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Pop Singers Concert


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Pop Singers Concert

  1. 1. Pop Singers Concert Lone Star College- CyFair Center For The Arts Elizabeth Brown
  2. 2. Featured Cast •  This single one night only concert was a joint production of the Pop Singers class and the LSC-CyFair GLEE Club.
  3. 3. About the Show •  This show featured 17 famous songs from various artists past and present that appear as solo tracks or in Broadway plays. •  Although this was not an original performance this cast certainly made it their own by lending their own voices and choreography to classic musical numbers.
  4. 4. Seasons of Love Play Video
  5. 5. Analysis •  Some of the cast worked well as a •  This work consisted of team while on stage but overall they multiple costume changes lacked the complete knowledge of each song and you were able to tell and a large number of people even if someone forgot lines to performing many different songs there was some else to carry numbers. on the performance. •  The transitions to each piece •  The performance also had no was not seamless and the direction in song choice, which left the audience confused in the show carried on at a direction in which the performance staggering pace. There was was attempting to take you. While also very little to no theatrical the performance was attempting to stage settings. At many times imitate the TV show Glee. It lacked the direction that Glee provides with the performers themselves every show by using a certain seemed confused on who performer or topic to lead its was supposed to be on stage. audience to a certain emotion or conclusion.
  6. 6. Carry On My Wayward Son Originally Performed by Kansas
  7. 7. Interpretation •  I originally wanted to attend this concert because of the close correlation it had to one of my favorite TV shows GLEE so I really enjoyed watching a group of my peers recreate classic songs for a whole new audience
  8. 8. Burlesque Dance Segment Play Video Not only did this show display the cast and their vocal range it also provided an avenue to show off their dancing and choreography skills.
  9. 9. Evaluation of Performance •  The performance itself was a overall disappointment. Many of the performs missed a majority of the lyrics in the songs they performed and also seemed lost on stage. •  This performance evaluation is based on previous performances I viewed at the college such as the play “To Kill a Mockingbird” which was had a amazing stage setting and more accurate theatrical singers/actors performing versus the Pop Singers Concert.
  10. 10. Evaluation of Performance •  Criteria being the stage setting matching the emotion and story of the song being performed. Another criteria to be judged is the emotions shown by the performer that should reflect the song being performed. All these are a culmination of item’s that should enhance and help you enjoy the experience. •  The work itself was a direct copy of the TV series Glee, but lacking the excitement and professionalism of the performers. While the performance was attempted with the best of intentions, it did not live up to its self acclaim.
  11. 11. Pop Singers Concert 2013