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Teacher.sharing.noodle tools


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Teacher.sharing.noodle tools

  1. 1. Teacher Tutorial: Setting up a new project in NoodleTools
  2. 2. Your screen will look something like this each time you login to NoodleTools (maybe with fewer projects at first).
  3. 3. To create a “dropbox” for students to submit their work, click
  4. 4. You will need to “Create a New Drop Box” for each of your classes.
  5. 5. Name each drop box.
  6. 6. As a general rule, I always begin with the teacher’s last name. Chopp  –  hour  3  
  7. 7. You are now ready to “Create drop box,” OR you can add some additional awesomeness!
  8. 8. Additional Recipients? Add for collaboration with the librarians, student teachers, etc!
  9. 9. Link to Google Docs using your BV email address (if students will be using Google Docs)  
  10. 10. Add links to LibGuides, SchoolCenter, etc. These will link up to students’ projects.  
  11. 11. Now you are definitely ready to “Create drop box”
  12. 12. Repeat steps for other class sections
  13. 13. Students can now share their work with you!!! Special Tip: Students can “share” at the beginning of the project, and you will always have access to the most updated version of their work.