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Get That Spring In Your Step - Learn How To Jump HigherSo you may have been watching some video clips on YouTube, seeing a...
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Get That Spring In Your Step - Learn How To Jump Higher


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Get That Spring In Your Step - Learn How To Jump Higher

  1. 1. Get That Spring In Your Step - Learn How To Jump HigherSo you may have been watching some video clips on YouTube, seeing all these amazing basketballplayers display their skills, seeing them jump up and dunk with authority. So you want to know how tojump higher? Then this is the article you need to read. A few easy exercises will have you going in theright direction in no time. Sound good to you? Well, there are much more advanced exercises thatyou can carry out, but for now well keep it simple.Firstly, it is important that you train with the right moderation. Overtraining is the last thing you want tobe doing, as injury will be just round the corner. Consistency is still extremely important, but in theright doses, like eating. Eating consistently 3 times a day is good, but overeating is not so effective.The main muscles that need to be developed are your calf muscles, quads and some other smallermuscles.To start off with, you need to get in a position where you are tip toeing, walking around this way for 20to 30 minutes. Sounds weird doesnt it. What this is doing is working the calf muscles and expandingthem, to provide that bit more elasticity and bounce to help you launch better. After that, try tip toeingbackwards for around 10 minutes. If your muscles feel pain initially, then rest in between attempts, ordo it for a shorter duration of time until your calf muscles get used to it. Then increase the time. Keepat this consistently, and youll jump higher in no time. Dunks, rebounds, blocked shots, you name it,will be coming out of the wood works.To really build those calves in this particular exercise, like most exercises, you can add moreresistance. Well, how you are wondering? Ever heard of ankle weights? Thats exactly what youneed. You can buy them at most popular sports stores, and are available at different weights. Startingoff with 5kg or 10lbs is a good start. Light enough for you to manage, but heavy enough for you to feelthe burn when tip toeing. Use these weights for a 3 to 4 week duration and watch those calf musclesexpand. Then maybe considering using even heavier weights, around 25lbs or 12.5kgs.Remember guys, its very important that you warm up and warm down before partaking in any form ofexercise. I would say really be careful with ankle weights though. Start off without using weights for agood few weeks and really get used to the exercises until they are very very easy for you to do, thenadd the light weights working with those for some weeks. Once you feel extremely comfortable usinglight ankle weights, then try the heavier ones and see how you do. In addition, cardio exercises arealso good to maintain overall fitness, and of course playing lots of basketball. If you maintainconsistency and determination, you will see some results and a sprint in your step. Youll definitely bejumping higher.How can you jump higher