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Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. The magazine masthead is in larger Micro Elements size than the images and text in order to draw attention of theThis slogan creates anticipation of very potential target audience. By usingdetailed interesting articles about an alarming colour of red theupcoming films. In saying this the audience will immediately to theaudience will automatically expect magazine. “Empire” connotes withunique articles. something large, so the audience will immediately anticipate it’s a grand magazine. In using such a title the audience will be expectingThese cover lines cover a range of something rather large.mystical & magical films. Thissuggests that the target audience are By using a celebrity as the a mediumthose of a younger generation. In shot on the magazine, it createscomparison to the masthead the intertexuality. the audience will relatewriting is in smaller font in order to Daniel Radcliffe to the previous Harrycreate familiarity with the masthead. Potter movies. In having him lookThe magazine chooses to use a range directly at the audience it will create anof colours, such as silver, and yellow, intimate relationship between bothit makes the magazine cover more parties. With the cover line placed onattractive. top of the image, it creates a link between the article and the image. InThe magazine uses a very dominant portraying the character with blood onimage, but by the use of dominant his face, the audience will automaticallylarge texts with alarming colours it be drawn into the magazine because itbalances it out. By using colours of red is very peculiar for this character. Alsoit has alarming, dangerous by using this image we have a synopsisconnotations. of who the target audience is and the By placing the strap line on the bottom of the genre of the magazine. magazine cover, the audience will be drawn into the This is the barcode. magazine. This also acts as a covert advert, the movies This is normal for presented will create anticipation. This calls the magazines to have the attention of the audience. barcode on the front cover. The price of the magazine is placed in smaller font in order for the audience to not be deferred by the expensive price. Rather they use the information to draw the audience into the magazine. This magazine chooses to use very structured layout, with text placed on the left and the image on the right, indeed the movies are aimed at a younger audience and this magazines follows this convention as it shouts its information at the audience “45 NEW MOVIES YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW’, but having the image in the bottom left in a box again we have an idea about the target audience being much younger. By using direct addresses such as “you” again implies the audience is much younger.
  2. 2. Representations This magazine uses an image of Harry Potter with blood on his face, this might suggest that it is aimed at those who take pleasure in gruesome action films. The image is rather stereotypical of the white race because the image uses a white boy which suggests that this race may enjoy such activities. Also by using a male it proposes the idea that these individuals enjoy such “manly” roles in society. Rather than using a female this is rather unconventional and would not be representative of the youngsters who enjoy these types of films because the protagonist is always male. In addition to this idea, young males are always depicted as negatively, this magazine uses this ideology. Tone and register The tone that is adopted in this magazine cover is very masculine, we get an understanding that maybe this magazine is aimed at males. The magazine uses very basic English language, which may suggest that the magazine is aimed at the lower middle class individuals or a younger audience. “harry comes out fighting”. The magazine uses very direct language such as “… You need to know right now!” This magazine uses very little formality “bloody hell!”, it uses very colloquial language which again suggests who the magazine is aimed at. Effect and Effectiveness This magazine achieves the purpose of drawing in the target audience through the use of basic language and the alarming colours used on the magazine cover. This magazine may use methods such as test screenings, which will explain why the magazine is effective enough to have an online base.Target AudienceThrough this magazine the target audience are younger. The magazine online website is placed in the tagline, which suggests again the class ofthe youngsters this would only be applicable to those who have internet access at home. We can tell this through the films featured on thecover of the magazine, these cover lines are very reflective of the audience, we understand that they prefer magical, mystical, action typefilms . Also we understand that the target audience may be individuals of white race, through the fact Harry Potter is largely known, we knowthe movie is very mystical and is based on the idea of magic and the deep beyond. Children of other cultures and religions may not bepermitted to watch this because it may contradict with their religious backgrounds. This magazine is aimed at middle class youngsters becausethey will be able to buy this magazine, as it is priced at £3.90 and children from a much lower class wouldn’t be able to afford this magazine ona weekly basis. Also we learn that the intended audience are those who like thriller type movies again through the cover lines and the mainimage of Harry Potter. Also we learn that the audience are those who prefer a magazine, rather than a radio station may suggest the age of theaudience, that they are of a younger age.
