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Individuality - A Harmony of Opposites


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Put words to your vision to develop intuitive associations between your heart and your mind. With this outline, you can begin to affirm your own abilities and form a clear vision. And then, in your own way, you can introduce it to others. On this basis, it will become easier to follow your heart, where you love what you do.

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Individuality - A Harmony of Opposites

  1. 1. The Art of PERSPECTIVE We create the work we love to do
  2. 2. Who cares about Vision? People who: • Feel drawn beyond the corporate world • Are ready for a new career • Are retired, active, and have resources • Want a future for their children • See a need for leadership
  3. 3. “Wild” Entrepreneurship • Rapid change = opportunity • Passion (or necessity) over profit • Adapting to technology for personal and financial improvement • Rise of the individual as a business
  4. 4. The Entrepreneur’s Way • Authority over personal initiative and a drive to create a better life. • Unique professions around natural gifts and experience. • Progress regulated by resources. • Unique nonlinear shape. • Being human. Perfectly imperfect.
  5. 5. Connect the Dots • Self- motivation  Self- Expression  Goods & Services  Websites and Social media  Exchange & Commerce
  6. 6. It’s Time to Create • We have tools – Computers, Internet, Web sites, mobile technology • We have motive – Desire for meaning, humanity over machine, shift in the economy • We have purpose – Unique, personal, intuitive, unstoppable
  7. 7. Free Your Mind: A logical choice • Your Vision: Locate vision by watching your “human doing.” • Your Drive: Self-renewing motivation is spontaneous. • Your Design: Free your mind and visualize your ideal lifestyle.
  8. 8. Your Vision See what you don’t share - What’s in the back of your mind - Hopes that seem near and real - Relationships that harmonize - Being happy in work
  9. 9. Your Drive The power of involuntary action - Spontaneous competency - Managing the unexpected - “Gut” knowledge - Risks reasonable to the heart’s mind
  10. 10. Your Design Arrange life your way - Start with Heart Logic and emotion) - Free your Mind (Dream) - Watch for Fruit (Natural rewards) - Enjoy the Process (Work the dream)
  11. 11. The Art of PERSPECTIVE Harmony of natural life forces • Natural forces are circular inclines. • Life forces are productive. • The human spirit is a true life force. • Human nature is self-renewing. Thumbprint
  12. 12. Where’s Your Point of Beginning? Copyright 2013 A PERSPECTIVE, LLC. Elizabeth Diane Martin, The Art of PerspectiveTM Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901 True vitality is in the heart Spirit is life and breath Strength is in movement Love is the antidote for pain