The Romanovs


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The Romanovs

  1. 1. THE ROMANOVS – IMPERIAL, HOSTAGES, MURDERED. •The Romanovs ruled for 300 years. They were a constitutional monarch. •Nicholas II was the last Tsar after his Grandfather died in 1894. •He married Alexandra Feodorovna the fourth daughter of the Duke of Hesse.•They had five children. Four girls, Olga, Maria, Tatiana and Anastasia. One boy, the heir to the throne, Alexei. •They mainly lived the winter palace in St Petersburg. •They lived a idyllic life filled with luxuries. •The children were tutored in languages, arts and music.
  2. 2. PRE-REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA•• Only true autocracy left in Europe••Nicholas II became tsar in 1884••He believed he was the absolute ruler anointed by God••Tsar paid no attention to the Duma, it was harassed and politicalparties suppressed••Nicholas was personally a very weak man, he became increasinglyremote as a ruler••Numerous soviets began to appear•
  3. 3. ALEXANDRA: THE POWER BEHIND THE THRONE• •Even more blindly committed to autocracy than her husband •She was under the influence of Rasputin •Scandals surrounding Rasputin served to discredit the monarchy
  4. 4. THE COLLAPSE OF THE IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT•Nicholas left for the front-september •Rasputin assassinated in December1915 1916 •Alexandra and Rasputin throw the •Complete mismanagement of thegovernment into chaos wartime economy •Alexandra and other high •Production plummeted,inflation andgovernment officials accused of starvation were rampant, and the citiestreason were overflowing with refugees •Food shortages in 1917
  5. 5. THE MARCH REVOLUTION••Origins: Food riots/strikes• •Duma declared itself a Provisional Government on March 12• •Tsar ordered soldiers to intervene, instead they joined therebellion...the Tsar thus abdicated on March 17•••Amnesty granted to all political prisoners in March 1917• •Lenin’s arrival in Petrograd• •A tremendously charismatic personality• •He preached that the ward was a capitlist/imperialist wasthat offered no rewards for the peasants/workers, he also feltthe war was over with the czar’s abdication
  6. 6. NOVEMBER REVOLUTION• Began November 6 1917 •This was the ideological aspect of the revolution with the coupitself planned by Leon Trotsky, who had gained the confidence ofthe army•Lenin went on to consolidate his power in January 1918 when hedisbanded the Constituent Assembly which replaced the Duma•All private property was abolished and divided among peasantry
  7. 7. RASPUTIN•Grigori Rasputin was a Serbian monk •Alexei, only son of Tsar Nicholas and who had a huge influence on the Tsarina Alexandra and heir to the Romanov Royal family and some Russian throne had a blood disease believe that he is a key reason in the called haemophilia. revolution against Tsar Nicholas II •Rasputin was believed to have healing and for the assassination of the Royal powers and he claimed that Mary the Family. Mother of Jesus came to him and told him to go to St. Petersburg to help Alexei.
  8. 8. RASPUTIN •Grigori was able to relieve Alexei of •He had a huge influence over the his pain and stop some of the royal family particularly the Tsarina as bleeding. Following this incident he she believed that God spoke through became a permanent member of the Rasputin. At one stage while the Tsar Royal Family’s entourage. was away controlling the army during•Rasputin’s lively social life didn’t help WW2, the Tsarina was in charge and the publics view of the royal family. Rasputin used her trust in him to his Grigori was a drunk who was said to advantage telling her to givehave made married women sleep with governmental positions to people who him as he told them only if they paid him. sinned with him would God truly forgive them.
  9. 9. RASPUTIN•Rasputin was influencing too many of •He was invited to the Grand Dukethe Tsar’s and Tsarina’s decisions that Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov’s house, were having detrimental effects for cousin of the Tsar where they shotRussia so some members of the Royal Rasputin and threw him into the river. entourage devised a plan to have him •Even though Grigori Rasputin may killed. be the reason for their death the Romanov family loved him and referred to him as our friend• Rasputin had a huge influence over the royals and so was a key reason behind the revolution as the people were fed up with the monarch system of ruling. Grigori Rasputin may be the reason behind the death of the Romanovs.
  10. 10. ANASTASIA •Anastasia was the fourth daughter of Nicholas II. •Her name means ‘the breaker of chains’. •She loved her brother dearly and helped the nurses take care of him.•She was a very intelligent young girl but didn’t have much interest in studying.•She enjoyed acting and loved to entertain the family. During their captivity she strived to keep the family’s spirits up. •She was very funny and was considered the jokester of the family. •She was often very mischievous and loved to play tricks on her teachers and servants.
  11. 11. ANASTASIA •After the execution of the family their were a lot of rumours as to whether Anastasia had died along with her family. •Many young girls stepped forward claiming to be the Grand Duchess. •One of the most famous was a girl named Ana Anderson. •After DNA tests were carried out it was proven that she was not in fact Anastasia. •Anastasia is considered one of the biggest mysteries of the 20 th century and is listed as one of the top 10 disappearances of all time.•She was the inspiration for two Oscar winning movies including the childrens animation ‘Anastasia’.
  12. 12. •On the night of July 17, 1918 the Romanovs were woken and told to dress and were lead from theirrooms to a small room in the basement.•As they entered the basement they were told to gather for a picture which they didn’t know was takenby the head executioner.•It was carried out by a man called Yurovsky and eleven armed men.•The bullets ricocheted off the womens chests because the family jewels had been sewn into theircorsets.• It was unknown weather all of the children were killed, as all of the faces were disfigured due to acidbeing poured on them, but in recent years further remains have been found to prove that all childrenwere killed.•The bodies were wrapped in bed sheets and brought to Ganina Yama to be buried. The bodies werebeaten before they were buried.•Even though the Romaonov’s met a horrible and horrendous death, there impact on the world willnever be forgotten and Russia would never be the country it is today.