Tech Savvy Fundraising in Cyber Space


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Tech Savvy Fundraising in Cyber Space
Presented in Mombasa, Kenya during the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals' 19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop on December 5, 2012.

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Tech Savvy Fundraising in Cyber Space

  1. 1. Tech Savvy: Fundraising in Cyber Space Presented by Liz Ngonzi Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals:19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop Mombasa, Kenya | Dec. 5, 2012 @LizNgonzi
  2. 2. About me: @LizNgonzi
  3. 3. Goals Review an organization’s online ecosystem Understand how social media increase an organization’s online footprint. Discuss challenges your organization has faced with respect to managing its online presence. Understand the benefits and challenges associated with organization’s use of social media. Review a model for tech savvy fundraising in Cyber Space. Apply the teachings from the session to analyze the online presence of two local organizations. @LizNgonzi
  4. 4. Your target supporters are quite active online
  5. 5. Your organization’s online eco-system @LizNgonzi
  6. 6. ?What sorts of challenges has your organization faced with respect managing its online presence? @LizNgonzi
  7. 7. Opportunities Online• Provide for cost-effective ways to connect with donors.• Enable organizations to engage supporters at their own convenience.• Increase brand awareness by potential supporters.• Facilitate supporter fundraising from their own networks and in groups. @LizNgonzi
  8. 8. Challenges Online• Leadership’s lack of knowledge of strategic importance to overall communications and fundraising strategies.• Organization’s comfort-level with existing channels.• Lack of resources to analyze social media effectiveness.• Limited resources dedicated to maintaining online presence. @LizNgonzi
  9. 9. Case Study: Continually and creatively demonstrates transparency and reports impact of work. Makes Giving EASY! Delivers unified visual identity through all online channels. Tells its story in ways that provide compelling reasons for continued supporter engagement. Effectively uses multiple social media platforms / supporters to fundraise and create awareness. @LizNgonzi
  10. 10. Demonstrates Transparency / Impact @LizNgonzi
  11. 11. Demonstrates Transparency / Impact @LizNgonzi
  12. 12. Provides Simple and SecureWays to Donate @LizNgonzi
  13. 13. ProvidesSimple and Secure Ways to Donate @LizNgonzi
  14. 14. Has a Unified Visual Identity AcrossPlatforms: Website Home Page @LizNgonzi
  15. 15. Has a Unified Visual Identity AcrossPlatforms: Twitter @LizNgonzi
  16. 16. Has a Unified Visual Identity AcrossPlatforms:Facebook @LizNgonzi
  17. 17. Leverages Visual Storytelling to Compel Support
  18. 18. Leverages Visual Storytelling to Compel Support
  19. 19. Leverages Supporters’ Networks for Fundraising
  20. 20. Leverages Supporters’ Networks for Awareness Creation
  21. 21. Provides Virtual Opportunities for Supporters to Connect
  22. 22. Live Case Study: Volunteer? @LizNgonzi
  23. 23. Emerging Trends On the Horizon: Industry ConsolidationAsante Sana! to Re-think Competition andRequiring OrganizationsCollaboration ? @LizNgonzi
  24. 24. SourcesContent / Image: Source:Donate Image Ball Goal 0fJyOFBNPT4/TcABPnArS5I/AAAAAAAADMc/fVBzRFD0rP8/s1600/soccer-ball-over- sky.jpgIn 60 Seconds Ecosystem JMgy5JK6mhU/Th5zKF5FAfI/AAAAAAAAA28/o0oN5zW2Qsg/s1600/Babies+Billboard.jpgDetour Climber Egg a0dd7a3c7218/7483b893-e478-44a4-8fed-f49aa917d8cf/Presentation/Image/tax-and- employee-benefits.jpgCharity:Water Hands Math Image
  25. 25. LIZ NGONZI @LizNgonzi +1 732.208.3304 |