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[Get] wp simulator wordpress tool download

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    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :            www.goo.gl/i7K0s4
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  • The            setup            in            the            video            no            longer            works.           
    And            all            other            links            in            comment            are            fake            too.           
    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :            www.goo.gl/i7K0s4
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[Get] wp simulator wordpress tool download

  1. 1. [GET] WPSimulator Wordpress Tool DOWNLOAD So… What’s The #1 WordPress Tool Used By Millions of Pros That Delivers The BIGGEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT? What if I Told You It’s None of the Above & That it’sFree!!! Hi & Welcome I’m Matt Garrett, in a moment I’ll show you what I & millions of other WordPress Pros consider to be the#1 WordPress Tool. It’s one of the insider tricks that most of us don’t know about & like myself many of us discover years later! I’m going show you this tool in the video below for FREE – no tricks or sign-ups. First though, you might want to know a little about me:
  2. 2. I’ve been a blog expert & affiliate pro for over 10 years I make all 100% my income on-line I run hundreds of profitable niche blogs This is my 4th major product launch in 10 years – the last 3 have all been top sellers I’m the guy behind… NicheReaper, Blogdefender, Blog Tactics – as you can see I use WordPress rather a lot! Over the years I learned many handy WordPress tricks which for the first time ever I would like to share with you - so bear with me for a few minutes, I promise it’ll be worth your while. Well, enough about me… So… What’s #1 WordPress Tool The Pros Use & Most of us Discover Years Later? …they all run WordPress locally on their PC’s Ever Been Held to Ransom By a Web Host? There’s Nothing More Infuriating Than Someone Who Believes They Have Power Over You! Over The Last 10 Years I’ve seen my fair share of bad customer service from web hosts – it’s frustrating & incredibly annoying when you receive bad customer service you are forced to pay a "release fee" so you can grab your sites or suffer down time through your host’s poor service. With a Localhost You Can Keep a Working Backup of All Your Sites So if your backups work on localhost & you experience bad service from your host you can tell your host to stuff it, write a nice blog post to warn others about their crappy service & switch hosts care free!
  3. 3. Putting you back in control… Ever Made a Mistake & Screwed Up a Live Site? You wouldn’t be the first to mess things up… I’ve done it plenty of times! WordPress Pros take a snapshot of a working site then recreate it on a localhost before they start messing. They use localhosts to test, fix & play with stuff without consequence. Lets face it, any mistakes on live servers could result in: Site Downtime Lost Sales Loss of Ranking Technical Problems Law Suits There are bigger reasons though… Have you ever… Found Creating Sites Annoyingly Slow? Lost a Long Post in a Failed WP Update? Had a Plugin Clash or a Buggy Theme? Been Locked Out of Wp Admin? Seen the White Screen of Death?  
  4. 4. But, You Can Create a Localhost The Hard Way or The Easy Way… Want to Follow a Technical Procedure That’ll Make Your Eyes Bleed? To setup a single local host environment correctly involves editing apache config files, php ini’s, creating MySQL databases,editing wp config files & running a multi step WordPress install! To create WP Simulator – our mutisite developer environment It took 178 steps + tweaks to apache & php config files – so it takes a lot of time & patience. Yet the pain is worthwhile as WordPress developers worldwide use this tool more than any other … What if You Could Do This in 3 Simple Steps? That would be worth knowing right? That was the thought that started this project going … Well 12 months on, 3 broken PC’s later & with several failed hard drives embedded in my wall, my tech team created a local hosting environment that anyone can make in 3 easy steps without resurrecting Houdini for help. So Finally, We Can All Set Up Localhosts Without The Pain… …in 3 Steps – Want to know more? WP Simulator is a local hosting environment that will allow you to fix, test & develop WordPress sites faster & easier than using a live web host. It makes you less dependent on your host for development & I’m certain it will make you more efficient in your day to day website creation/testing like it does for me. As a user of WP Simulator you will run a 100% genuine version of WordPress on your PC/MAC with12
