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Working Miracles - The Midas Touch (Best Practices for Fundraisers)


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Working Miracles - The Midas Touch
Presented by Liz Ngonzi during the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals' 18th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. Provides 10+ tips / best practices for NGO fundraisers in East Africa.

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Working Miracles - The Midas Touch (Best Practices for Fundraisers)

  1. 1. Working Miracles: Developing the Midas Touch Presented by Liz NgonziAdjunct Instructor, New York University Heyman Center for Philanthropy & Fundraising Founder / CEO, Amazing Taste, LLC Wednesday 7/12/2011 14.30–15.30 Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals 18 th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop Mombasa, Kenya @LizNgonzi
  2. 2. @LizNgonzi
  3. 3. What challenges do you face as a fundraiser?Source: @LizNgonzi
  4. 4. Give an example of a successful fundraiser:Source: @LizNgonzi
  5. 5. Expect miracles to happen…just remember that you also have to do your part!~ Liz Ngonzi @LizNgonzi
  6. 6. 10 Ways to Develop the Midas TouchSource: @LizNgonzi
  7. 7. Stop begging Start attracting Source: Video Source: – Water Changes dia.jpg Everything @LizNgonzi
  8. 8. Understand your goals and the various ways to achieve them Source: at-time.htmlFoot print Source: @LizNgonzi
  9. 9. Surround yourself with those who CAN and WILL champion your cause GIVE GETSource: @LizNgonzi
  10. 10. Do your research @LizNgonzi
  11. 11. Collaborate“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” ~Kenyan Proverb @LizNgonzi
  12. 12. Invest in long-term relationships Source: @LizNgonzi
  13. 13. Get socialSource: @LizNgonzi
  14. 14. Engage those who influence and amplify: bloggersSource: best-african-inspired-blogs-to-read.html @LizNgonzi
  15. 15. Learn how to tell compelling stories Source: @LizNgonzi
  16. 16. Model successSource: @LizNgonzi
  17. 17. Bonus: Go where others havent! Andrew Adansi-Bonnah, 11 year-old Ghanaian boy raising $13 million for famine victims.Photo Source: @LizNgonzi
  18. 18. Asante Sana! ? @LizNgonzi
  19. 19. Liz Ngonzi / @LizNgonzi +1 646.397.7782