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  1. 1. IN THE FIELD ROW MAINTENANCE 4x4 JARRAFF Customer Service Standards Reach New Heights at Carroll Electric Since 1937, Carroll Electric, Berryville, Ark., has been dedicated to provide its customers providing northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri with “safe, with better service, the reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost.” For more than seven cooperative has been decades this dedication has spurred the Carroll Electric team to steadily increasing explore every avenue that would allow them to better serve the the amount of ROW cooperative’s members, including the addition of new services. In maintenance it handles 1982 the cooperative chose to employ an in-house tree and brush in-house. In order to service that would fully comprehend the needs of its members. manage the increased trimming responsibilities, According to Rex Hendrix, right-of-way manager of Carroll Electric, Carroll Electric has gradually “Our crews most definitely have the interest of all of our members in added crew members and mind as they perform our work.” Each crew member is trained by a equipment for the past 25 The Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer keeps certified arborist on how to employ proper pruning techniques. This years. Carroll Electric’s crew members safely dedication is recognized by the community the crews serve. “We on the ground while the trimmer’s fiber have had several members request that we have our in-house right- Today, 60 crew members glass boom reaches cutting heights up to 75 feet. of-way crews do the work on their property versus contractors,” handle 70 percent of Hendrix said. the cooperative’s ROW needs in 11 counties. The cooperative’s service area spans over 2,800 square miles, bringing electricity to Employing an in-house crew also streamlines communication. The 68,000 members. Carroll Electric’s ROW crews work to trim 9,000 communication process between the cooperative’s departments is miles of power lines every five years. They also return to several much more efficient and effective than it would be with an outside trouble areas each year to clear storm damage or re-trim trees that contractor. Hendrix said, “[Each department’s] efforts complement grow more quickly than normal. each other. Our [ROW] crews can prepare right-of-ways for the next step, which is our construction crews coming in to build the In addition to the Carroll Electric crews, contractors are employed lines. It allows everybody to be on the same page and prevents to handle the work that the in-house crews do not manage. Hendrix lost time.” said, “With the new equipment we are putting in place we are hoping to narrow that gap and do more of it in-house as we progress.” In addition to the proper removal and trimming of trees, Carroll Electric’s crews work to educate members about power line safety. Customer Service Tools This includes teaching people about the hazards of utility lines and The cooperative’s equipment complement has grown from two explaining where and where not to plant trees. buggy trucks and a tractor to a 35-unit arsenal made up of three Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmers (Jarraff Industries, St. Peter, Continual Growth Minn.), four mechanical trimmers, eight ground clearing machines, When Carroll Electric began handling tree trimming in-house, the four Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractors (Geo-Boy, St. Peter, Minn.), team consisted of three crew members. In a continual effort to and 16 right-of-way bucket trucks with chippers. PROJECT PROFILE: Contractor: Carroll Electric Location: Berryville, Ark. Equipment Used: Jarraff 4 Wheel Drive All-Terrain Tree Trimmer & GEO-BOY Brush Cutter Tractor Specifications: Row Maintenance in 11 counties 1-507-934-8688 - www.jarraff.com
  2. 2. Aside from basic power line safety training, crews are also trained on how to use the equipment that the cooperative employs in the field. “We train our operators by utilizing the manufacturer’s representatives to come in and make sure that we understand the equipment that we use and that we are able to maintain it in a safe fashion,” Hendrix said. “The safety of our customers is a top concern, which is why we work so closely with them to help them utilize our equipment safely and effectively. Working with Carroll Electric is great because not only are they very conscientious about maintenance and safety, but they also have great communication within the company, which ensures that everyone is well informed.” said Heidi Boyum, president of Jarraff Industries. Carroll Electric’s vegetation management crews clear right-of-ways, making As an in-house vegetation management crew at an electrical way for its construction crews to come in and build utility lines. cooperative, the employees are exposed to additional safety training. Hendrix said, “They are involved in all of our lineman This equipment allows Carroll Electric crews to remain committed to safety meetings. We try to make sure that they are very educated their mission. They are able to maintain ROWs efficiently, keeping on electrical safety.” costs low and electricity flowing. “One trimmer has proven, on average, to take the place of five bucket trucks in rural areas, It is also important that any contract crews that are brought in to reducing the amount of man hours and labor for hand climbers and handle a portion of Carroll Electric’s work be held to the same ground crews,” said Hendrix. The Geo-Boy also contributes to the safety standards as the in-house crews. The key to achieving this is mission in that it keeps community members safe while providing communication. Contract crews go through an orientation process them with uninterrupted power. “The [Geo-Boy] bull hog has a to make sure they understand the voltage they will be dealing with. minimal amount of debris thrown from it during operations. This Carroll Electric also provides the crews with any additional safety greatly improves public safety and reduces the chance of property equipment they may need to perform the job safely. While the crews damage,” Hendrix said. are in the field a trained journeyman lineman from Carroll Electric serves as a team leader to ensure that everyone is working safely. In order to effectively serve Carroll Electric’s members, the equipment must be maintained and kept in working order. To do so, Storm Restoration Challenge the operators are trained to properly maintain the