  5. 5. WordPress test sites pre-configured & ready to use! WP Simulator Runs Faster Than any Standard Configuration – Guaranteed! With WP Simulator you can… ?  Build WordPress Sites on your PC/MAC with/without a Web Connection  ? ?  Fix Broken Sites & Work on Live Sites Off-line  ? ?  Test Plugins & Themes Without Uploading to a Live Host  ? ?  Solve Plugin Clashes & Bugs Off-Line  ? ?  Clean up/Ditch Dirty Themes Before You Use!  ? ?  Create WordPress Sites & Content Without Web Lag  ? ?    Make as Many Mistakes as You Like Without Consequence    ? ?    Back up Your Development Work in Minutes not Hours    ? ?    Test Your Live Site Backups    ? And … The Only Annoying Thing About it is That it Took Me 7 Years to Find Out… Better Late Than Never! Creating WordPress sites quickly has always been a problem for me. I bought just about every product that claimed to make life easier. That’s until 3 years ago when I got a tip from a Pro Web Developer who helped me create a local
  6. 6. hosting environment on my laptop! I can’t tell you how much easier it made my working life – I only wish I knew this earlier. Is it Gonna Make You $10,000 in 10 seconds?… No! For 7 years I struggled with CPanel, FTP delays & internet lag. I tore my hair out with support tickets every time I hit a problem. This solution saved me a pile of time, made me more motivated/creative, & doubled my profit in 24 months. It also gave me back control of my business & I know it will do the same for you. Is it Gonna Make You More Productive?… Without a Doubt! Firstly though, let me ask you a few questions… Do you Find Creating WordPress Sites Slower Than a Queue at Disneyland?  [PROBLEM SOLVED] SPEED IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE IN WORDPRESS WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Making WordPress Sites is Usually a Stop & Start Process With Plenty of Waiting in Between! Solving the Speed Issue… Your on-line success is governed by what you get done in a fixed timescale – stop/start/wait development is not doing you any favours. While you’re building out sites at a snails pace your savvy competitor may be drinking pina colada’s & relaxing having developed 3 more sites than you – what you need is the equivalent of a Fastpass! WP Simulator is like the Fastpass to WordPress web development. It runs a real version of WordPress on your PC & It’ll behave & update like a real server. The only difference is it’s faster, firewalled off & not visible to the public. Ideal right? So, no more logging onto your FTP account to dump files, no more time lags between uploading content – you’ll work faster than ever before. You can even develop sites without an internet connection…
  7. 7. Ever had a Plugin Clash That Took Time to Fix?  [PROBLEM SOLVED] An Easier Way to Resolve WordPress Plugin Clashes Every now & again you’ll come across 2 or more plugins that fight – it will all work OK when you install your plugins then Boom! – the site is down, something breaks, a nasty message splashed over every page or the dreaded white screen of death! With WP Simulator I’ll show you how to replicate your plugin list locally in seconds, recreate the bug & how to find the culprit fast. Using WP Simulator you can test all your plugins for possible conflict before you use them live. You can also store a backup plugin set for each of your sites so you can quickly restore your site to a working state if the inevitable happens – good thinking eh? With WP Simulator – you can solve & prevent problems… Want to Test Your New Theme/Plugin Off-Line… [PROBLEM SOLVED] Avoid On-Line Problems with Off-Line Tests!