  3. 3. Micro Elements. The masthead uses white large font, this is effective in This is the skyline, which drawing in the audiences calls the audience to the gaze. In using “Total Film”, special attraction of the magazine directly articles featured in the informs the audience what magazine. This directly the magazine is about and draws in the audience. also those who are unaware. This anchor text it informs the audienceThe cover lines feature a as to why this celebrityrange of film topics is featured on thethrough the use of front of the magazine.colloquial language we All this is to lure themunderstand that this to want to read themagazine may be aimed at article inside thethose of a lower middle magazine aboutclass social background. Johnny Depp.The cover lines feature Magazines conventionallyfilms from the USA which use a barcode on the frontmay suggest it is a global rather than on the back.magazine. The referenceto these film articlessuggest that this article isaimed at film fans.This medium shot of Johnny Depp has been chosen to create a relationship between the audience and the celebrity. Also it createsintertexuality, the audience will automatically reference this celebrity to other films he has starred in and will be more likely to buy thismagazine, through the familiarity created. Also it gives some idea about the kind of magazine it is, and also the age of the target audience.Through the costume used we can create some idea of the character in which he plays. The use of velvet material of his jacket has richconnotations so the audience will feel the character he plays is of a wealthy background. Also by using a background taken directly fromCharlie And the Chocolate Factory, the audience will anticipate this film, and also it will create a magical type fairytale atmosphere, also itsuggests the innocence associated with this magazine. The use of costume also sets the time period in which the film is set in, the top hatsuggests that the film is from an older period. By featuring Johnny Depp it acts as a covert advert, the audience will become more familiarwith this character and anticipate his other work.
  4. 4. Micro Elements This is the slogan which is used to hype up the magazine. This is used This magazine uses direct to draw in the audience against address and speaks to the competing magazines. By using audience which will create words such as “Ultimate” , the audience involvement. By audience will automatically place having Johnny Depp making this magazine in a higher category direct eye contact with the and would associate this magazine audience it will achieve with prestiges. intimacy.This magazine is informal by the use oflayout, it uses cover lines on both the left and The colours used in the mainright of the magazine cover and also on the image are very dominant coloursbottom of the page. This magazine features such as burgundy, purple andstars, circle and rectangle shapes which shout green but this magazine hasmore at the audience and draw in the balanced out these dominantattention of the audience, by using a range of colours by using very neutralshapes it will visually attract the audience into colours such as white and silver,the content of the magazine. This magazine this creates a wealthy feel to theuses rectangle shapes on a slanted angle magazine. By using the colour ofagain to draw in the attention of the audience. white, the connotations are ofThe feature placed on the left of the page something pure and innocentdraws the attention of the audience to other which may suggest that thecontents in the magazine. The magazine uses magazine is aimed at children’sdirect address such as you again to make the parents which may want to readaudience feel involved in the magazine, this is more about what their kids watch.effectives because the audience will feel more By using the colour of silver, theincluded in the magazine. connotations are of something This coverline acts as a covert advert, it advertises the summer preview and the very grand which will make the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. The use of exclamation marks hypes up the audience feel they are prestige magazine making the audience feel they are being involved in top secret and this magazine is one of class. information. This is the main attraction of the magazine, as it placed in large font and uses shapes such as star which will create the idea this is direct top secret information. By using large font the audience will be drawn directly to magazine because the text stands out.
  5. 5. Macro elements Representation The image portrays this group inTone and register society as friendly inviting, respectfulThis magazine uses formal language and people, I learnt this through thecorrect grammar by doing this it may suggest image used of where Johnny Deppthat this magazine is aimed at an older greets his audience. This magazineaudience. . The tone adopted on the front of represents white people as friendly.this magazine cover is an inviting tone by Also we can see that this characterusing words such as “Grab your golden looks rather young, without any facialticket’. The vocabulary in this magazine is hair which may mean it is targets thebasic to address the parents of the children, parents of these doing this the average parent will be ableto understand the language used. This usesan average degree of formality which maysuggest that the magazine is just a basic Effective andguideline and aims to address the parents effectivenesswith respect. I believe this magazine is effective inTarget Audience drawing in the attention of theI think the intended audience of this edition of audience through the use of friendlythe magazine was parents mainly because of words such as “your golden ticket”the image of Johnny Depp and the anchor which will make the reader feeltext used, I felt this was a basic outline about included in the magazine. Also thewhat the film is about, the language used is degree of formality is nottoo advanced for younger children to be the overbearing and speaks to directly tointended audience. I also came up with the most of the parent population.conclusion that this magazine is aimed atparents through the skyline “From Batman toStar Wars: The 50 must see movies forsummer” as kids are on holidays at this time, Ifelt this again acts as an advert for the bestage appropriate films for them to beentertained with. I also believe this magazineis aimed at a particular race or religionbecause the advertised films and JohnnyDepp on the front cover is appropriate for allreligious and race backgrounds.