equipment and Carroll Electric makes it their mission to serve its customers in every make minor repairs. The cooperative also employs four mechanics situation. This was illustrated during the severe northern Arkansas at a garage in Berryville, Ark. and two at a smaller garage in Ice Storm in January 2009. The in-house right-of-way crews Bentonville, Ark. These mechanics handle most of the major teamed up with several crews from other states to help minimize repairs. outage times and restore power to the cooperative’s members. When more difficult maintenance questions arise, the cooperative One of the biggest issues during this ice storm was accessing the relies on the equipment manufacturers. Hendrix said, “[Jarraff’s power lines. “We normally try to get assessment crews out ahead staff] can lead you to any problem that you may have. They can of time to assess the damage before we can actually get our trucks help you diagnose it on the phone, they know exactly what part to the areas of need. Our assessment crews during this ice storm you need and, in most cases, they can have that part to you by the had to carry chain saws to cut the trees and clear the roads before next day. On a couple of occasions, we’ve been stumped on some they could even get to the power lines,” Hendrix said. issues and they’ve never failed to fly down and get out in the field with us to correct the issues.” The ice storm caused residual problems for four to five days after the initial storm had hit. Crews would cut their way in to repair the Safety is Key power lines and then had to turn around and cut their way out again. The importance of safety is deeply seeded within Carroll Electric, not only the safety of its customers but of its crews as well. “We During the January 2009 ice storm, as with all of Carroll Electric’s have an in-house safety coordinator that comes in and puts on work, safety was the first priority. Hendrix said, “We want our crews different classes and helps us with all this training,” Hendrix said. All to slow down and double check all of their safety equipment before of the employees are required to go through an Electrical Hazard they begin the work.” Awareness Program in order to become certified to clear vegetation around power lines. Beyond the initial training, crews attend safety meetings each month. These meetings cover everything from electrical safety to driver’s safety. 1730 Gault St. • St. Peter, MN 56082 • Fax: 1-507-934-8690 Phone: 1-507-934-8688 or 1-800-767-7112 1-507-934-8688 - www.jarraff.com
  3. 3. After the January 2009 ice storm Carroll Electric’s in-house trimming crews worked with crews from other states to quickly restore power to its members. The equipment employed by Carroll Electric also proves its worth during storm restoration projects. Hendrix said, “The Jarraff is an off-road machine and the operator has an enclosed cab. The machine can maneuver into areas and allows our crews to continue working with minimal adjustments for the weather. It prevents employees from having to get out and physically do the work in bad conditions.” Just as important as being able to spring into action during an emergency restoration situation, are the preventative measures taken to minimize potential problems during a storm. Properly maintained ROWs ensure that Carroll Electric will be able to better serve their customers rain or shine. “We prepare right-of- ways to withstand small storms and in case of major storms the maintenance plan will help reduce the number of problem trees and help provide faster restoration time,” said Hendrix. 1730 Gault St. • St. Peter, MN 56082 • Fax: 1-507-934-8690 Phone: 1-507-934-8688 or 1-800-767-7112 1-507-934-8688 - www.jarraff.com
  4. 4. Untitled Document Home Contact For Architects Station Style Awards Warranty Employment Site Map ● ● ● ● ● ● METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS - ARTICLE ● Engineering a Door that Provides both Protection and Aesthetics ● By Kevin Landgraff Technical Sales Specialist Door Engineering and Manufacturing ● Contractors know the need for strength and protection when selecting a vehicle access door for a hurricane zone. In these zones architects must take into consideration protection as well as aesthetics and function. It is the contractor’s responsibility to find a door that fulfills the architect’s specifications and the customer’s needs, and wants. Protection can be ensured by selecting a door system that has been approved for hurricane zones. There are different requirements in every area, Miami-Dade and Broward counties in Florida have the highest standards. These counties make up the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Wind speeds in this zone can reach, and exceed, 146 mph. The HVHZ section of the Florida Building Code requires that openings in commercial and residential building, in these areas, be covered with approved windows, doors or shutters. For a company to receive an HVHZ rating for a particular product, their product must undergo a series of strenuous tests. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/Untitled%20Document.htm (1 of 3) [9/23/2010 4:41:04 PM]
  5. 5. Untitled Document The doors must pass both positive and negative loading of 150% of the design load for which the manufacturer is applying. Next, there are two categories of impact tests: small-missile resistant and large- missile resistant. Doors installed less than 30 feet above the ground level must be large-missile resistant. The doors, and glazing, are impacted with pieces of wood weighing 9 pounds, traveling at 50 feet per second. Afterward the door and glazing must resist 9,000 cycles of positive and negative pressures. In order for the product to pass, no penetration through the door or glazing can occur. If a door passes these tests it complies with the Florida building code, as well as the Miami-Dade and Broward standards. These strict standards are not required in all hurricane zones along the Gulf and East Coast. However, they are taken into consideration when building in these areas. Engineering and manufacturing a door that is able to meet these requirements presents a challenge to any manufacturer. Door Engineering, Kasota, MN, has over 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing door systems. This experience lends itself to designing hurricane rated doors. In addition to heavier gage construction and impact resistant 9/16” laminated glass, hurricane locking mechanisms were added to Door Engineering’s four-fold door in