  8. 8. So you’ve just purchased your new prize theme or plugin & you can’t wait to use it even though you have no idea how it works, you upload it to your live site & hope for the best!… Then you hit problems – you delete theme/plugin start a tech support ticket – days later you find the solution or get your refund. You get annoyed, it spoils your mood & you’re no longer productive – sound familiar? With WP Sim you can test any theme or plugin locally - if something breaks or doesn’t work right it doesn’t matter – the site’s not live – you have time to look up the FAQ’s, you speak to tech support without stressing. You’ll find it’s usually something silly! Why spoil a productive mood? With WP Simulator you can test drive all your new toys… [GET] WPSimulator Wordpress Tool DOWNLOAD Want to Create Websites Off-Line & Set Them Live When You’re Ready? [PROBLEM SOLVED] YES, YOU CAN CREATE WORDPRESS SITES OFF-LINE & UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR HOST LATER WP Simulator Is Like a Sandbox Where you Can Learn & Play! There is nothing worse for web visitors than landing on a part built site & nothing worse for your ranking than a site which contains errors. Say you develop live & you upload a new theme & forget to remove the author’s site wide links – now your search engine rankings will be lower than the site selling cheap Viagra & you’ll have to experience the ‘disavow tool’ – not fun!. With WP Simulator you can create your whole site off-line. take time to clean your theme & when it’s good & ready set it live – why make silly mistakes rushing? We will show you a video of some free & paid tools you can use for the task. WP Simulator could save you making costly mistakes…
  9. 9. Want to Fix a Broken Website Without Causing Further Damage Trying? [PROBLEM SOLVED] FIXING A NASTY PROBLEM… If you work in this industry for any length of time sooner or later you will hit a big problem – website down! This could be caused by anything: an update, a database corruption or even by a hacker. You’ll have no idea where to start & most likely you will try to mess around to see if you can get things going – if you tinker long enough & you’ll probably break more things – now your only hope is a good backup & if that works you have to restore your MySQL file and so on… With WP Simulator you take a copy of your broken site & database – recreate it locally & if you mess up it doesn’t matter as you can start again with another copy. You can run database repairs & other repair tools then re-upload the site back to your host when you’ve fixed everything! With WP Simulator you can safeguard against making things worse… So What Makes WP Simulator Unique? 12 Ready WordPress Test/Development Environments + Site Developer Tools WP Simulator Comes with 10 Clean WordPress Installations ready for anything you want to play with & 1 Specially Configured WordPress Installations for many of the common tasks you may wish to carry out such as testing themes/sites with tools need for the task 1 WP Simulator Test Environment with a Populated Site – This environment is a filled site geared for testing themes with a mock up website – You will also find a some site testing plugins which will help you isolate any issues 1 Older WordPress Version Test Environment
  10. 10. -  if your site is has recently broken you may want to keep an old version handy to test theme compatibility 10 Blank WordPress Environments  -  for you to use in any manner you wish, your own sites for example… Questions? Will it Work Just Like a Real Web Server? Yes! – everything will work just like real web server – it runs 100% genuine fully configured versions of WordPress/PHP/MySQL/Apache. The only difference is you are firewalled & you’re not broadcasting so inbound services say for example Google Analytics obviously won’t work as spiders can’t crawl your PC. Is it Easily Upgradeable? Yes, very easy! – your themes, plugins & WordPress core will upgrade in the same way as on a hosted server. Unlike a host though you can also easily upgrade your PHP/MySQL/Apache with a single download! What if I need more Test Hosts? No problem! – We’ve made a tutorial video that show you how to add extra test environments. Are There Any Running Costs? No! Xampp is free. WP Simulator is just our own bespoke configuration that runs under Xampp! WP Simulator is built for longevity & versatility of use… How Reliable is it? 3 Million + Users Can’t be wrong!
