In the Ways of the Eagle: Re-inventing the Nonprofit


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In the Ways of the Eagle: Re-inventing the Nonprofit

Presented during Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals' 19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop. Mombasa, Kenya | December 3, 2012

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  • South African Olympian, Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorious
  • Andrew Adansi-Bonnah,11 year-old Ghanaian boy raising $13 million for famine victims in East Africa.Initiator of the Save Somali Children From Hunger ProjectACCORD GIRL CHILD SOLDIER ERADICATION AMBASSADOR FOR AFRICAHorn of Africa’s AU Children’s Goodwill Ambassador for Food Crisis Prevention and Management
  • Source: Kimotho’s Journey to Build the First Spinal Rehabilitation Center in KenyaCould you make it all the way across South Africa on foot? How about in a wheelchair?That is exactly what Zackary Kimotho is doing. He has travelled roughly 54 miles in his wheelchair, in an effort to raise money to build the first ever spinal injury rehabilitation clinic in his home country of Kenya.Zack is an example of the new competitors NGO’s are facing on the continent…user-led NGO projects that have a lot of media behind them.
  • Gates, MacArthur, Ford, Wyncote and other foundations funded the creation to track the impact of their giving (now in beta and free to use.)You can use it as a dashboard to share your story compiled from online and offline data sources and then compare within context.
  • Handheld StorytellingPresentations PlusApps for GoodPocket Productivity
  • The initiative, which urged charities, businesses, schools and religious and community groups to give back the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, spurred some $10 million in donations -- a 53 percent increase from donations received on the same day last year, according to a statement released by the UN Foundation.Network for Good saw the number of donations jump to a whopping 113 percent on Giving Tuesday compared to the same date last year, according to
  • In the Ways of the Eagle: Re-inventing the Nonprofit

    1. 1. In the Ways of the Eagle: Re-inventing the Nonprofit Presented by Liz Ngonzi Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals:19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop Mombasa, Kenya | Dec. 3, 2012 @LizNgonzi
    2. 2. About me:
    3. 3. Organizations and people are reinventingeveryday…technology is helping to facilitate this change! @LizNgonzi
    4. 4. Telecoms Provider @LizNgonzi
    5. 5. Olympic Athlete @LizNgonzi
    6. 6. Social Revolution @LizNgonzi
    7. 7. Activist @LizNgonzi
    8. 8. Fundraiser @LizNgonzi
    9. 9. Donor @LizNgonzi
    10. 10. NGO @LizNgonzi
    11. 11. Changes in how we live our lives and communicateare necessitating reinvention of the NGO… @LizNgonzi
    12. 12. Donors are always on…are you?
    13. 13. This is how the US gives online @LizNgonzi
    14. 14. Mobile is animportant part ofKenyans’ lives @LizNgonzi
    15. 15. 10 New Ways to Tell Your Story and Raise Funds:1. Dashboards that provide transparency through impact reporting2. Crowdsourced fundraising platforms3. Mobile fundraising, service delivery and supporter recruitment4. Simplified websites5. Video storytelling6. Visual storytelling7. Amplify the event experience8. Leverage online retailers’ gift registries9. Create “coopetition” / unexpected partnerships10. Make use of local tech talent @LizNgonzi
    16. 16. 1. Demonstrate transparency by reporting impact
    17. 17. 2. Leverage online networks to “crowdsource” funds
    18. 18. 3. Mobile fundraising, service delivery and volunteer recruitment @LizNgonzi
    19. 19. Mobile tablets provide unexpected opportunities to fundraise @LizNgonzi
    20. 20. Your organization’s online donation page can be “mobileenabled” for smart phones
    21. 21. CheqOut mobile payment solution enables you toprocess donations during events
    22. 22. Follow me onMPrep brings education to the masses through SMS-based learning.
    23. 23. vinspired apps make it easy for volunteers to findopportunities to help you
    24. 24. 4. Simplified websites enhance donor experience
    25. 25. 5. Donors begin their search on Youtube..tell your storyon your own YouTube channel
    26. 26. 6. Visual storytelling helps to compel support
    27. 27. 7. Expanding your event experience increases support
    28. 28. Market your events through social media
    29. 29. A mobile app can enhance the attendee experience
    30. 30. A mobile app can enhance the attendee experience
    31. 31. Curate a crowdsourced summary of the online activity related to your event
    32. 32. Share photos from your event via social media @LizNgonzi
    33. 33. 8. Leverage Online Retailers’ Gift Registries @LizNgonzi
    34. 34. 9. Partner with other NGOs to create a unique giving opportunity
    35. 35. 10. Connect to iHub Nairobi’s tech talent tocreate solutions for you. @LizNgonzi
    36. 36. How are you going to tell your NGO’s story differently? @LizNgonzi
    37. 37. Emerging Trends On the Horizon: Industry ConsolidationAsante Sana! to Re-think Competition andRequiring OrganizationsCollaboration ? @LizNgonzi
    38. 38. LIZ NGONZI @LizNgonzi +1 732.208.3304 |