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NYU Heyman Center Philanthropy 3.0 Speaker Series: Mobile & Micro Philanthropy


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Introductory presentation by Liz Ngonzi, for the Mobile and Micro Philanthropy panel.

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NYU Heyman Center Philanthropy 3.0 Speaker Series: Mobile & Micro Philanthropy

  1. 1. NYU Heyman Center Philanthropy 3.0 Speaker Series:Mobile and Micro Philanthropy How mobile is helping to elevate African voices and causes Presented by Liz Ngonzi April 11, 2012 Follow me on @LizNgonzi
  2. 2. “Until the lion has his or herown storyteller, the hunter willalways have the best part of thestory."~ Ewe-mina ProverbFollow me on @LizNgonzi
  3. 3. “Umuntu Medias Mimiboard will enable and improve trade and communication on a hyper-local level in Africa.” ~ Umuntu MediaFollow me on @LizNgonzi
  4. 4. MPrep brings education to themasses through SMS- based learning. Follow me on Follow me on @LizNgonzi
  5. 5. Through thisinitiative, Africanyouth were able to share photos and videos depicting the effects of climate change on their respective communities. Follow me on @LizNgonzi
  6. 6. The M-PESA Mobile Paymentsystem enabled Kenyans both rich and poor to participate in this campaign to assist their fellow countrymen, affected by the famine.
  7. 7. During the 2012 Villages in Action conference in Uganda, 10 villagegirls were able to share their viewsabout their community, in a globaltweetchat that reached 1.5 million people.
  8. 8. Image: Source:M-PESA Agent Image: dUSTRE55000D20090601#a=1African Woman on Mobile Phone: the-global-african-youth-consumerThe Kafue Daily: http://umuntu- to-boost-african-trade-on-hyper-local- levelMprep: rks.htmlConnect4Climate Homepage Screenshot: Homepage Screenshot: in Action Website Screenshot: Follow me on @LizNgonzi