2012 Update: Beyond Coal to Clean Energy


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Here is an update of Sierra Club's Beyond Coal to Clean Energy work in Wisconsin. As we continue to see coal plant transitions and retirements around Wisconsin, it is crucial we continue to amp up the clean energy solutions that will create sustainable jobs and keep our air and water clean. We have seen some significant progress this year, but we have a long way to go to ensuring a clean energy future.

To get involved with our Beyond Coal to Clean Energy campaign, contact Elizabeth Ward at elizabeth.ward@sierraclub.org.

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2012 Update: Beyond Coal to Clean Energy

  1. 1. 2012 Update:From Dairyland to Cashton and Valley to Waxdale Elizabeth Ward Conservation Programs Coordinator Sierra Club-John Muir Chapter
  2. 2. Climate Change, Mercury, Soot, Smog, Ozone Pollution Quick Refresher: Why is coal so bad?Coal Ash Mining: Strip mining and mountaintop removal mining
  3. 3. Dairyland Settlement: •Retire Alma Coal Plant •Scrub Genoa Coal Plant •$2 million on solar •$2.5 million solar on schools and energy efficiency •$500,000 to restoring our forests and parks Valley Coal Plant: •We Energies announced it would convert to natural gasAlliant: •Eliminate it would retire 47% ofAnnounced positions, not people •Projectit’s fleet: completed by 2016 •Eliminate (Sheboygan)-1 smog,•Edgewater or reduce soot,Unit heavy metals, mercury, and thermal pollution•Nelson Dewey (Cassville)- both •Reduce greenhouse gas amounts by at least 40%units •Run Columbia•Scrub75% less?
  4. 4. • Easiest, most cost-effective, least invasive solution• Being smarter about how we use energy• Changing light-bulbs, insulating home, caulking windows, efficient appliances• 2% reduction/year could mean 14 million metric tons of CO2 reduction by 2020• Energy Efficiency could replace 25-27% of energy emissions by 2030 (Tackling Climate Change in U.S.)
  5. 5. • Photovoltaic (PV)- converts sunlight to electricity• Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)- sunlight boils water and turns turbines• Wisconsin: 13 MW installed Solar • Germany: 7.5 GW installed solar capacity
  6. 6. 2011-2012:• Wind turns blades, which •4 cancelled problems from spin a shaft connected to business uncertainty a generator, and makes •S.C. Johnson Waxdale Project electricity. • 15% of electricity used at Waxdale facility• 2011: Wisconsin had 469 mw installed [IA- 5,000 •Cashton Community Wind Farm • First community wind farm in WI mw; IL-2,743 mw; MN- • Village of Cashton, Organic 2,518 mw] Valley, & Gunderson Lutheran• 103,757 mw (10.4 GW) •Proposed projects: • Forest County, Ozaukee County potential [AWEA]
  7. 7. Transmission Lines Population centerssurround the Great Lakes
  8. 8. How do we get Offshore Wind? Turbine Installation Shipping and staging at Deep water portsManufacture and Shipping of Turbines- *size requires this to occur near site Foundation Installation
  9. 9. Current Offshore Wind Projects Current U.S. Projects at Various Stages• Europe has been using offshore wind for 20 years • First project installed in Denmark in 1991 • Currently, 4,000 MW of capacity • 5,200 MW more in various stages • Goal of 150 GW by 2030• Asia: • 233 MW already installed • China goal: 1 GW by 2014 • South Korea has world record investment- $8.2 Billion • Japan aims to take the lead in the sector • Companies leading the way • Mitsubishi, Fuji, Toshiba, Hyundai, Samsung
  10. 10. Potential Benefits: Economic Development
  11. 11. Potential Benefits: Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs
  12. 12. Potential Benefits: Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs
  13. 13. •Shipping Lanes•Shipwrecks/ Diving hot-spots•Geology•Lake Depth•Naval Training Areas•Commercial Fishing areas•Fish spawning/habitats
  14. 14. Haven’t we destroyed the lake enough?What does this mean for the fish? figureThese are all things we need to try toWhat about fish study, but it benefits us toout and seriously spawning?-Europe towards solving these concerns work has actually seen some benefits so that we can have Great Lakes Wind. We need toWhat does this mean for birds and bats?-Sierrainto helped fund a monitor that will help us figureof put Club perspective what our other forms outwhich bird/batto Lake Michigan…. energy do species are in the LakeWhat could this lead to?
  15. 15. Thermal Pollution Giant Fish Blenders Climate Change EffectsCoal Dust fromEdgewater Coal Pile,Sheboygan Mercury Pollution
  16. 16. Simulation of a 10 turbine, 50 MW wind farm located 6 miles offshore ,Courtesy Grand Valley State University
  17. 17. Conclusions
  18. 18. Thank you! Questions?Elizabeth WardConservation Programs CoordinatorSierra Club-John Muir Chapter(608) 256-0565Elizabeth.ward@sierraclub.org