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Alesund from ashes to art nouveau


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Alesund reconstruction after a big fire in the beginning od the 1900's

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Alesund from ashes to art nouveau

  1. 1. 1900 - Before the fire
  2. 2. The old town of Ålesund was destroyed by fire in the very beginning of the 20th century. Substantial international aid flowed in, including large amounts from Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, hwo used to take holidays in Ålesund. This allowed for the town to be rebuilt in the best modern style of the time.
  3. 3. After the fire, only 230 houses were remaining in Ålesund. A remarkable effort from the local population, travellers from near and far and other contributors, the town was rebuilt already in 1907. A new town rose phoenix-like from the ashes - in the distinctive Art Nouveau style - a remarkably homogenous architecture: a striking, local interpretation of Art Nouveau concentrated in a limited area.
  4. 4. In only three years, more than 320 Art Nouveau buildings were constructed side by side in a compact central area, creating what is perhaps Europe's most complete Art Nouveau cityscape
  5. 5. Like a Norwegian Venice the beautiful town of Ålesund has water on all sides, canals, bridges, a stunning architecture
  6. 6. Jugendstilsenteret - The Art Nouveau Centre of Norway.
  7. 7. Swan at the entrance of The Art Nouveau Centre (Jugendstilsenteret) in Ålesund. Originally the Swan Pharmacy
  8. 8. Entrance to the Art Nouveau Centre. Architect: Hagbarth Schytte-Berg, 1905-1907.
  9. 9. The dining room in the former Swan Pharmacy
  10. 10. Stairway and glass windows in the former pharmacists apartment in the Swan Pharmacy. Architect: Hagbarth Schytte-Berg, 1905-1907.
  11. 11. A typical ornamentation found in downtown Alesund.
  12. 12. The Devold Villa and its stunning stained glass door
  13. 13. Balcony at Jugendstilsenteret
  14. 14. Alesund sunflowers
  15. 15. Lorchenesgata 2 – The Ålesund General Workers' Union building Year of construction: 1906
  16. 16. Wrought iron balconies
  17. 17. The architects were inspired by international - especially German - influences, as well as by National Romanticism
  18. 18. Alesund’s architecture is characterized by turrets, spires, medieval-romantic frontages, and other touches that give the city a distinct style.
  19. 19. Stone Faced. Alesund's architecture pays tribute to Nordic mythology and other elements.
  20. 20. This city block, with facades following the curved street, is characteristic of the city.
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