order to meet the requirements. The doors are rated for 65 psf, which corresponds to wind speeds of approximately 160 mph. To ensure the Door would pass the tests, Door Engineering worked closely with Florida Certified Professional Engineers along with utilizing SolidWorks Design Software. This software package allowed engineers to design a 3-D model of the system and apply loads to determine how the structure and components will react under stress. The recent harsh hurricane seasons and increased building code regulations have raised awareness of the need for hurricane rated products. For this reason, Door Engineering expanded its product line to include a hurricane rated door system. There is a need in this market for a door that offers glazing and color options. According to Blair Novy of Door Systems, Inc. in Florida, “Many contractors are concerned about how the doors look in relationship to the rest of the building in terms of color and glazing.” Aesthetics have also become more important to municipalities. Because fire stations are being built in the middle of high-traffic urban areas, the demand for attractive doors increases. Contractors are looking for doors that offer more glazing to allow natural light into the facilities they are building. This is not always an option as most manufacturers offer limited glazing and color options. In some cases, contractors have had to use two doors for one opening to meet hurricane requirements. A full glass sectional door is used to offer the aesthetic experience while a coiling hurricane door is mounted over the sectional door to offer protection during storms. Door Engineering’s hurricane rated four-fold door system provides a one-door solution that offers protection without compromising on aesthetics. Other available aesthetic features include, raised panel finishes, powder coating and finish painting, which allows contractors to choose from a virtually unlimited number of colors. It is important to know what is available for hurricane resistant doors. In most commercial and residential buildings the vehicle door systems cover the largest and most visible openings on the building. In many cases this fact is overlooked. “As a dealer it is our job to inform and educate contractors about the available options so they can make the wisest choice,” said Novy. Talking with a knowledgeable dealer will help a contractor learn more about the options so they can find both protection and aesthetics in a hurricane door. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/Untitled%20Document.htm (2 of 3) [9/23/2010 4:41:04 PM]
  6. 6. Rising Above Circumstance By Eliza Koch When Chuck Hirt reflects on his life he is amazed at how God has shaped it. As his story unfolds you will begin to understand why. Hirt was left by his unwed mother to be raised by strangers on a farm outside Isanti, Minn. He was raised in an environment full of sin and perversion. This affected his four siblings deeply and permanently. Hirt, for a time, escaped inexplicably unscathed. “For some reason God just had his hand on me,” he explained. After high-school, Hirt joined the United States Air Force. He also met and fell in love with a local pastor’s daughter, Kristen. Hirt came home on leave in 1966 and they were married. The happy couple moved to England, and Hirt left his painful childhood behind. It was when he and his wife returned to the U.S. that his past caught up with him. He became an alcoholic. Like so many other addicts, his behavior affected his family. In September of 1989 his wife finally had enough. She told him he was an alcoholic and he had to move out. “If you decide you have a problem and you want to get well I will give you a chance,” she said. He fought as hard as he could to convince her that he wasn’t an alcoholic but she refused to budge. Defeated, he agreed to go through a recovery program. After he completed the program, there was still something missing. “I didn’t know how to live sober,” he said, “I just knew that the penalty hanging out there [losing my family] was too severe for me to go back to alcohol.” He struggled with anger and resentment for years, until August 9, 1993. That night he found what was missing from his recovery. He went to North Heights Lutheran Church to attend a conference on the Holy Spirit. Before the conference, he stepped into a prayer room, where he was forever transformed. “I wish I could tell you exactly what I prayed, but I have no recollection of that. It was genuine repentance and just crying out to God. I remember distinctly that something very deep happened. When I got up the next day I was a brand new creation. This burden of guilt was lifted. It was euphoric. I was sold out to Christ from that point on,” Hirt said. He realized that this was exactly what was missing; there was a complete lack of spiritual guidance in his recovery. His marriage was renewed and God revealed his new purpose. He has since made it his mission to help addicts find that spiritual guidance. As the board president of Metro Hope Ministries, he is working with churches to aid them in reaching those who need help in their congregations. One of the ways he is doing this is working with other faith-based recovery organizations to host the Annual Recovery Celebration Friday September 14. The purpose of this event is to celebrate Christ’s involvement in the recovery process. This year the Recovery Celebration Committee including Minnesota Teen Challenge, Metro Hope Ministries, AlphaCitiCorps, and many others are working to provide workshops at the celebration.
  7. 7. “This is an incredible tool,” Hirt said. The workshops are designed to teach churches how to offer “a strong Christ-based place for recovering addicts to go.” Some churches don’t realize the role they can play in the recovery process. These three workshops can equip churches, ministers and lay to minister to people with addiction. They are scheduled from 1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Those who wish to attend can register online at http://www.recoverycelebration.com or by phone at (612)238-6800 for a fee of $25. The organizations involved with this event are working together to bring Christ’s message to those struggling with addiction. “We want to bring together ministries that are out there helping people in bondage. We want them to collaborate on being available for churches,” Hirt said. It is his hope that, through this collaboration, churches will provide the spiritual guidance his own recovery was missing.
