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Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference - How to Recruit People to Your Organization


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Presented to Cornell alumni leaders during the 2013 Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference in Boston, MA on January 18th, 2013.

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Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference - How to Recruit People to Your Organization

  1. The "Innerview":How to Recruit People to Your Organization Presented by Liz Ngonzi, MMH ‘98 Communications Committee Chair, President’s Council of Cornell Women Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference January 18th, 2013 | 3:00 – 4:00PM @LizNgonzi
  2. Session Goals @LizNgonzi
  3. Session Goals Enable session participants to understand the unique selling points of their diversity organizations. Teach participants how to recruit new members into diversity organizations. Review how to retain members and attract allies to your respective diversity organizations. @LizNgonzi
  4. Organizational Self-Assessment @LizNgonzi
  5. Organizational Self-AssessmentDiscussion: The biggest challengesyour organization faces with respect to:Recruiting new membersRetaining existing membersConnecting with allies @LizNgonzi
  6. 5 Effective Ways to Improve Engagement @LizNgonzi
  7. 5 Effective Ways to Improve Engagement1. Understand why people join organizations.2. Identify the right people for your organization.3. Provide compelling reasons for them to join.4. Develop opportunities for recognition and advancement.5. Become THE organization with which others want to partner. @LizNgonzi
  8. 1. Understand Why People Join Organizations
  9. 1. Understand Why People Join Organizations:Q: Why did you join your diversity organization?Top reasons people join organizations:1. Someone they know and trust asks them to join…face to face!2. Looking to belong to a group, find new friends or a mate.3. Wanting to contribute and be recognized.4. Needing to use their skills and abilities.5. Seeking growth opportunities. @LizNgonzi
  10. 2. Identify the Right People for Your Organization @LizNgonzi
  11. 2. Identify the Right People for Your Organization:1. “Birds of a feather flock together”.2. Connection to their values, self interests and passions.3. Have the ability and interest in taking on responsibilities.4. Have skills and / or contacts your organization can leverage.5. Range in age and experience level. @LizNgonzi
  12. 3. Provide Compelling Reasons to Join @LizNgonzi
  13. 3: Provide Compelling Reasons for Them to Join:1. Create opportunities to engage them in-person / one-on-one.2. Clearly define what they’re joining.3. Explain what your organization is about.4. Focus on always projecting a professional and welcoming image.5. Clearly define membership criteria.6. Make it personal: Always convey your message demonstrating your understanding of their interests and needs. @LizNgonzi
  14. 4. Create Opportunities for Recognition and Advancement @LizNgonzi
  15. 4: Create Opportunities for Recognition and Advancement:Focus on developing long-term relationships with members1. Create engagement opportunities that enable leadership to observe members in action.2. Pay attention to members’ grievances and praises.3. Identify those members who are most likely to assume leadership roles.4. Take the time to meet with and interview those members showing potential to lead.5. Acknowledge their contributions and clearly define what you see as their potential role(s).6. Once they sign-on to take additional responsibilities, ensure that you coach them and recognize their contributions. @LizNgonzi
  16. 5:1. Sds2. Dsd3. Sdsd4. Sdsd5. sds5: Become THE Organization with Which Others Want to Partner @LizNgonzi @LizNgonzi
  17. 5: Become THE Organization with Which Others Want to Partner:1. Always convey an image of professionalism and welcoming.2. Develop a target list of organizations with which you want to partner.3. Meet with target organizations’ leaders to understand what would be a mutually-beneficial relationship, based on relative strengths and weaknesses.4. Follow-up as agreed and focus on providing as much value as (or even more value than you receive).5. Find ways to publicly acknowledge the contributions of your partners. @LizNgonzi
  18. Activity: Create Three 60-Second Pitches @LizNgonzi
  19. Activity: Create Three 60-Second Pitches1. Why a recent graduate should join your organization.2. Reasons a member should assume leadership role(s) in your organization.3. Why another organization should join forces with yours. @LizNgonzi
  20. Activity: Create Three 60-Second Pitches (Cont.)1. Assemble members of your organization to work on the task (one minute)2. Assign a team leader / scribe / presenter (one minute)3. Brainstorm ideas (15 minutes)4. Present your ideas (three minutes per organization) @LizNgonzi
  21. THANK YOU! @LizNgonzi
  22. Resources: Books• The Volunteer Recruitment (and Membership Development) Book• The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer• Chicken Soup for the Volunteers Soul: Stories to Celebrate the Spirit of Courage, Caring and Community• Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate Today, Thrive Tomorrow• Volunteers Wanted @LizNgonzi
  23. Resources: Online• How to Recruit People to Your Organization:• The Volunteer Management Daily:• VolunteerMatch Blog:• Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference 2012 - Diversity Leaders Session: Coalition Building leadership-conference-diversity-leaders-session-coalition- building• Social Media + Alumni Presentation: @LizNgonzi
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  25. LIZ NGONZI ENN1@Cornell.EDU @LizNgonzi +1 732.208.3304