  11. 11. Unparalleled Reliability WP Simulator runs on XAMPP which is the same environment that powers millions of web servers world wide, XAMPP contains real versions of PHP & MySQL & Apache which are the 3 pieces of software required for WordPress to run. So It’s as real as it gets. If It Ever Breaks, Millions of Sites Worldwide Will Stop Working Too! In essence for XAMPP to fail would mean PHP or MySQL would also have to fail in which case you can take a holiday as 70 Million+ sites would fail too – so in short it’s very reliable. Before you decide… As This Is Launch Offer… We’re All In! Get 6 Unreleased Bonus Products + 6 Unseen Insider Secrets! Bonus #1 Ready Pages/Theme Tests + Insider Secret #1 – How to Back up & Restore WP Simulator Ready Made Pages & Theme Tests This is a collection of ready made pages you can use on your own sites & theme tests so you can see what your content will look like at a glance in a theme before you chose to use it. These include:
  12. 12. Ready Made Pages: About, FAQ, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Testimonial, Affiliate, Download, Styled Blog, Paragraphs with Images, Video Pages Theme Tests: Typography, Paragraphy, Links, Images & Tables Insider Secret #1 - Backing up & Restoring WP Simulator We realise that as you develop stuff in WP Simulator you’ll want to backup your work – we’ll walk you through the sim environment & show you the simplest way to backup & restore it. and if this isn’t enough… Bonus #2 30 Cleaned Themes + Insider Secret #2 How to Test & Clean Any Theme + more Themes to follow soon (laundry in progress) 84% of Themes Would Cause You Problems If you believe that a free theme really is a generous freebie or that premium/paid themes come without any unwanted gifts then think again! We’ve found that around 80% of themes distributed by WordPress & about 60% of commercial themes contain 1 or more site wide links. Some dubious encrypted code, bugs, or are just unfit for the purpose. If you were to use any of these ‘gift carrying’ themes live then at best you would suffer poor Google Ranking & at worst you would have usability problems & down time. These are all issues you can easily avoid. So we’ve picked 30 of the best GPU themes & cleaned out the crap to ensure these are safe & ready to use for whatever you need. Insider Secret #2 - Theme Laundry Want to learn how to clean the garbage out of your own themes? I’ll show you what tools to use & how to get rid of the crap yourself – cool huh? Learn to clean theme garbage …
  13. 13. SEO Analytics Security Social Media Usability Comment Spam Functionality Speed Backup Bonus #3 Recommended Plugins List + Insider Secret #3 – The Essential Plugins List Out of 24,000+ Plugins – Which are Best? One of the biggest WordPress time killers is sifting through the thousands of plugins available to find the good ones that work well & don’t require a programming degree to use. What’s even more important is which ones have a proven track record to work well over time. In this bonus I’ll give you my plugin toolbox basically all the plugins that I consider as useful, reliable & easy to use. You’ll recognize some of them for sure – but, I guarantee there will be many incredibly useful ones that you won’t have seen before! Insider Secret #3 - The Essential Plugins List Exclusive! – I will reveal the list of plugins I use on almost every site & why these are so important. I’ll show why these plugins cover what WordPress essentially lacks & why I recommend you use these on all your sites. The plugins cover : Make your life easier by using recommended plugins… Bonus #4 Essential Plugin Training + Insider Secret #4 – The Time Saver Plugin Essential Plugin Training I figured the the essential plugins themselves are not going to be all that useful to you without some training – so I will go through these one by one & show you how to set these up correctly. Insider Secret #4 - The Time Saver Plugin Want to know a plugin that cuts down new site installation workload? – I will show you what it is, how simple it is to use & how it’s going to save you a whole load of time. I guarantee you will use it again & again!
  14. 14. Save time by using some neat free tools… Bonus #5 How To Fix Common WordPress Faults +  Insider Secret #5 – Getting Out of WP Jail Tricks How to Fix Common WP Faults This is a video tutorial that will show you how to fix the most likely WordPress issues you will come across. These include: Plugin Clash Buggy theme Clashing Theme/WP Core Version Insider Secret #5 - Getting Out Of WP Jail Tricks Now & again we will all hit a bigger problem that requires a little more than just moving stuff around & deleting stuff – so I’m going to show you how to get out of jail if: Your MySQL Database is Corrupt You’ve forgotten your MySQL username & password You’re Locked out of wp-admin You’re Locked out by .htaccess Learn to become a WordPress mechanic… Bonus #6 WordPress Fast Class + Insider Secret No.6 – Hiding Admin Areas From Users Want to Know What the Pro’s Do to Set Up WordPress Sites I’m going to show the essential things we all should do when setting up a new WordPress site. This is a fast class covering the key elements rather than a typical WordPress tutorial. The objective is to get you into the right habits quickly & learn about the the most essential functions of WordPress in minutes.
