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Research and planning (week 2)


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Research and planning (week 2)

  1. 1. Research and Planning (week 2)
  2. 2. Creative Decisions• Due to the fact that the genre is thriller, to add suspense to our genre we have decided to hide the identity of the witch. The face of the witch will never be seen, this will add to thrill and excitement of the fairy tale. We have used ideas from Snow White and Red Riding Hood, particularly Red Riding Hood where the identity of the wolf is hidden; it’s unknown to the village who exactly is the killer. We have decided to adapt this to our trailer by hiding the identity of the witch, but the face of the witch will never be seen, this creates mystery.• To modernize our fairy tale we have decided to use a red dress instead of a red cape, by doing this the film will represent the current era better. This will be an aspect in which the audience can relate to.• We have decided to change the genre to thriller, by doing this we can add to the suspense and mystery of the genre, by hiding the witch’s identity. Also we can use landscape to heighten the mystery in this trailer, by using the woods; the audience will be more intrigued in the trailer, not wanting to take their eyes of the screen. We can adapt the lighting again to create more mystery and suspense.• We have decided to use fairy tale type sound track again to add a sinister feel to the fairy tale, again heightening the suspense. By doing this it will directly intrigue our target audience who seek thrill and excitement.
  3. 3. We changed the red cape for ared dress. We did this becausewe wanted to change the oldfashioned concept of a cape, toa dress, so it will still have thesame values, but it will bemore relatable to our targetaudience.We changed the wolf to a witchbecause we didn’t have thenecessary resources to portray awolf successfully, we felt that ifwe used a witch, we can workbetter with a witch, we aim touse very dark eye make-up, thisis the villain in our trailer, so weaim for the audience to associatethe character with being scary,so by the use of make-up andcostume we will use thischaracter successfully.
  4. 4. RepresentationsIt is impossible not to receive these representations, the portrayal of women from the mediabut it is not impossible to become aware of how we receive them and to make consciousdecisions about why we accept or challenge them. Women are normally portrayed as inferiorand unable to defend themselves. In our thriller trailer, we have decided to keep the typicalrepresentations the same, which is evident in the character of Little Red Riding Hood, whocannot defend herself when in danger. By doing this, it will challenge the audience if they agreeor disagree with this portrayal.Representations in media texts are representations of reality, the way in which are portrayed insociety as being very domestic and unable weaker than males, is the way we aim to portray ourfemale characters. By doing this it will challenge the audience to agree or disagree with thecommon representations, also the audience will be able to relate to the commonrepresentations of women.Also the fact that other ethnic minorities are never represented in most thrillers, we aim to usethis. We chose an all white cast because we felt the common stereo typical ideologies will relatebetter to our audience.