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Coniferous Powerpoint Show

PowerPoint made by student to explain why we should protect coniferous forests.

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Coniferous Powerpoint Show

  1. 1. Positive Impact •Forests have natural beauty and lots of oxygen stored in their trees. •People are realizing that if they cut more coniferous trees, the oxygen on earth will be reduced. •Grow more forests like you see in this picture and other types of forests. •The governments of different countries are also banning cutting trees in forests.
  2. 2. Negative Impact •Some people break the rules and cut trees. •They want to make paper, furniture and houses with the wood of the trees. •In their greed, these people are forgetting that they are destroying nature and making forests even more rare. •For example, this one man in the picture has destroyed many trees.
  3. 3. •Some forest fires are made from thunder storms. • Some are made from cigarettes that people throw out on the side of road. • Some forest fires are good for forest because the ashes are nutrients for the soil
  4. 4. •Deforestation is when you use chainsaws and bulldozers to destroy forests. • Animals lose their habitat and less oxygen. •There more land slides and floods.
  5. 5. Our Responsibilities For A Better Future 1. Do not cut trees. 2. If you have to cut a tree you need to take permission from your city council. 3. When you cut a tree, grow more trees . 4. Make sure you do not start a forest fire by throwing cigarettes. 5. Spread knowledge about conserving forests and protect nature…. Or Else?