  15. 15. Insider Secret #6 - Hiding Admin Areas If like me you allow others to access to your WordPress admin areas – you may want to hide certain menus so people don’t fiddle around with stuff they shouldn’t. I’m going to show you a simple plugin that will help you achieve that in minutes. and… +An Exclusive Offer!  An Option to Buy an Unreleased Product That Will Speed Up your WordPress Content Creation by 1000% Exclusive Offer to WP Simulator Customers! A really simple way to create content fast! WP Simulator customers will have an exclusive option to buy WP Cheat – a product geared to make WordPress content creation much faster. As the name suggests these are cheats that’ll shred the amount of time it takes to create WordPress pages/posts No Learning Curve - Just Copy & Paste WP Cheats was created from my black book of codes & cheats that I collected over 10 years as a Pro Blogger & they are so simple that even a 7 year old can use them. As long as you know how to copy & paste you can use this product to shred the time it takes to create stylish content. As the product is not currently available for sale I’ll go into more details post purchase of WP Simulator. This Product Won’t Be available for Sale Until Sept 2013 So in summary… Main Product: Download
  16. 16. WP Simulator This is a set of 12 pre-configured WP localhost test environments – which you can install easily in just 3 steps Bonus #1: Download 30 Cleaned Themes(more to come) This is a collection of the best cleaned GPU themes that you can use on any project you wish without any hidden site wide links that could cause you ranking Issues Bonus #2: Download Ready Pages & Theme Tests This is a collection of Ready to Use Pages & Neat Page Elements geared to help you create content faster. Bonus #3: Download Recommended Plugins This is a collection of our favorite, most used & most reliable plugins. Bonus #4: Video Tutorial Essential Plugin Tutorial This is a video tutorial which will show you how to use the essential plugins that we would advise you to use on every site. Bonus #5: Video Tutorial WordPress Fast Class See how to set up WordPress correctly without making
  17. 17. silly errors & how to configure it so it does what you want from the start. Bonus #6: Video Tutorial How to Fix WordPress Faults Watch & learn how to fix the most common WordPress faults – Save yourself a pile of time & stress! + 6 Insider Secrets! (Extra Bonuses) [GET] WPSimulator Wordpress Tool DOWNLOAD Insider Secret #1: Video Tutorial How to Backup/Restore WP Simulator Over time you will add & change WP Simulator to suit your own needs – we’ll show you how to backup it up & restore it. Insider Secret #2: Video Tutorial How to Test & Clean Themes Learn to use special plugins to analyse your themes, find & edit out or detune hidden links. Insider Secret #3: Download The Essential Plugins This is a download of the plugins we use on almost all sites we run!
  18. 18. Insider Secret #4: Video Tutorial The Time Saver Plugin See which plugin is going to save you a whole pile of time when you set up new WordPress sites Insider Secret #5: Video Tutorial WP Getting Out of Jail Solutions Learn how to solve some tricky problems that will come across at some point – this will get you out of a tight fix. Insider Secret #6: Video Tutorial Hiding Admin Areas Learn to hide certain parts of your admin from your site users to prevent others playing with stuff they shouldn’t That’s $257 of Value at our Estimate at just $97 I hope you agree $97 presents great value – even the bonuses here add up to double that & all this stuff is NEW TO THE MARKET – SO YOU’LL HAVE AN EARLY ADVANTAGE. I would also like to give something back to our customers, reviewers & charities so… If you are a Registered Charity or a School – I will give you the product FREE… If you are going to use it to teach kids or help others & your school or charity site has been registered for 12 months or more then just buy the product, write something about it on your website with a link to this site then simply mail me the details within 60 days I will refund you 100%. Last few days to get a bargain… This offer expires in:
  19. 19. Launch Offer: Win One of 3 Ipad Mini’s! We’re Giving Away Some Toys! As a thanks to our customers & promoters we’re giving away 3 Ipad Mini’s. Win! – 1 Ipad Mini to a Random Customer -  Just buy a Copy of WP Simulator for a fair chance – that’s all. We use a random number generator which selects a customer – so one of you will get a nice surprise!
