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United Nations International School Haiti Disaster Response


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United Nations International School Haiti Disaster Response

  1. 1. UNIS Responds to the  Haitian Earthquake
  2. 2. Presenters Elizabeth N. Ngonzi  Kenneth D. Johnson Founder/ President  Principal  Amazing Taste, LLC Devconia, LLC 1 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  3. 3. Overview 1. Presentation Objectives 2. Overview of Haitian Present State 3. Proposed Solutions 4. Benefits of Proposed Solutions 5. Proposed Procedures 6. Actions Taken 7. Proposed Next Steps 8. About Devconia and Amazing Taste 2 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  4. 4. Presentation objectives 1. Examine the impact of the crisis on the Haitian people and  identify specific needs 2. Identify sustainable economic development solutions to  reduce poverty, rebuild the country and promote self‐reliance  of the Haitian people 3. Explore how UNIS can respond to the aforementioned  articulated needs in a meaningful manner that has immediate  and long‐term benefits to Haitians and their country 4. Articulate how the UNIS community can benefit from UNIS’  response to the crisis 3 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  5. 5. The earthquake that reverberated around the world On January 12th 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake; the likes of  which have not been seen in over 200 years Much of the infrastructure in the capital has been reduced to rubble, not even  the venerable National Palace escaped the earthquakes wrath The quake had a terrible human dimension as families were shattered leaving  many thousands of children orphaned  Estimates put the death toll at over 200,000 with many more injured The country’s political structure was also impacted as many ministerial  buildings lay in ruin Schools were destroyed killing scores of children in the process, the effect of  which will set Haiti’s education sector back in a significant way unless helped by  others The little that Haiti had by way of healthcare infrastructure has been wiped out  by the earthquake 4 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  6. 6. The earthquake that reverberated around the world (cont.) The densely populated capital Port‐au‐Prince prior to the earthquake suffered  from an acute housing shortage, this situation had been made dramatically worse  as tens of thousands of homes were destroyed One significant sector badly hit was the business sector which is the primary  focus of this presentation.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western  Hemisphere with unemployment rates of over 70 percent Haiti had little by way of diversified manufacturing industries.  Two‐thirds of  Haiti’s exports had been  derived from clothing manufacturing factories Fortunately, the industrial park remained largely in tact; however, many  businesses abroad cancelled their orders thus leaving workers idle without  orders to fill.   This situation has created excess capacity as many clothing factories remain idle  and under‐utilized We believe that UNIS can provide leadership and make a difference regarding the  under utilization of the factories 5 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  7. 7. UNIS Response MatrixAlthough there remains tremendous clean‐up followed by reconstruction, we believethat concurrent to these activities there should also be a concerted effort to get Haitiansback to work. Only in so doing will there be a faster return to normalcy and aminimization of the social and psychological ills that will inevitably follow.Additionally, traditional and trade schools need to be engaged to increase and build localcapacity. Timeframe Solutions Actors Short­ UNIS Made in Haiti T‐shirt Initiative UNIS‐ led Term UNIS Scholarships for Haitian  UNIS (0 – 3 months) Refugees or Students from Sister  School Medium­ Haitian Sister School Adoption UNIS Term (4 – 12  UNIS Student Conference on  UNIS‐led months) Rebuilding Haiti Long­ Term School Garment Project UNIS‐led (6 months+ ) 6 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  8. 8. UNIS­Haiti T­ Shirt Initiative  Design, production and marketing of a $25 “Get Haitians Back to Work” T‐shirt that is actually   “Made in Haiti” and the proceeds from which will go towards funding the Haitian scholarship  and sister school, and skills training for factory workers UNIS students to design the t‐shirts; online merchant / students / alumni to market the t‐ shirts; and Haitian factory to produce the t‐shirts UNIS students to engage students from other schools in NYC to market the t‐shirts to their  students as well.  School with the most sales could win VIP tickets to a Wyclef Jean Haitian  benefit concert T‐shirts would be produced upon ordering (no inventory holding costs) Initiative would be supported by a UNIS‐led PR effort to garner interest in the project UNIS will act as a catalyst in extending the T‐shirt initiative to other schools in the New York  Metro area to increase orders and provide more job opportunities to the Haitian people 7 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  9. 9. UNIS­Haiti T­ Shirt Initiative  Illustration Design TBD By  UNIS Students 8 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  10. 10. UNIS Scholarships Potentially using funds raised from the T‐shirt initiative in conjunction with  donor contributions for scholarships to be awarded  to limited Haitian  orphans or students from the proposed sister school The scholarships would enable the recipients the opportunity to  experience the UNIS education Host families would have to be identified from the Haitian Diaspora Living costs would have to be supplemented as well 9 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  11. 11. Haitian Sister School Adoption UNIS would identify a suitable sister to school to adopt that it would  provide teaching materials, teachers and alumni volunteers to help it re‐ build A suitable candidate could be a school with relatively similar academic  standards to those of UNIS and one which was devastated by the quake The sister school activities could include teacher‐student exchanges Promote and facilitate joint distance learning 10 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  12. 