Managing Your Online Reputation -- For US High School Seniors


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Presented by Liz Ngonzi to Newark, NJ Malcolm X Shabazz High School Seniors as Part of a College Preparedness Program Sponsored by Newark's Metropolitan Baptist Church.

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Managing Your Online Reputation -- For US High School Seniors

  1. 1. Managing Your Online Source: Rep…Your Digital http://www. m/social/fac Footprint Matters! ebook-has- a-huge- impact-on- college- admissions- infographic/ Presented by Elizabeth NgonziTechnology Instructor / Social Media ExpertNew York University Heyman Center for Philanthropy & Fundraising On October 29, 2011 Footprint Source: ur-Digital-Footprints
  2. 2. What’s a Digital Footprint?• Google search results• Facebook profile• LinkedIn profile• YouTube videos• Online photos• Comments on articles / blogs / website content• Online purchases• Emails• Text messages
  3. 3. Why Your Digital Footprint Matters• Permanently available• One of the first places people / institutions go to check you out• Fairly easy to access• Can hurt / improve your reputation
  4. 4. Something To "One example that I give is having an appropriate e-mail address," he says. "Create a Think Aboutcollege admissions and financial aid e-mail account, so that the colleges can use it to communicate with you, then when you get in, close it out." How Social Media ‘Mistakes’ Can Adversely Communicating appropriately Affect College Admissionmatters, too. "Texting language is not appropriate in e-mail “…One quarter of the admissions officescorrespondence with admissions surveyed admitted to using both social professionals or professors," he networking sites and search engines to says. "I tell them to be investigate prospective students who were up professional. Show us that you for scholarships or candidates for “high-demand” can write. Information can get programs. The reason? Apparently, the close lost in translation, or gives the scrutiny was done to protect the school from impression that you are in a “potential embarrassment.”hurry and dont really care aboutgetting in to college. I tell them touse good judgment with pictures and their Facebook page."
  5. 5. Important Facts To Consider More college officials learn about applicants from Facebook
  6. 6. Your Digital Footprint
  7. 7. 10 Ways to Manage Your Digital Footprint1. Search for your name / aliases on Google to see what’s out there2. Setup a Google alert to inform you when your name shows up in a new search3. Remove anything that can hurt you on Facebook and check the privacy settings on your Facebook account4. Think before you comment on or “like” anything online5. Avoid posting anything online that you wouldn’t want your mama or grandma to see6. Don’t text anything you would be embarrassed about tomorrow7. Be careful about the people with whom you associate online8. Post positive information about yourself9. Setup an email address that’s your first and last name only and create a signature that people can use easily to contact you10. Make sure that your outgoing voicemail message is clear and doesn’t confuse callers
  8. 8. Setting Up a Google Alert Source: pport/alerts/bin/ age=guide.cs&guide=2841 3&topic=28416
  9. 9. Checking Privacy Settings on Facebook Source: /settings/?tab=privacy
  10. 10. Posting Positive Information About Yourself Source: http://www.slidesh
  11. 11. Posting Positive Information About Yourself Source:
  12. 12. Setting Up Your Gmail Account and Signature Gmail Account Setup: om/NewAccount?service =mail&continue=http://m 11- 11ce9a38850b098eb671 fac9572599- 5f0495b231ec5e2ed270 d58d64bad701dc94ab51 &type=2 Gmail Signature Setup: upport/bin/ swer=8395