nursing degree programs, masters and doctorate levels.There are several avenues for joining the nursing profession. One can begin by studying for a nursingdiploma or for a two year nursing associate program both of which concentrate on the technicalaspects of nursing. However today it is more common and advisable - due to market demands - topursue a nursing degree program for individuals starting out a career in nursing. A nursing degreeprogram is also a good option for those with associate nurse qualifications but wish to advance theirknowledge as well as their careers.Studying for a nursing degree program will open up numerous career opportunities. There is a hugeshort fall of nurses in the public institutions. Private medical centers, clinics, schools and not for profitinstitutions also need nurses. Nursing degree programs have the advantage of being general orspecialized depending on ones choice. This option makes it easier to chart out a career path in thearea that you are most comfortable in and where one has a keen interest.The areas of specialization in nursing degree programs include cardiovascular care, pediatric care,neonatal care, surgery and primary care. In a general nursing class the subjects you expect to learninclude: nursing skills, biological sciences, social studies, clinical theory and research methods.Nursing degree programs whether general or specialized require a great interest in biological studiesand a passion for clinical studies.The nursing profession is not for the weak willed. It demands long working hours, passion and will taxyou emotionally. As much as nursing has become a lucrative career the world over due to shortagesof nurses against an ever growing demand, nursing should be for those with an inner motivation tohelp patients. Pursuing a nursing degree program is the easier part however working as aprofessional nurse requires full dedication. The beauty of it is that it is extremely rewarding with veryvisible success results.RN to BSN Ohio University