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PhD Panel Presentation (Jan 2010)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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PhD Panel Presentation (Jan 2010)

  1. 1. PhD Panel 2010 Eljee Javier (School of Education)
  2. 2. Outline Context and Research FocusAn Honorary NativeSpeaker: Contribution to KnowledgeExamining the factors thatcontribute to the identity and Conceptual Frameworkstatus of visible ethnicminority, native speaking Methodological DesignEnglish language teachers(VEM-NEST). Ethical Consideration
  3. 3. Background and Context
  4. 4. Race and the English Language What are the linguistic and racial aspects of being a native English speaker in TESOL that affect the professional identity of VEM- NESTs? If being categorized into linguistic and racial hierarchies are aspects associated with the construction of identity, to what extent do such categories affect the status and professional practice of VEM-NESTs?
  5. 5. Research to Date
  6. 6. The notion of “foreignness”Javier, E. (2010). The foreign-ness of Native Speaking Teachers of Colour.In Nunan, D. and Choi, J. Language and Culture: Reflective Narratives andthe Emergence of Identity. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 97 – 102).
  7. 7. Narrative Matters - CIRN Conference 2010(Fredericton, Canada)
  8. 8. MethodologicalConsiderations
  9. 9. Analytical Lenses Categorical- Content VEM- NEST Critical Narrative Discourse Stories of Analysis Experience
  10. 10. Next Steps
  11. 11.  How can aspects of CDA and CRT be integrated toanalyse narratives of experience to form a compositeanalytical lens that could be used to examine VEM-NEST “discourse”? Where will I position myself within the “range” whengathering data from my participants and why?
  12. 12. Thank