  8. 8. IN THE FIELD ROW MAINTENANCE 4x4 JARRAFF Wolf Tree Experts: Providing Customer Service and Employee Safety for 81 Years Wolf Tree Experts, Inc., Knoxville, Tenn., has a deep history in the relocated to clean tree trimming industry. The company was founded in 1926 by Jacob up after the storm. L. Wolf. He started with residential jobs, expanding to utility and Hurricanes aren’t telephone company contracts when his sons joined the business. the only storms Wolf Now, in its third generation, the company is still growing and setting Tree is prepared to high standards in the process. Tom Wolf, president of Wolf Tree handle. “In January said, “Our company works to provide a rewarding, satisfying and and February 2007, safe working environment for our employees, and to exceed the we transferred expectations of our customers to help ensure reliable, uninterrupted more than 100 Wolf electric service over our entire service area.” Tree employees to Oklahoma and Territories & Projects Missouri to help This service area covers 12 states in the southeast corner of the restore power United States. To do this successfully the company has broken following a major Wolf Tree Experts, Inc. services 12 states utilizing the territory into four regions. A regional manager is assigned to ice storm,” he said. tree trimmers, lift trucks, brush chippers and other each one of these sections to oversee the projects. Each regional In these situations pieces of ground clearing equipment. manager is also responsible for 125 to 175 of Wolf Tree’s 650 crews must be even employees. “Having a manager in each area helps immensely more dedicated to their work. It is not unusual for crews to work all in maintaining our production goals and schedules,” said Safety day and night to return power to customers after a storm. Director Louis Geasland, “It is much easier for each manager to handle 7 to 10 contracts in his region than for all of them to go Equipment & Maintenance through the central office.” Reliable equipment plays a big role in returning power after a storm, as well as maintaining power. “In the event of an ice storm Covering a large service area also means taking on a variety our Jarraffs [ All Terrain Tree Trimmer (Jarraff Industries, St. Peter, of jobs. Wolf Tree provides services under time-and-material Minn.)] really help a lot. They keep the guy out of the danger contracts, lump-sum arrangements or a per-unit basis. Most of Wolf area,” said Wolf. Wolf Tree uses nine Jarraffs, five additional Tree’s customers consist of municipal electric distributors, electric mechanical trimmers, lift trucks, brush chippers and other pieces cooperatives and investor owned utilities. These companies have of ground clearing equipment. Each piece of equipment proves anywhere from 300 miles of line to thousands of miles of line. to be necessary to Wolf Tree’s operations. Bucket trucks are used Regardless of the size of the project, Wolf Tree keeps these lines in urban areas to keep the power lines clean. The mechanical clear. “We help keep the lights on, in a nut shell. Trees are the trimmers come into play in rural areas. After the branches in these leading cause of power outages, and we provide the services to areas are trimmed, mowers come in to clean up the floor of the utilities to keep the trees out of power lines. In the event of a storm right-of-way. we clear the way to get the power back on,” Wolf said. Because Wolf Tree depends heavily on their equipment, it is Wolf Tree crews are prepared to move in as soon as a storm blows important that each piece is maintained properly. Area Manager over. “When natural disasters hit, we like to be ready,” said Wolf. Cliff Charrier said, “We keep the mechanical trimmers greased After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, 300 Wolf Tree employees daily. Also, we keep debris cleaned off of the equipment, so it PROJECT PROFILE: Contractor: Wolf Tree Experts, Inc., Location: Knoxville, Tenn Equipment Used: Jarraff 4 Wheel Drive All-Terrain Tree Trimmer Specifications: Row Maintenance, 12 State Service Area 1-507-934-8688 - www.jarraff.com
  9. 9. in and trim a tree. It might take you an hour to two hours to trim that tree, and that Jarraff could have it trimmed in 15 minutes,” Charrier said. Efficiency plays a key role in fulfilling Wolf Tree’s duty of ensuring reliable and uninterrupted electrical service for their customers. Wolf Tree owns nine Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmers in addition to five other Safety mechanical trimmers. Wolf is adamant doesn’t sit there and dry. If you don’t, you’re going to have a fire about making safety, After the branches are trimmed, Wolf Tree uses there.” Charrier’s crew spends one to two hours at the end of every as well as reliable mowers to clean up the floor of the right-of-way. week cleaning and maintaining their equipment. “This helps control service, a priority. breakdowns,” he said. The company has eight people working in He said, “The bottom line is, everything we do has to hinge on the the maintenance department who service the equipment. However, safe work performance of the crews.” With no fatalities for the past the majority of repairs are outsourced. 25 years, the company has a better than average safety record. “That is the ultimate failure. If we have a fatality, we let our people Given the amount of equipment the company uses, maintenance down,” he said. It is Wolf Tree’s emphasis on safety that led them can prove to be difficult; for this reason manufacturer support is to receive an experience modification rating 14 percent above the essential. “If we have any problems in the field, we can call Jarraff average tree trimming company. (Insurance companies use this Industries. Most of the time they can coach us through it right experience modification rating to determine workers compensation there on the job site, if it’s not anything major. They help us out a premiums.) The company uses both equipment and training to lot with maintenance,” said Charrier. Many times, communicating maintain their high safety standards. mechanical problems to a manufacturer can be difficult. Being able to work with manufacturers is integral to preventing The use of a mechanical trimmer allows crews to stay on the ground, unnecessary downtime. 