Hydrogen Conversion


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Hydrogen Conversion is reusable and you will be able to install it and reinstall it in all of your future cars. Hydrogen Conversion pays for itself guaranteed. You save money at the pump, improve gas mileage, improve horsepower and emissions.

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Hydrogen Conversion

  1. 1. Hydrogen Conversion. Clean energy is the new way to go, the burning of fossil fuels and old energysources are no longer a reliable way to live. A major sources of air pollution areautomobile exhausts, and as you all know, there are millions of vehicles on theroad. It is for this very reason that many have converted to hydrogen cars. But letsface it, those are too expensive. A popular method that many pursue, is simply toconvert their car to run on both water and gasoline by using hydrogen kits. It’s not magic, it’s SCIENCE. You fill the system up with water and theHydrogen Booster will separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Oxygenalready enters your engine as a gas state through your air intake. The HydrogenBooster will now create Hydrogen and Oxygen and inject it into your air intake.The Hydrogen Booster will convert your car into a Hybrid which will run on bothGasoline and Water! Hydrogen does not damage or ruin your engine in any waysince the combustion is controlled by the vehicle’s ECU and MAP Sensor. TheECU will not let anything happen with your engine that would damage it. Hydrogen conversion will increase gas mileage by up to 30% and it willincrease your horsepower by up to 5%. It delivers upwards of 40 liters of oxy-hydrogen per hour. So what are you waiting for, get your Hydrogen Booster todayat elitecleanenergy.comelitecleanenergy.com , and save the world as well as your money. Hydrogen burns more rapidly than hydrocarbon fuels because it is smallerand enters combustion reactions at higher velocity, has lower activation energy,and incurs more molecular collisions than heavier molecules. These characteristicsmake it possible to use mixtures of hydrogen with conventional hydrocarbon fuelssuch as gasoline, diesel and propane to reduce emissions of unburnedhydrocarbons. Make this investment one time, the Hydrogen Fuel System is reusable andyou will be able to install it and reinstall in all of your future cars. The system willpay off for itself guaranteed. You save money at the pump, improve gas mileage,improve horsepower and emissions. Most importantly you will be making a greatbenefit not only to your planet and global warming but your actions will speak forthemselves by telling CEO Oil Giants and Saudi Arabia that you are now lessdependent on their overpriced product, “GASOLINE”.Hydrogen Conversion.
  2. 2. Hydrogen Conversion/ Hydrogen Booster atelitecleanenergy.comelitecleanenergy.com , be sure to visit.Hydrogen Conversion.