  20. 20. Win! – 1 Ipad Mini for a Cool Testimonial - Write a good testimonial & mail us a copy at our support desk & we’ll reward the best one with one of these babies as a little thanks to those that make the effort. Few people do this so there is a high chance of winning Win! – 1 Ipad Mini for a Affiliate Advert/Blog Review -  Write a Blog Review & include one of our affiliate ads on your blog & mail us the URL at our support desk & we’ll put your name in the hat – so you may get more than just some affiliate commissions! The draw will take place on August 31st 2013 – winners will be announced on this site – good luck! Our comments are 100% genuine & come from our member’s home page & our affiliates – as a member you’ll be welcome to speak to other members in our comments area to validate any comment posted. Comments listed below will be entered in a prize draw for an Ipad Mini & drawn on 31 August 2013 "This product is absolutely the best" Kathy Ball – Member Home Page Comments "If I had to choose one thing I liked best about WP Simulator I would be like a starving hound dog in a butcher shop. This product is absolutely the best I have ever seen.  The list of essential plugins that you provided is worth twice the price I paid for this product alone!  Add to that the exceptionally well done training videos, the amazingly easy to use WP Simulator itself and you have a product that anyone who has ever built a website using WordPress dreams about. Thank you so much for creating this product. You have saved me countless hours of website downtime not to mention the loss of potential customers due to a broken site when one of my
  21. 21. Nikki Bullas “experiments” failed to work. You guys are the greatest!" "Everything works like a charm" Alexandra Lemonnier – Member Home Page Comments "I must say that I’m really impressed by your program that came to me “thanks to God (?)” just at the right time, not only for my personal WP usage but also for my WP workshop projects here in France (now that I have the main problem solved: how to teach WP to somebody that hasn’t already got his host and domain name + how to run WP locally on both PC and Mac)! I watched all the videos and you should have heard me say “Génial ! Formidable ! Super !” all along the way…    Everything works like a charm, the xampp installation was almost too easy, I’m also very happy to know that I can definitively delete all the test blogs I have online (big hassle, yes!), and I even found a very easy way to switch all the premade WP installations to French, so there’s just one thing I can say: THANK YOU! WP Cheat is also a great tool, when I understood that I could get rid of most of my graphic shortcode plugins (a “ahaaa” moment!) which are a big problem in case you want to deactivate them, there was no doubt that I would get it. With Blog Defender that I already purchased before, you give to us priceless and must have WP tools, the ones that every WP blogger should get. Next steps for me: become a JV partner (!), talk about your program and maybe prepare some audios and/or videos in French to help people who don’t speak English, finalize my workshop program so that I will be able to teach WP locally for offline workers. Again: THANKS!" "This is Going to Save Me Hours" Nikki Bullas – Member Home Page Comments "I think I would rate this as perhaps one of THE best programs I’ve purchased so far. I wish this had been around when I first started on this journey as I’ve always been concerned about WP falling over, being hacked, breaking etc as I’ve heard happens a lot.  This concern meant I hadn’t actually started anything – I was always looking for that something to reassure me – and here it is!  The tutorials are fantastic, short, well put together, Matt’s voice is very easy to listen to and altogether a very professional set up. So glad" Nikki Bullas
  22. 22. Diane Chapman Bob Blanchard "This is Going to Save Me Hours" Di Chapman – Member Home Page Comments "I have two huge (100+ page) HTML sites that I want to put into WP but I have had so many problems with WP it has been on hold. A Mac user suggested I got a similar system to yours but as I know how good your products were I just bought this without a second thought. The server problems are just life. As usual you are working hard to help us make money. Thanks and I really look forward to using my new toy. It is going to save me hours as I have a lousy Internet connection as I live up a mountain and am the last phone on the line. Working off-line will be miraculous." Di Chapman "This is an Invaluable Tool" Bob Blanchard – Member Home Page Comments "As a business owner who deals with client sites other than my own, this is an invaluable tool. I can give different scenarios in my presentations to them regarding updating or upgrading their websites in real-time with no down time on their current sites. As an internet marketer, I can assure you that this product beats the basic ‘localhost’ install I used to use 5 years ago until the present. There is no clutter or aggravation anymore. Don’t think this is some rehash of a local host installation, WP Simulator is the ultimate test environment. If you are new to the WordPress scene or just starting into this business, this is a must-have. If you are a seasoned pro, then you bet your a** this is a must have! For you tech guys and gals, I have the Simulator running on my Dell rack server rockin’ Windows Server 2008. There are NO boundaries with this product. If this product sold for $150, I would still get it in a heartbeat . I’ve been in this business for over a decade and WP Simulator delivers, period. The final advantage I see, is literally trying to crash offline sites with multiple themes and plugins, so you can document what doesn’t work. I have had more issues with premium themes and plugins not playing nice together than I care to recall. This product takes the drama out of it, and empowers you to push forward with reckless abandon. Bob Blanchard" Bob Blanchard
