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Toys"R"Us in a Digital World: Final Presentation


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Elizabeth Brown's Final ADV 420 Presentation

Published in: Marketing
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Toys"R"Us in a Digital World: Final Presentation

  1. 1. Toys”R”Us in a Digital World By Elizabeth Brown
  2. 2. Target Audience  Parents of children in age groups of under 5 years old and 5-12 year olds.  Unique selling proposition – discounts.  Mothers of babies and children through child safety campaigns.
  3. 3. Internet Marketing  Toys”R”Us can focus on promoting different toys and deals across media platforms – email, website, newsletter.  Toys”R”Us websites can share “spotlight stories” of children with different toys, activities, etc.
  4. 4. Social Media Presence  The brand’s strongest social media presence is on Facebook – with 4.1 million page likes.  Customer’s share feedback, stories or other responses about products and activities by the store.  Sharing these stories, pictures and videos are a great way to promote the store because they are engaging and get a wide range of responses.
  5. 5. Improving Social Media  A social media manager could reach out and answer parents comments, questions or complaints.  Customer’s trust in the brand increases when their opinions and comments are answered and validated.  When I make a comment or question to a brand, I expect to at least be contacted back.
  6. 6. Differentiating content  Content including featured toys, deals, videos, etc. should be different across social media platforms.  Toys”R”Us often has some overlap of repeated information on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  If the information is more different, less people are likely to unfollow the channel.
  7. 7. Mobile Presence  Mobile shopping and browsing has greatly increased due to shopping applications available on smart phones, etc.  Move helpful pages such as “Recommended for you” and “Trending now” pages to the top of the screen for mobile platforms.  Create additional applications based on age and location.
  8. 8. Measuring Web Effectiveness  I recommend that Toys”R”Us send out user surveys and post links to them on the main webpage.  The brand can use these surveys to determine the good and bad of the company, new trends and further drive sales.  Clickstream and key performance indicators.
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization  Heavy content on each social media page, such as videos, should be limited.  Toys”R”Us should monitor the number of clicks to see which webpages are receiving the highest engagement.  Watch other types of accounts consumers follow and reach them through interest surveys.
  10. 10. Budget  Digital marketing budget = $8,060,000 per year.  Based off the 12.4 billion total annual revenue.  The budget allots for the costs relating to the development of the other mobile shopping application. inc.-reports-results-for-full-year-and-fourth-quarter-of/