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Maxpro bio

  1. 1. 31 Industrial Blvd S. Whiteville, NC 28472 Clearly Superior Window Films for Every Application
  2. 2. Maxpro Manufacturing, LLC Established 2012
  3. 3. Maxpro’s History Maxpro Manufacturing, LLC was founded by Mr. Joe Cobbe, one of the window film industry's most seasoned professionals. Maxpro Manufacturing, LLC is the 3rd window film manufacturing company Mr. Cobbe has been involved with starting. In 1985 Mr. Cobbe started a company known as Commonwealth Film. This company dyed window film. That company was sold and is now part of Eastman Chemical. After that, he started, Commonwealth Laminating and Coating (SunTek Window Films). Mr. Cobbe was an owner of CLC for 15 years. After a 5 year non compete, he started Maxpro Window Films.
  4. 4. Maxpro Manufacturing, LLC currently has 25 employees --- 22 based out of our Whiteville, NC manufacturing facility 3 based out of our Mesa, AZ distribution facility
  5. 5. Building from the Ground UP! A 50,000 sq ft “shell” building, located on 13 acres of land, was purchased in 2012 and construction began
  6. 6. An empty building with dirt floors quickly took shape -- becoming a state of the art window film manufacturing facility.
  7. 7. The construction process was moving along very quickly!
  8. 8. Custom Designed Coater Laminating Machine Ron Foley, Maxpro’s VP of Operations, drawing on his over 20 years of experience in the window film industry, custom designed Maxpro’s coater laminator. He worked with the engineers at New Era Equipment Manufacturers to build the newest and most modern coater laminator in the industry. Ron designed and installed CLC (SunTek’s) first coater laminator with the assistance of his father, Clyde Foley. Clyde is viewed as the GURU of the window film manufacturing process. Clyde’s extensive experience and knowledge of coating and laminating chemistry, is a major reason why Maxpro’s laminates, SR coatings and PS adhesives are the best in the industry.
  9. 9. Why New Era?
  10. 10. Quality control is extremely important to Maxpro and the quality of the final product that is produced by Maxpro is proof of this. Maxpro uses a “clean room” environment for the manufacturing process. With the addition of approximately 40 filters, 4 different levels of filtration and positive air pressure inside the machine room, dust and other potential “trash” is eliminated from the manufacturing area. The quality control and inspection of material starts with the initial receipt of raw goods into the facility and an inspection process is in place for every step of our manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process itself, samples are taken at the beginning, middle and end of each production run to assure the quality and consistency that Maxpro window films are known for. Quality Control
  11. 11. Maxpro Automotive Products Maxpro CP (Charcoal Plus)-1.5 mil 2ply dyed weatherable window film, Limited Lifetime Warranty. Maxpro Maxjet-1.5 mil 2ply dyed weatherable window film, Limited Lifetime Warranty. Maxpro HP (High Performance)-1.5 mil 2 ply dyed weatherable + metal window film, Limited Lifetime Warranty. Maxpro MaxCool IR-1.5 mil 2 ply weatherable color stable window film, Limited LIfetime Warranty. Maxpro XPP(XP-Pro)-1.5 mil 2 ply weatherable window film, 3 year warranty. Maxpro XP-1 mil 1 ply weatherable window film, 3 year warranty. All of Maxpro Window Films are 100% American Made
  12. 12. Limited Lifetime Warranty Maxpro Window Films offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the CP, MJP, HP and MaxCool IR Series Films. This warranty includes color stability against fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, delamination and demetalization for the HP products for as long as the original customer retains ownership of the stated vehicle. This warranty is non-transferable
  13. 13. Three (3) Year Limited Warranty Maxpro Window Films offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty of its XP and XPP Series. This warranty includes peeling, cracking and delamination for 3 years from its original date of installation to the original owner of the vehicle. This warranty is non- transferable.
  14. 14. Online Warranty Registration Simple online warranty registration for both international and United States customers.
  15. 15. How Does Maxpro Compare to Industry Competitors?
  16. 16. Over 35,000 sq ft of warehouse and shipping space
  17. 17. Maxpro Window Films take pride in the presentation and appearance of each package of window film that is shipped. Whether it is one box of film or a pallet load of film, each is packaged with the same level of care and consistency.
  18. 18. 31 Industrial Blvd S. Whiteville, NC 28472 877-573-3456