75 feet away from the power lines. “With a mechanical trimmer the man is out of harms way in a protective cab. The guy in a bucket or Efficiency tied to a tree is, a lot of times, within 10 feet of high-voltage electric Being able to repair equipment quickly and properly improves the lines,” said Wolf. company’s efficiency. If equipment is down, crews are unable to work to their full potential. This is especially true when a mechanical In addition to complying with all local, state and federal safety laws trimmer needs repair, as it is 3 to 5 times more efficient than an and regulations, Wolf Tree ensures worker safety through regular aerial lift crew. While these lift crews can clear a mile of line per evaluations. “One thing Louis [Geasland] has put in place that week, a mechanical trimmer can clear five miles. “There is no does go above and beyond what most companies would do are match speed wise. For example, you could take a bucket crew to go the safety evaluations,” said Wolf. These evaluations focus on safe work behavior in an attempt to address issues before they lead to an accident. “You can have all the safety rules and regulations, but if you can’t actually see them in application in the field, it doesn’t really have much of an affect,” Geasland said. The company further ensures a safe work environment through its hiring process. Wolf Tree hires only people with professional qualities and requires that they pass a drug test. Wolf Tree also holds Tree Care Industry safety meetings every week to discuss safety issues. The extensive training required by Wolf Tree includes first aid and CPR as well as equipment training. It is Wolf Tree’s dedication to safety and service that has kept them in the business for 81 years. By Eliza Koch Mechanical tree trimmers keep Wolf Tree’s crews on the ground and out of harms way. 1730 Gault St. • St. Peter, MN 56082 • Fax: 1-507-934-8690 Phone: 1-507-934-8688 or 1-800-767-7112 1-507-934-8688 - www.jarraff.com
  10. 10. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html Save Article Instructions Close Wright Tree Service: Keeping Its Priorities Straight By Eliza Koch John L. Wright started Wright Tree Service, Des Moines, Iowa, in 1933 with nothing more than $20 worth of tools, a second-hand car and unrelenting determination. The first year’s annual sales totaled a mere $600. This didn’t discourage Wright. By 1938 the company had turned around; he was able to quit his part-time job and dedicate himself completely to the business. Now, in its 75th year, Wright Tree Service has grown into a multi-million dollar company, employing 2,000 employees in 26 states. Wright Tree’s service area covers 26 states ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Lakes, from Canada to the tip of Texas. Click here to enlarge image Throughout its history, Wright Tree Service has focused on safety, innovation and technology. “The top priority for our company has always been safety. It is really the driving force behind our dedication to innovation and technology,” said Equipment Supervisor Kevin Fitzpatrick of Wright Tree Service. These priorities are file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html (1 of 5) [9/23/2010 5:02:00 PM]
  11. 11. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html incorporated into every job, every piece of equipment and every training procedure. “This results in the latest and most effective equipment and operating procedures for the ultimate benefit of the customer,” said Fitzpatrick. Right Technique, Right Place, Right Time Wright Tree’s service area ranges from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Lakes, from Canada to the tip of Texas. The company offers services ranging from herbicide application to line clearing to right-of-way mowing. “There is no project too big or too small that we can’t handle. Everything from one guy with a spray pack to 100 guys and all kinds of equipment,” said Fitzpatrick. Handling a wide variety of jobs in a sizeable service area can prove to be challenging. In any Wright Tree project, safety is paramount. Before any other areas of the project can be addressed, safety must be considered. Each employee goes through extensive training that covers pertinent procedures allowing them to handle each job safely. Innovative procedures and the proper technology play a large role in completing these jobs safely and efficiently. According to Fitzpatrick, it is integral that each employee works in cooperation with the utility customers to handle each job with the right technique, in the right place, at the right time. “Pre-job planning and open communication with the utilities allow us to make sure we can deliver what they need in the time frame given,” he said. Because knowledge of the proper equipment needed to handle each project is so important, the equipment manufacturers are also involved in carrying out each plan. According to Fitzpatrick, “It’s like a three-legged stool. Wright Tree has a relationship with the utility companies to determine their needs. We also work hand-in- hand with the equipment manufacturers so they can support our needs as dictated through the utility.” The Latest and the Greatest As part of Wright Tree’s commitment to innovation and technology, the company owns and operates the latest industry equipment. “If [a piece of equipment] is available to the tree industry, we either have it or we’ve tried it,” said Fitzpatrick. The company uses lift trucks, chip trucks, chippers, grinders, tracked and wheeled brush mowers. Its fleet includes an extensive number of Geo-Boy Brush Cutters (Geo-Boy, St. Peter, Minn.), and Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmers (Jarraff Industries, St. Peter, Minn.). Working with the proper equipment significantly improves the efficiency of Wright Tree’s crews. The company has found mechanical tree trimmers to be more efficient than bucket trucks when trimming in rural areas. This is due to the fact that, unlike with the bucket truck, there is no set-up time; crews can continue down right-of- ways trimming as they go. “A small fleet of lift trucks would not be able to keep up with one Jarraff and an experienced operator,” said Fitzpatrick. Growing knowledge of mechanical trimmers has led to the machines being utilized in ways the industry never imagined. Wright Tree is able to use these trimmers, which were designed to trim transmission lines at great distances, to trim distribution lines. “It’s a true testament to the flexibility of these trimmers when you can take a machine that was designed to operate at very far distances, away from transmission lines, and use them in very close work around the distribution lines,” said Fitzpatrick, “These are truly innovative and productive machines.” file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html (2 of 5) [9/23/2010 5:02:01 PM]
  12. 12. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html According to Equipment Supervisor Kevin Fitzpatrick, innovative procedures and the proper technology play a large role in completing Wright Tree’s jobs safely and efficiently. Click here to enlarge image Each piece of Wright Tree’s equipment serves a specific purpose. As mentioned before, the company makes it a priority to use the right equipment on each of the jobs it handles. Part of knowing what equipment to use includes how to use each machine in conjunction with another to achieve the best results. “Teaming the efficiency of a mechanical tree trimmer with a wheeled mower like the Geo-Boy makes it very easy to trim a greater number of miles per week,” said Fitzpatrick. This equipment not only improves the company’s efficiency but the safety of the crews as well. The mechanical trimmers and brush cutters allow them to complete a large amount of work while limiting the physical exposure of the operator. The mechanical trimmer operators are positioned in a cab 75 feet away from the power line. “With this minimal exposure your incidence of injury on the job site goes pretty much down to nothing,” said Fitzpatrick. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html (3 of 5) [9/23/2010 5:02:01 PM]