  23. 23. Steve Haase "WP Simulator is a 5 Plus!" Steve Haase – Member Home Page Comments "I was probably one of the first to jump on this offer and experience all the issues with the new server Matt mentioned above. Stuff happens, it’s just the nature of technology today. What separates the pros from the amateurs is the way problems are handled. I have to give major thanks to Matt and his team. I contacted Matt on FaceBook and he responded a short time later and the the issues were soon all resolved. Great job Matt and team! I’m so glad I was patient. WP Simulator is a STELLAR product and was more than worth the wait! I have been in this IM game for some time now and I have been through the pain and aggravation of screwing a WordPress site into the ground and having to rebuild from backups or even worse, scratch. Breaking a live site is no fun and can be costly, not to mention the time and frustration of tracking down the problems and correcting them all the while having your site either down or totally messed up. Ugh!    I had gotten to the point of not doing any major site revisions such as changing themes or adding complex plug-ins for fear of destroying a working site or major downtime. WP Simulator has now given me the freedom to create a copy of my live site on my local computer for me to test new things on without the fear of bringing down the live site. Just copy the live site to your local computer, make the modifications and then simply replace the live site once everything is worked out. Very cool!    If you are on the fence about this product then climb down off of the fence now and get WP Simulator before it’s to late. This is a must have for any WordPress user. I can assure you if you don’t get it, the time will come when you wished you had. Just think about this…What would happen if one of your money sites were hacked? It happens a lot more than you may think, or you add a plug-in that conflicts with another or your theme and your site is hosed. Or you want to modify the theme and look of your site but can’t afford the downtime? These are now all things of the past with WP Simulator.    On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 = sucks and 5 = Total Awesomness, WP Simulator is a 5 PLUS! " "WOW, WOW, WOW … Great timing, Matt!!" Gary Smithhisler – Member Home Page Comments "I already have “Blog Defender” and when I saw this offer yesterday it was a “no-brainer” … especially since I spent six hours on Monday watching YouTube videos, trying to setup a XAMPP/WordPress testing environment. After much frustration and tweaking I actually got it functioning, but I didn’t
  24. 24. Gary Smithhisler Roy Cheryl Kolpin Marco have a clue on how to download my live blogs … you answered that question and much more … the “clean themes” and overview of essential and suggested plugins is much needed and appreciated and are a HUGE time saver. Thanks! By the way, it took less than an hour to install the simulator on my laptop. We crashed the servers yesterday because the frustration in the WP user community is at record highs… Why hasn’t anyone done this before?? I’m glad you took advantage of this “hole” in the current rash of WP training offerings. Congratulations on a job VERY well done! I’m looking forward to your next release." "I have my first localhost live site" Roy – Member Home Page Comments "I have to say that WP Simulator is by far the most value for money buy I have made in 10 years or so online. Not only that, the quality of the video tutorials is so high even I managed to get it up and running easily, and have my first Localhost live site imported and ready test without a hitch. It could so easily have been very frustrating with lesser quality instruction. Matt seemed to have every angle covered as he worked through the video tutorials. Very professional. " "The Best Software I Have Purchased" Cheryl Kolpin Marco – Customer "I just purchased wp simulator and wp cheat sheet and definitely worth every money… I just have to keep remembering that Im not using the REAL wordpress… lol  And the Cheat Sheets this is something I will cherish forever. This was the problem I was having… everytime I would get a wordpress sight up I never knew how or what to put on it… but thanks to the cheat sheets its all there for me…The BEST SOFTWARE I HAVE PURCHASED! Thanks Matt… great Job!" "WOW, what a deal" Andrew Ward – SEOUK Fanpage Comment "Just purchased WP simulator and WP Cheat. Wish this was around when I first started to use WP. As then I would not of spent all that money paying someone
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