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Saving the Planet


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Powerpoint create by students to give ideas on how we can help protect our planet

Published in: Education, Technology
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Saving the Planet

  1. 1. Impact and Responsibility By Hyun Jin, Aisha and Cassie
  2. 2. Bad Impacts Humans make on the Earth • De-forestation is harming all the forests • Cars and other vehicles such as planes let off fumes • Factories let of fumes and pollute water sources • People let water run • Poaching is endangering animal species • Over fishing is killing more than a good amount of animals • We are losing animal species faster
  3. 3. Bad Impact Continued • Smog causes 1.6 million deaths per year • Rise in temperature makes more countries warm enough to have malaria, typhoid, cholera • The worlds population has grown a lot causing more demands for fuel, food…etc. • Melting ice rises sea level, which causes floods • Changes in weather cause droughts and floods • Number and Length of heat waves rise • Farms and forests dry out and could easily catch fire • Hurricanes will occur more often
  4. 4. Positive Impacts •Laws have been made to stop poaching •Solar powered vehicles and houses • People are cleaning lakes, and other fresh water sources •Dumping chemicals in the river has been outlawed • Specific animals are being protected
  5. 5. Things YOU Can DO • Turn off the lights if you aren’t in the room • Bring your water bottle to school • Recycle, or sort your trash in wet and dry • Increase you’re A.C. temperature • Don’t use old A.C.’s • Keep plants in your house to freshen the air • Three R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  6. 6. What we did to help • Weput posters up around Aisha’s building and put one in Cassie and Hyun Jin’s • We handed out flyers in the Cafeteria • We cleaned part of a road • We made a daily Eco-Job box Enjoy these pictures…
  7. 7. Right: All the trash grade 4 collected Cassie at the grade 4 trash pick up Hyun Jin at the grade 4 trash pick up GRADE 4 ROCKS!!!
  8. 8. WE made Our Saying: Earth so polluted. WE should clean it back up!
  9. 9. Our Motto: Save the Earth!
  10. 10. Thanks to: Chloe Cowan: Teaching us to make effects Fourth Grade teachers: Helping us learn Grade 4 students: Watching our presentation