  13. 13. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html The operator of the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer remains safely on the ground while the trimmer’s fiber glass boom reaches cutting heights up to 75 feet. Click here to enlarge image null The Maintenance Challenge Keeping the equipment up and running is also an integral part of maximizing efficiency in each project. One would think maintaining a fleet as large as Wright Tree’s would be difficult. According to Fitzpatrick, this is not the case, “Maintenance on the machines themselves is fairly limited. We change the oil in the engines, periodically change oil in the hydraulic systems, and regularly grease the machines.” Wright Tree makes sure that the crews are properly trained to maintain the equipment. Oftentimes this is done with the help of the manufacturer themselves. Wright Tree’s maintenance programs for its mechanical equipment are taken directly from the equipment manuals. However, they can also rely on the manufacturer for assistance. In many cases, questions regarding the regular maintenance of the mechanical tree trimmers can quickly be answered by customer service. “If we have a question about when the hydraulic oil should be changed, all we have to do is call them up and they will give us the information we need,” said Fitzpatrick. Ahead of the Training Curve While training plays a role in maintaining each machine it becomes even more important when fulfilling Wright Tree’s goal of making safety the top priority. Some manufacturers are willing to help train the company’s crews to safely use the equipment with safety manuals, in-service training at the manufacturer’s facility and on-the- job training with manufacturer personnel. “When we start work with a new machine the manufacturers are out there showing us how to maintain and operate it. Jarraff and Geo-Boy actually allow us to come to their facilities, use their equipment, and train our safety managers on how to use the equipment safely,” said Fitzpatrick. The company has found that ongoing communication along with training is the best way to prevent injuries. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html (4 of 5) [9/23/2010 5:02:01 PM]
  14. 14. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html This includes making crews aware of consistent overarching operating procedures. This is done, in part, with an extensive manual outlining each of the company’s operating procedures. According to Fitzpatrick, “It tells crews what the company is about and what they are expected to do to complete a job safely.” This manual not only meets the company’s safety standards, but demonstrates their dedication to innovation as well. “We are ahead of the industry curve with this manual, in how complete it is,” he said. When Wright Tree’s crews get out to the job site, safety remains the number one priority. In addition to the extensive equipment and operating procedure training, each crew holds weekly tailgate safety meetings as well as pre- and post-job meetings. “We have safety personnel whose only task is to be on the job site with crews to facilitate education and training,” Fitzpatrick said. About the Author: Eliza Koch is a technical writer based out of Mankato, Minn. To access this Article, go to: http://www.elp.com/elp/en-us/index/display/article-display.articles.utility-products.volume- 5.issue-11.product-focus.line-construction-maintenance.wright-tree-service-keeping-its- priorities-straight.htmlhtml file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Articles/wright-tree-service-keeping-its-priorities-straight.html (5 of 5) [9/23/2010 5:02:01 PM]
  15. 15. Konsbruck Hotel - St. Peter, Minnesota - Historic Hotel of Southern MN Konsbruck Hotel Spend a quiet, calming evening at the historic Konsbruck Hotel. During your stay, soak in a soothing tub, indulge in a relaxing massage or venture downstairs to enjoy the life-enhancing pleasures of an elegant meal at Richard's Restaurant & Pub. Take some time to view our lavishly decorated, individually designed rooms and choose one for your stay. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Marketing%20Pieces/Konsbruck%20Ho...20St.%20Peter,%20Minnesota%20-%20Historic%20Hotel%20of%20Southern%20MN.htm [9/25/2010 4:08:37 PM]
  16. 16. Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. INSIGHT DECEMBER 2009 Request More Information | Portfolio | Visit Lime Valley's Web Site | Send to a friend Volume 4.1 Customer Contact with Results Making an Impact You Can Use in a Digital Age Regular e-newsletters are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to remain in regular contact with current and potential clientele. The possibilities for themes and topics are endless. Not only are e-newsletters an inexpensive way to reach your audience; they are also one of the most measurable. E-mail software Lime Valley's staff members specialize in both print like Campaigner® allows you to monitor open and multimedia design. As a result, each client's rates, click-throughs, forward-to-a-friends, message is delivered consistently and effectively, bounced e-mails and unsubscribes. You can then providing the maximum impact on the intended use this information to keep track of which issues audience. This has been the model of successful generate the most interest. advertising agencies since the advent of the digital age. Agencies realize that customers benefit most Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minn., uses this from a team of both digital and print designers strategy to stay in touch with parents of college overseen by an art director who understands their freshman with a bi-weekly e-newsletter. Lime product or service. The result is a range of Valley developed an attractive template that is integrated pieces delivered by one firm. When easy to update and reflects the identity of the working to develop unified pieces and consistent file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Marketing%20Pieces/Lime%20Valley%20Advertising,%20Inc..htm (1 of 3) [9/25/2010 4:08:54 PM]
