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SAFLII training


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SAFLII is a free legal database that is rich in resources. This training covers how to do topic searches for resources, how to use the advanced searches as well as browsing SAFLII and using LawCite.

Published in: Law
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SAFLII training

  1. 1. SAFLII This is a free access to law database – and it contains documents from many different courts and tribunals. It is a very valuable resource and easy to use!
  2. 2. Topic search for materials
  3. 3. Simply type in your topic search into the search box - use your search operators eg. AND, OR, NOT and “ “ for phrases
  4. 4. Your results will come up in terms of relevance to your keywords. The percentage number behind each items indicates how relevant it is to your topic
  5. 5. If you want to look for specific types eg. Cases, use the ‘by databases’ tab and it will show you how many documents in each court Click on the document number to open the list
  6. 6. Using the advanced search to select specific databases
  7. 7. Select ‘advanced search’ below the search box – here you can select your specific court or database to search in
  8. 8. The search results come up in the same way
  9. 9. Browsing SAFLII by source
  10. 10. You can browse what SAFLII has by selecting ‘South Africa’ and then selecting the database you want to browse
  11. 11. Once in your database, browse by year or title
  12. 12. Using LawCite to track case treatment
  13. 13. Select LawCite on the case you want to view Alternatively go to and search for the case there
  14. 14. It shows all the cases that have referred to this case – not only in South Africa, but also elsewhere that has a Legal Information Institute – you can click on each heading to arrange the results by that heading