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Entrepreneurship and Mountain Climbing!

This presentation covers:
What is entrepreneurship, Myths about entrepreneurs, Frameworks for creating high growth ventures and Mountain climbing as a strong metaphor for the entrepreneurial process and fundraising.

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Entrepreneurship and Mountain Climbing!

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship & Mountain climbing
  2. 2. Hello! I am Eliya I am here because I love to talk about and teach entrepreneurship You can find me at
  3. 3. Agenda: ● What is entrepreneurship ● Myths about entrepreneurs ● Frameworks for creating high growth ventures ● Mountain climbing
  4. 4. What is entrepreneurship?
  5. 5. “entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.” Professor Howard Stevenson
  6. 6. “Pursuit” ● Singular, relentless focus! ● Tangible progress ● Gathering resources ● Urgency (“Gun to head” Vs. Portfolio)
  7. 7. “Opportunity” ● Amazing offering: ○ Pioneering an innovative product ○ New business model ○ Better, Cheaper, Faster then existing (10X rule) ○ Re-Segmenting existing product
  8. 8. “Beyond resources controlled” ● Scarce Resources ● Pre-Investment: ○ Human ○ Social(Network) ○ Financial
  9. 9. Entrepreneurship SME (Small Medium Entrepreneurship) Local Markets Services Dry Cleaners Cafe’s IDE (Innovation driven entrepreneurship) Global Markets Products for export Sustainable competitive advantage ● Time span is short ● Linear growth ● Small investment required ● Time span is long ● Exponential growth ● Big investment required Biz ModelMarket Technical Different kinds of...
  10. 10. Myths about entrepreneurs Common
  11. 11. They are the smartest and most high achieving people in the room
  12. 12. Entrepreneurs are individualists
  13. 13. Entrepreneurs are born, not made
  14. 14. Entrepreneurs love risk
  15. 15. Entrepreneurs are successful because they are charismatic
  16. 16. Entrepreneurs are undisciplined
  17. 17. Frameworks for creating IDE’s
  18. 18. Fundraising and Entrepreneurship Is Mountain climbing
  19. 19. The Opportunity We want a big one
  20. 20. The Team A strong holistic team helps us go faster
  21. 21. Not Being Knowledgeable in your field! It’s like walkingnaked in thesnow
  22. 22. Is this your Market? Aiming for a hillinstead of amountain market
  23. 23. Being A Solo-preneurClimbing a mountain alone is almost impossible
  24. 24. Remember this? A pastoral view What might go wrong?
  25. 25. Everybody thinks about this OH the succes!
  26. 26. When you get closer, Looks More like this WHY DID IEVEN GETINTO THIS!
  27. 27. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at