  17. 17. Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. organization. For every issue Lime Valley messages, this model is more effective than incorporates articles provided by MLC into the utilizing separate print and digital design houses. template and delivers them to MLC's e-mail list. This has proven to be a timely and economical Learn more about Lime Valley's diverse team here. way for MLC to maintain contact with and provide Campaigner® is a trademark of Protus IP Solutions. pertinent information to the parents of their students. Click here to see examples of successful e-newsletters. iPod Touch Winner Announced Congratulations to Mike Burns of Underground Tools, Inc., Lino Lakes, Minn., winner of the iPod Touch from the Maximum Impact survey. Thanks to those of you who took the time to fill out the survey, your responses will help us to better serve you in the future. file:///F|/Job%20Stuff/Writing%20Samples/Marketing%20Pieces/Lime%20Valley%20Advertising,%20Inc..htm (2 of 3) [9/25/2010 4:08:54 PM]
  18. 18. ©Copyright 2008 Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. Articles contributed by Lime Valley staff. ¬ Success Story C ompanies are getting smarter about their marketing and, in turn, expecting more from it. These It is this relationship that drives most estimates. It takes time to develop a creative concept for PROJECT PLANNING expectations translate into more strategic planning in each project. It also takes time to take that the initial stages of a marketing project. Plans must concept and turn it into the final deliverable the Advertisting be more targeted and estimates more detailed and client has envisioned. Consulting an agency with ¬ E-Newsletter exact. It is no longer acceptable to spend money on years of experience can prevent any problems that magazine advertising, billboards or brochures before may arise with inaccurate estimates and put your considering the final product. mind at ease. ¬ Project Planning “Individuals have more responsibility to show a Another relationship that an agency can bring to a reasonable return on investment. Their plans must project is with outside vendors. Working with a variety Estimating With Experience Issue 4.1—What’s Inside: have the most impact at the least possible cost,” of vendors on numerrous projects gives Lime Valley said Brian Maciej, president of Lime Valley the understanding needed to find the best pricing, Advertising, Inc. process, materials, etc. for completing each project. This growing pressure to accurately plan and estimate As mentioned before, the cost of each project depends marketing projects has lead companies to turn to on a number of variables, including client involvement. 4.1-April ’081 agencies for help. It is important for the agency to be able to work with a client’s in-house capabilities. They must be able to “Clients rely on agencies for project budgets and estimate the cost and time it will take to complete a planning. We draw on years and years of experience project using a variety of resources, including client to create accurate estimates for each project,” input. There are instances when a client will only said Maciej. need production services. Another client may depend on the agency for complete creative services from Estimates differ greatly from project to project. There the beginning until the final product is delivered to are printing costs, creative services and production his or her door. fees to consider, these costs can vary depending on Maciej said, “We want clients to feel confident “Individuals have more utilizing their marketing staff and in turn be able to rely on us to complete their vision using our talent and expertise.” responsibility to show a reasonable return on investment. ” client input, project scale, etc. Lime Valley Advertising is able to use the knowledge gained from past projects to create estimates with a high level of detail that eliminates the possibility of surprise costs and time restrictions with the final product. “We are able to understand the relationship between creative and production services in order to tie hours to a single final cost for deliverables,” said Maciej.
  19. 19. The spirit of volunteerism can be expressed through serving hot meals to the Outside Lime Valley Advertising Thinking the Outbox Receives Five Awards homeless, spending time mentoring a child or collecting donations for a family who has fallen on hard times. However, often overlooked are the opportunities to give back using one’s carefully honed talents. These occasions to give back can be harder to find but, with a little out of the box thinking, the rewards can be greater than any other volunteer experience. Giving Back and Learning More T hink the only way you can reach a potential customer’s inbox is by launching your own e-mail campaign? Think again. e-newsletter campaign, open-rates can determine the validity of a publisher’s e-newsletter. A publisher may have a large Every February, advertising agencies and service institutions across America anticipate the announcement of the Service Industry Advertising Awards. At Lime Valley Advertising, Inc., anticipation was soon replaced with celebration. The agency received five awards for commentary by Eliza Koch There are a multitude of e-newsletters subscriber base but, if only five percent are its work in 2007. produced by trade publications that contain opened, it might not be a good buy. The advertising opportunities. Advertising in these same is true of click-through rates. You will The awards included: e-newsletters allows you to reach your target want to make sure that recipients are not A year ago I found a way to contribute to a cause I feel strongly about using audience through a medium they trust. only opening the e-newsletter, but that they skills I spent four years of college perfecting. I began volunteering with Bronze Award Bronze Award are interested in the ads as well. Minnesota Pork Producers Association Hickory Tech Corporation Minnesota Teen Challenge, a Christ-centered recovery program for addicts of According to a study done by Forrester Porkcast Newspaper Advertisement all ages. I was able to help the organization gain publicity through arranging Research, more than 22 percent of Now that you know where to advertise you media coverage for events they coordinated throughout the year. I wrote press people trust an e-newsletter or other must decide which space to buy. There premium services releases and articles for them. The experience proved to be just as beneficial e-correspondence to which they have are opportunities to purchase banners, HIGH-SPEED DIGITAL for me as it was for Teen Challenge. subscribed. In comparison, only sidebar ads and editorial space in many DSL TV two percent trust unsolicited e-mail e-newsletters. Often, the editorial space is hickorytech.com I was able to contribute to a program that helps people successfully overcome www. marketing. As with any form of marketing, less expensive. It also offers more space for addiction while gaining experience that would prove to be invaluable in my e-newsletter advertising has guidelines to information and photos. future career. Volunteering with Teen Challenge also opened doors to work with