Researchers Guide to American Genealogy chapter 11 book club slides


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PDF version of slides handout with hot links to resources.

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Researchers Guide to American Genealogy chapter 11 book club slides

  1. 1. The Researchers Guide to American 11/30/2011Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood Types of Compiled Sources • Family histories and genealogies • Local histories • Compiled lists (dictionaries, directories, etc.) etc ) • Biographical works • Genealogical and historical periodicals • Compendium genealogies • Special manuscript collections The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood Presented by Serena Snowfield Family Histories & Genealogies Family Histories & Genealogies • Bring together valuable data from many Kaminkow, Marion J., Genealogies in the different sources. Library of Congress: A Bibliography With Supplements and the Complement to • Need to verify stated “facts” with primary Genealogies in the Library of Congress sources. sources (Genealogical Publishing Co 2001) Co., 2001). • Even inferior works might have helpful Also available as a Google eBook clues. Library of Congress Local History & Genealogy Reading Room: The Collections Local Histories Local Histories • Include town, county, and regional histories. “No genealogist knows all he should • Important feature: the biographical about research in any given area section (also called “mug books”). until he knows something of that g • Can’t find your ancestor? You might find area’s history.” an in-law or descendant instead. • Contain useful information about an area’s history. Greenwood, p. 187Chapter 11: Compiled Sources andNewspapers 1
  2. 2. The Researchers Guide to American 11/30/2011Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood Local Histories Compiled Lists Filby, P. William, A Bibliography of • Types include dictionaries, directories, American County Histories (Genealogical lists, registers, etc. Publishing Co., 1985) Also available as a Google eBook. • Compiled from several (usually original) sources. Library of Congress: Resources for Local • Considered reliable, though not always History and Genealogy by State complete. .html Online County Histories, Biographies & Indexes Biographical Works Biographical Works • Found in almost every library. Slocum, Robert B., Biographical • Usually deal with people who achieved dictionaries and related works: an some degree of prominence. international bibliography of collective biographies, bio-bibliographies, collections • Don’t pass up because your ancestors Don t of epitaphs (Detroit : Gale Research CoCo., were “common folks.” 1967, with supplements, and vol. 2, 1986). • Most of the data are provided by the subjects themselves and are reliable. Genealogical & Historical Genealogical & Historical Periodicals Periodicals • Range from scholarly journals to low- budget family publications. PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) Available online at ($) and Heritage Quest; • Many are published on a restricted basis. hard copies in some libraries. • Don’t overlook “general circulation” Don t general circulation Library of C Lib f Congress – G Genealogical l i l magazines that are not genealogical in nature. Periodicals: A Guide for Research : Periodical Indexes Jacobus, Donald Lines, Index to Genealogical Periodicals Genealogical Publishing Co., 2010 – reprint 3 volsChapter 11: Compiled Sources andNewspapers 2
  3. 3. The Researchers Guide to American 11/30/2011Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood Genealogical & Historical Compendium Genealogies Periodicals • Usually comprehensive treatises with Genealogical Periodical Annual Index abstracts of information. (GPAI) – published annually since 1962. Many volumes available for purchase on CD at • Notoriously inaccurate; data usually not from original sources. “…to compress the lineages contained in thousands of individual family genealogies into a single volume.” Greenwood, p. 196 Special Manuscript Collections Special Manuscript Collections • Unpublished materials found in libraries, Library of Congress: National Union historical societies, and archives. Catalog of Manuscript Collections • Often difficult to locate. (NUCMC) • Some are microfilmed microfilmed. • Search the NUCMC under “genealogy,” NUCMC List of Participating Repositories: as well as surnames of interest, Fiscal Years 1959-present (replaces the localities, lawyer’s papers (esp. in geographical guide) “burned” counties), military commanding officers’ papers. DAR Library: Special Collections Newspapers Newspapers • Useful source from the geographical Types of information to look for: area where your ancestor lived. – Obituaries • Did not always report “the facts,” – Birth announcements especially older newspapers. – Marriage/engagement announcements • Details are sometimes sketchy. – Legal/probate notices • Current newspapers are helpful for – Notes of thanks finding living relatives in locations where – “Who is visiting” notices your ancestors lived. – Other news itemsChapter 11: Compiled Sources andNewspapers 3
  4. 4. The Researchers Guide to American 11/30/2011Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood Newspapers Newspapers Brigham, Clarence Saunders, History and Chronicling America (26 states) bibliography of American newspapers, 1690-1820 : including additions and Online Historical Newspapers (by Miriam J. Robbins) corrections, 1961 (Archon Books, 1962) Rowells & Ayers American Newspaper ProQuest (connect through some libraries) Directory PDFs ory.html GenealogyBank Google NewspaperArchive (free for SCGS members) Limitations of Compiled Sources Additional Resources • Accessibility and availability – limited FamilySearch Wiki: A Checklist of publication and lack of indexes make Compiled Sources & Where to Find Them items difficult to find. Compiled_Sources_%26_Where_to_Find_Them • Reliability – scientific research methods seldom used; clerical errors i copied ld d l i l in i d Library of Congress: Local History & materials. Genealogy Reading Room • Completeness – Compiled without thorough research. WorldCat: The world’s largest network of • Documentation – Sources missing or library content and services from other compiled sources. Additional Resources Additional Resources FamilySearch: Family History Archives Meyerink, Kory L., Printed Sources: A Guide to Published Genealogical Records (Ancestry Publishing, 1998). Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Catalog Pfeiffer, L Pf iff Laura S Szucs, Hidd S Hidden Sources: Family History in Unlikely Places (Ancestry Publishing, 2000). NGS Book Loan Collection at the St. Louis County Library Google Books n 11: Compiled Sources andNewspapers 4