  6. 6. This is the slogan The masthead uses a very boldwhich hypes up the alarming colour of red, which willmagazine and stand out and draw in the attention ofconsequently make the the audience. By using the titleaudience feel like this ‘Empire’ it suggests that thismagazine is the best magazine is something grand.and unique in This advertises the magazines onlinecomparison to other base, which suggests that thisfilm magazines. magazine is known world wide, and is quite large. This is the barcode which is normally placed on the frontThis is the anchor text which will of the magazine.inform the audience as to why thisparticular celebrity is featured onthe front cover, it lures in theaudience to read an article insidethe magazine. Also it acts as acovert advert, advertising MeganFox as an actress and the film sheis featured in.This image of Megan Fox imposing nude, suggests that this edition is aimed at males, by having here look directly at the audience it creates intimacy which willbe particularly effective in drawing the attention of the audience,. The use of tattoo’s may depict that this woman isn’t the typical “lady” but may be moremasculine. This edition will increase the number of males who will read this magazine, due to the fact that sex sells. Megan Fox is well known for being veryattractive, having here impose nude on the magazine cover will create anticipation within the male audience, they would want to read her article featuredbecause they may get to see her nudity. Her image overlaps the masthead which suggests that the main attraction is Megan Fox. This woman has been chosenbecause she exudes high sex appeal which will wheel in, the male crowd and popularising the magazine. This magazine is effective in drawing in a much oldercrowd in comparison to the other edition I have previously analysed. By using a long shot, Megan Fox is being shown directly for the benefit of guys who want tosee her nudity.
  7. 7. This calls the attention of the The price is placed very small at the top readers to an attraction as it is of magazine in order to avoid distracting placed at the top of the the audience from the amazing articles magazine. featured in the magazine. This magazine is informal in itsThis magazine uses and informal layout by organisation because it hashaving their cover lines placed on the left, placed text around the centralbut not aligned, which may suggest it is image without aligning them toaimed at younger, less thoughtful males. the left, this suggests that theThis coverline features a range of film audience are of adolescentarticles, this may suggest that the males who arent to thoughtfulmagazine is aimed at individuals who love and wouldn’t be too fussed byfilms and are serious about the films the layout of the magazine.featured. It also suggests it is aimed at This magazine doesn’t use anythose who aren’t too interested in very shapes which creates a calmerdetailed articles but want to get straight to approach to the audience, bythe point. It suggests the age of audience. doing this it keeps the focus on the central image. This magazine uses a puff in the corner to exclaim about other content in the magazine.By using images instead of text forthese coverlines it creates a differentway of giving information and also ismore visual for those who like to seerather than to read. In doing this, thismagazine suggests that the readersare younger and prefer more imagesand less text. Also it acts as advert,advertising the films, creating The image uses very neutral colours of back leggings by doing this the magazine has made way for veryintertexuality with the celebrities colourful alarming text. By using red with this image, it connotates with the idea of passion and lust thefeatured both these are successful in readers are left lusting after Megan Fox. By having bright colours such as red with a nude colour doesn’tcreating familiarity. make the magazine messy. By having language such as “Hot” it has sexual connotations when placed along with the image, by doing this the magazine have heightened sexual desires within their readers, which may suggest that this magazine is aimed at those older.
  8. 8. Macro Elements Representation This magazine represents the targetTone and Register audience as heterosexual men who areThis magazine uses both formal and informal entertained by women’s nudity. It portrayslanguage such as “woman, megastars” which the female ‘s in society as beingmay suggest the intended target audience. We specimen’s of the male gaze, this woman isalso learn that this magazine aimed at people here to pleasure and entice men. Thisfrom outside Hollywood, by doing this the conforms to the idea that women arereader will feel unique in reading such an sexual objects to the alpha male. By havingarticle. This magazine uses correct grammar an image of Megan Fox displaying herand refrains from using colloquial language tattoos may suggest that this magazinesagain may suggest that the magazine is aimed wants to lure in all males and also mayat a larger audience. This magazine uses very suggest the role of women changing insimple vocabulary, they did this in order not to society.overwhelm the target audience with wordsthey don’t understand. The magazine usesvery little text which may suggest the age of Effect and effectivenessthe audience as those who prefer images to I think this magazine cover is effective intext which creates a house style. drawing in the attention of males and making them actually want to buy theTarget Audience magazine.I think that the intended target audience aremales because of the main image used, I feelthis magazine has done this to draw in thegaze of the reader, also most men would feelprivileged to have a naked Megan Fox lookingat them. Also by having this image I feel thatthe magazine is aimed at all types of menmostly being heterosexual because they willonly take pleasure in such an image. Also Ifeel this magazine is aimed at those who arenot religious because the image uses somenudity which wouldn’t be appropriate for thosewith strong religious ethics. By having amagazine it may suggest that the targetaudience are those in their mid 20s and abovebecause being this the paper back version, theyounger audience will prefer other media