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Free Leap Year Script Using Javascript (1)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Free Leap Year Script Using Javascript (1)

  1. 1. Free Leap Year Script Using JavascriptLeap year is the year in which a day is added to the end of the month of February. This occurs everyfour years. The interesting fact is that any one born on the last day of the month of February in a leapyear will be able to celebrate the birthday once in four years.Leap Year Check script is used to check whether the given year is a leap year or not. This script hasgot a text box to get the year from the user, then a button to retrieve the result. The result getsdisplayed just below the text box itself and not in a separate alert box.This script will be useful in applications or websites where the leap has importance in certaincalculation, like in an astrological website to get the birth chart of a person.Apart from web based application, JavaScript interpreters are embedded in a number of tools. SinceJavaScript uses an interpreter, loosely-typed, and may be hosted in varying incompatibleenvironments, a programmer has to take care to make the code execute as expected in multipleenvironments as possible.This script can be used in any page by anyone with little or no programming knowledge. Just copy theJavaScript code into the tag of your file to display the script. It doesnt require any complicatedsoftware installation for the script to work. Many of these tools available in the internet are given assmall executable files that need to be installed, but using Leap Year Check Script is made simplewith just copying and pasting to make the code work.Pharmacy Tech Certification