12. UNIS Student Conference on Re­building Haiti The conference would be focused on understanding the impact of the devastation and  identifying ways in which student groups can contribute to the re‐building of Haiti in  the short‐term and develop a sustainable disaster response model in the long‐term UNIS students / faculty would plan the conference (with assistance from alumni) and  invite students from Model UN clubs around Manhattan to participate as delegates at  the United Nations Prospective and current UNIS donors (foundations / corporations); and Haitian  diplomats / civil society leaders would be invited to observe conference as a means for  them to experience the existing and potential “Return‐on‐Investment” of their funds Conference would be integrated into existing UNIS event calendar:  Student Conference on Human Rights – December 2010 UN Day – October 24 2010 UNIS / UN Conference – March 2011 11 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  13. 13. Benefits ­ Haiti  Support existing and help to create new jobs in Haiti Assist in the alleviation of poverty in Haiti Increase self‐reliance of Haitian people Cross‐cutting benefits include: Empowerment of unemployed youths and women Local capacity building (training and development)                 12 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  14. 14. Benefits – UNIS Community Strengthen the UNIS Brand: UNIS to be recognized as developing an innovative and sustainable fund  raising model that moves beyond typical “Band‐Aid” relief to providing  long‐term solutions to the Haitian people Increase fund raising capabilities for  UNIS by engaging existing and  prospective donors, and the media Position UNIS as a thought leader (in an area uniquely suited to its mission)  among schools around the country Increase collaboration amongst UNIS community members Enrich the UNIS experience through sister school relationship and possible  student exchanges  13 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  15. 15. Status Update Action Taken Result Suggested Next Steps Interviewed Magalie Laguerre‐ Obtained names of and  Short‐list prospective  Wilkinson (‘89) 60 Minutes Producer conducted due‐diligence on  partner/s prospective Haitian  factories which we could  engage Spoke with a cross‐section of the  Identified long‐term Continue dialogue and  Haitian Diaspora in the U.S. to  economic development  obtain feedback as needed ascertain the needs of the Haitian  initiatives as solution to Primary  people abject povertyResearch: Requested that Magalie Laguerre‐ She is currently in Haiti and  Identify potential sister  Wilkinson identify a couple of target  will report back upon her  school/s to begin dialogue sister schools for the Adoption return program N/A N/A Engage UNIS students N/A N/A Engage other UNIS  stakeholders as determined  by UNIS leadership N/A N/A Create budget 14 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  16. 16. Actions Taken Action Taken Result Suggested Next  Steps Surveyed UNIS community and queried  Obtained names: Engage alumni of   UNIS alumni database to identify  Haitian decent  alumni of Haitian descent who could  Stefan Kenel‐Pierre facilitated by UNIS help to spearhead proposed initiatives Nathalie Saget Jeffrey Dubouley Shirley ForestalSecondary Research: Researched articles about current state  Identified manufacturing  Continue to monitor  in Haiti and needs of Haitian people Haitian redevelopment  sector as largest employer  and most viable engine for  future development under  the HOPE Act Researched Internet for online  Identified a few companies  Jointly select the best  merchants to facilitate production,  company marketing and distribution of T‐shirts for marketing &  distribution 15 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  17. 17. Haiti – The Best is Yet To Come! 16 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  18. 18. About Devconia,  LLC Devconia, LLC is a U.S.‐based firm founded by a group of professionals many of whom from developing countries with extensive business, international development and project management skills and experience, particularly in the areas of poverty reduction through private sector development in local high growth areas, and in post conflict environments. Devconia provides donors, grant makers, governments, and businesses with a host of skills, expertise and knowledge aimed at ensuring the successful design, implementation and evaluation of their programs/projects. The goal of which is to alleviate poverty and advance sustainable economic development. This is accomplished through local capacity building and skills transfer; the development of local cottage industries and lasting jobs creation. The benefit of Devconia’s approach is that of greater self‐reliance for local stakeholders and poverty reduction with a positive impact on education and health. The cross‐cutting benefits include women and youth empowerment. Devconia is distinctive in that its consultants have the benefit of over 50 years of international development experience and solid cultural knowledge, the lack of which often hinders successful project implementation. As a bridge to developing countries, the team’s keen awareness of local political and social sensitivities, brings a fresh perspective on challenges faced by investors and donors and an understanding of how to transcend them. 17 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010
  19. 19. About Amazing Taste Amazing Taste, LLC is a U.S.‐based, values‐led marketing events consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients achieve their strategic objectives through high‐impact marketing campaigns, high‐profile events and ground‐breaking educational programs that demonstrate a commitment to Global Sustainability, Social Impact and Community Investment. At the heart of the firms philosophy is the realization that the clients we serve, the companies with whom we partner, and the individuals that form our team are inextricably linked and must therefore align to produce effective solutions, be it community development or trade promotion . Leveraging a vast international network, our team is able to apply cutting‐edge ideas and unique perspectives to solving our clients’ challenges. Our services include: Conference Organization, Program Development and Production; Strategic Alliance Development and Management; Fundraising and Cause Marketing Campaign Development and Management; and VIP and Dignitary Protocol Management. Amazing Taste’s events have ranged in size from 25 to 10,000 attendees and have benefited organizations such as the United Nations (The Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary‐ General on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women); the United Nations Development Programme; Action Against Hunger; Communities In Schools of New Jersey; Susan G. Komen for the Cure; The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation; The National Eating Disorders Association; Womensphere Interactive Networks; The Newgrange School of Princeton, Inc.; Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City; and Gilda’s Club of South Jersey. www.Amazing‐ 18 © Devconia-Amazing Taste 2010