follow in order to generate the most bang Merit Award other organizations, like Fishing for Life. for your buck. It might be wise to also consider a package Greater Mankato United Way deal. For instance, trade publications will Growing Hope Fishing for Life works to provide fishing poles and educational materials to When starting out it can be difficult to decide often bundle online space with ads in 4.1-April ’082 4.1-April ’083 inner city kids who might not otherwise be able to enjoy a pastime many which e-newsletter to choose. One major the print publication. This may include of us take for granted. Both of the organizations gave me the opportunity consideration that will help with this decision e-newsletters as well as advertising on the for personal and professional growth. I was able to see my work published is the audience. Many trade publications offer Web site. This is a great way to and stories covered, with the understanding that they were contributing to e-newsletters to their subscribers. This is hit your target audience from all something more than my portfolio. a good place to start. These publications angles, while taking advantage of already have a specific audience all you reduced rates. The opportunities to offer your professional skills to a worthy cause are Merit Award Merit Award have to do is decide which one is right endless. Many organizations are in need of accounting services, marketing Twin Valley Council Boy Scouts of America Martin Luther College for your product or service. Oftentimes expertise, event planning know-how, and more. Chances are the talents you Website Parents Page e-newsletter e-newsletters prove to be a more cost-effective use every day in your career can be used to serve others. All it takes is the way to reach audiences of drive to support something you believe in and a little imagination. larger, more expensive trade publications. Naturally, you will Barb Betts want to make sure the recipients opt-in or subscribe to the newsletter, Eliza Koch is the Director of Client but other factors to consider are the services at Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. metrics. As with your own personal These awards represent a diverse range of media, including an e-newsletter, a Web site, and three types of print communications. The SIAA’s purpose is to recognize creative advertising and communications in the service industry. With nearly 2,000 entries in 2007, the SIAA Awards have become the fastest growing advertising awards in the nation. Although LVAI is celebrating the awards and recognition, the agency is not losing sight of its mission. “We don’t ever enter into client agreements with the intent to win awards. Our main focus is to provide a significant return to our clients. But when it’s all said and done, these awards are a nice way to bring further recognition to our clients,” said Brian Maciej, President of LVAI.
  20. 20. ©Copyright 2007 Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. Articles contributed by Lime Valley staff. ¬ Value Proposition PersonalIze Your Message ¬ Webinar Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows businesses to seasons and geographical areas,” said Brian Maciej, personalize their printed materials while still benefiting President of Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. This process from the advantages of mass production. VDP has the makes your materials more likely to get noticed. This is Learns about VDP capability to change selected text or graphics within an inexpensive method of making a stronger impression a document without stopping the press. While other on individuals within a large market. VDP can increase Corporation forms of mass production can produce many copies the ROI for a particular marketing campaign up to 20 Economic Development of one document, VDP produces the same number of times, according to Manthe. unique documents in the same amount of time. VDP can be utilized in different areas of a company in ¬ Greater Mankato These documents are produced through digital printing. a variety of ways. “From a creative standpoint, VDP This process allows both static and variable information opens up a very wide door for creative opportunity,” to be sent to the press or printer. Variable fields are said Maciej. There are three main commercial uses Issue 3.6—What’s Inside: indicated with a template. The fields are then filled in for VDP. The first is transactional, which includes bills, using a database that contains the variable information. statements and invoices. The second is publications Greater Mankato Economic Development Corporation Can Use Variable Data Printing Brady Manthe of J-C Press said, “Depending on the such as, guides, manuals and catalogs. This allows amount of information in the database, it is possible to companies to eliminate information that does not print an unlimited number of pieces of variable data on pertain to a particular customer. The third, and most 3.6-June ’071 each document.” useful from a marketing perspective, is promotional. These items include everything from brochures to The most basic form of VDP is mail merging. This direct mail. allows a different name and address to be printed on each document. Versioning is a higher form of Companies, however, must not overlook the opportunity VDP that changes the messages for different groups to improve their internal communications with VDP. within the target audience. These groups are often In a world where employees are overloaded with determined by demographic information. The next level information, VDP can make internal communications of VDP, customization, narrowly tailors the information more efficient. The process could prove to be useful for specific groups using a database. Customization in this area, whether customizing elements of a can be used when a company wants to target an memo or articles in a company newsletter, employees individual based on his or her purchasing interests. and customers alike will appreciate the personalized The most complex form of VDP is personalization. communications. Regardless of the audience, VDP These documents are unique to each individual. The can add the individual touch necessary to make a text and images can be changed on each document lasting impression. that is printed. Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. personalized this edition Mankato, MN 56001 1961 Premier Dr., Ste 100 This mass customization of marketing materials makes of the Storyboard using Variable Data Printing. This GMEDC it possible for businesses to target individuals or specific billboard illustrates some of VDP's capabilities. groups within the marketplace. “VDP allows products There are five other examples used throughout this to be channeled more accurately for certain selling Jonathan Zierdt newsletter. Can you find them all? Imagine the possibilities for Greater Mankato Economic Development Corporation