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White Paper Elit Ad


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A White paper about us

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White Paper Elit Ad

  1. 1. ELITAD SEPTEMBER 09 W hite Pa p er There´s no good idea that can´t be improved on. (Michael Eisner) 1.0 Executive Summary A man may die, nations may rise and marketing and fall, but an idea lives on. (John F. communications and has TABLE OF CONTENTS Kennedy) 1.0.1 Objetives become the modern 1.0 objective of forward looking EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ElitAd provides internet companies.  1.0.1 Objetives services. Our plan of action 1.0.2 Mission is directed to medium/large 1.0.3 Keys to success organizations, business leaders, politicians or any other personality in need of 2.0 BUSINESS MODEL public representation or for transmitting a message within a community or 3.0 specific groups of people. MARKET OPPORTUNITY We develop strategies to Our objective is to capture reach public opinion and large accounts on a specific groups through new worldwide basis, including 4.0 PRODUCT channels of communication people, corporations and and broadcasting like organizations aspiring to get internet, mobile phones, tv, their message across to 5.0 social networks, web 2.0 EXECUTIVE TEAM influence public opinion. One and social media.  of our company´s main objectives is to provide 6.0 platform for information on Within this context, ElitAd´s SERVICES objective is to become a social media , personal dominant company in this branding, marketing 2.0, PR 7.0 new market, which despite and social web. All this REPUTATIONAL RISK information is available free its infancy, is becoming one of the most promising global on 8.0 markets as a result of the LOCATION To turn really interesting ideas and changes in modern fledding technologies into a business, through new company that can continue to technology which is innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines. (Steve Jobs) transforming numerous aspects of our society. This new market is becoming the succesor of current PR, A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  2. 2. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 Own your personal medium IT´S TIME FOR YOU We create exclusive and specially adapted media in line with our clients´ needs so they can own their personal medium. We use the most advanced platforms, easy to manage so they can write and transmit ideas, opinions and interests in a matter of minutes irrespective of where they are at the time. We create exclusive We do not only provide written information efficiently, we also enable our clients to share images, photos and messages through videos. Our specialists advise on personal image and the best ways of reaching people. We also employ experts in video editing to achieve professional results in improving presence and image of individuals and the organisations they represent. We use tools such as photoshop to enhance images.. from In spite of your fear, do what you have to do. (Chin-Ning major reference in an industry which, Chu) inevitably, is already taking off. 1.0.2 Mission ElitAd specialises in management of Technology is always envolving, and companies.. not just marketing, social media and personal search companies... can´t be afraid to take advantage of branding on the internet, web 2.0, social change. (Eric Schmidt) networks and web interfaces. We expand image, influence and resources for our clients, 2.0 Business Model helping them to reach specific audiences.  ElitAd´s principal business model consists of To succeed in life in today´s world you must have the will offering internet services to politicians, and tenacity to finish the job. (Chin-Ning Chu) executives, personalities, companies and 1.0.3 Keys to success organizations. The main  source of generating income will be monthly maintenance fees of Thanks to the latest technologies, each application developed by our technical especially internet, the change in   and artistic teams. On top of this, all new market trends like communication clients will pay a subscription fee to facilitate agencies, PR or marketing opens doors the up and running and configuration services to a multimillion market which isn´t yet we give. Through our Premium Service, we properly covered by any group or will generate income flow through company.  communication services, marketing and consulting for people, organizations and To establish ourselves as leaders in this companies.  market, we  have to move at  great speed and with extreme flexibility, not only in For the development of our distribution attracting the first major clients, but in channels, we foresee the implementation of a creating a unique brand, opening up this s t r a t e g i c c o m m e rc i a l p l a n i n c l u d i n g market and also becoming an information agreements already initiated with external reference centre. We aspire to become a A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  3. 3. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 agents and joint ventures in each particular including social media. According to the latest line of business. This will re-commercialise our Forrester Report on the impact of social products through our own branding or networks on marketing strategies,   53% of assigned brands, or will facilitate these departments envisage an increase in commercialisation in other markets.  their social media budgets,   while 42% will maintain their previous budgets. Alternative business models will be taken into account and tested within our ElitAd Lab This data indicates that 95% of marketing department. executives are extremely optimistic regarding investment in social media through social We have developed a strategy which allows networks. The reason being the simplicity and for the management of our resources, task capacity of new social tools in connecting planning, promotion and advertising design, with the general public or specific clients, the with a view to achieve our objectives and major impact of campaigns, the hard increase value to our clients in an optimum penetration into markets and the possibility of way. strategic implementation of segmentation never before possible through traditional marketing. Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Another study (Global Enterprise Web 2.0 (Chinese proverbs) Market Forecast: 2007 To 2013) suggests 3.0 Market opportunity that the growth predictions of sales of companies providing technology and web 2.0 The difficult economic and financial crisis we services, for the next 5 years and in relative find ourselves in worldwide, has led to terms, surpass the majority of highly qualified reductions in company budgets for marketing industrial sectors. If in 2007 it was estimated and communications. Most entities find that expenses in technology web 2.0 would themselves obliged to find new, cheaper be 455 million $, for 2013 a figure of 4,646 alternatives with better development potential Forrester predicts interactive marketing will hit $55 B on 2014 THE MARKET FOR THE NEXT YEARS IS REAL The latest forecast from Forrester Research predicts that interactive marketing in the US will hit nearly $55 billion by 2014 and will grow - at a compound annual growth rate of 17% - from 12% of overall ad spend in 2009 to 21% over the next five years. Social media marketing and mobile marketing will experience the highest growth rates among the digital tactics, the report stated. Social media, which represents only $716M today, is expected to balloon to $3.1B by 2014, and grow at the highest compound annual rate, 34%. Forrester noted that owned social media assets (such as internal blogs, community sites) are currently the only emerging media getting traction in today’s economic climate. from A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  4. 4. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 The world has changed, we must change with it BRIGHT IDEAS FOR DARK TIMES We live in an evolving world where everything is in constant change, improving and transforming. We have to learn to enjoy this transformation. These circumstances occurred because things were not being done properly. This brings about the self criticism of the affected areas and at this moment in time when humanity is evolving at a faster rate. Politicians and top executives in multinationals interact with the man in the street. This was unthinkable a few months ago (without going much further) and it now looks as it will not come to an end in the next few years. People are now more important and have better opportunities than ever before. Certain users of social networks are acquiring vital importance thanks to the expertise of these channels. This is extremely valued knowadays and this is logical since they have to operate efficiently to reach so many people and create interest. from All lasting business is built on friendship. (Alfred A. Montapert) I don´t design clothes, I design dreams. (Ralph Lauren) 5.0 Executive team 4.0 Product EliAd´s executive team is composed of We offer a very specialised online presence specialists and technicians with experience in with exclusive tools together with the use of multinational and technology companies in existing ones. We also work on different countries like the UK, USA, Russia communication strategies, opening channels and Spain. CEO Alex DC.(Alejandro del of communication and capturing audiences Castillo) has more than 14 years experience in for politicians, executives or any personality the internet sector, (not forgetting that the wishing to increase their messages including WWW is only 20 years old), as applications companies and organizations. We are designer (design strategy marketing), is specialists in the management of new media responsable for previous succesful start-ups and communication channels, developing in Spain from the technological bubble of the web tools, creating personal designs, beginning of the decade (2000-2006), (As introductions into social networks and the independant reference, please view this video creation and distribution of multimedia of Alex DC. on CNN):  material, videos and photos, for our clients in these platforms. We also manage assesment in style and tendencies. Our product philosophy converts our clients in their own efficient communications medium, with the capacity to reach a global audience. A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  5. 5. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 The other members of the co-founding team - Creation, design and configuration of include Jose A. Fernandez, Brendan Golt, online platforms adequate for each specific Raimundo Burguera, Pavel Volitskiy and Abel profile, to be able to diffuse messages Castosa. Together they provide ample whether by written form or audiovisual, in an experience in sectors which include company optimum way to reach the required audience. management, audiovisual,commercial sales, - Put these "Leaders" in contact  with creative design, PR, financing and politics/ opinion groups, clients (active and current affairs. potential) and with workers within their organizations. ElitAd also has at its disposal an important - Improve the image or brand in social group of international advisors including networks and web 2.0 through more prominent journalists, politicians, capable persons, in most cases the executive entrepreneurs and multinational executives. managers/manageress.  - Open new routes of external and I have no special talents. I am only passionately internal communication with clients and curious. (Albert Einstein) company employees. 6.0 Services   -  Our users or clients already exist in social networks and if we do not take the Our basic objectives are: opportunity, our competitors or opposition will - I m p ro v e i n t e r n a l p re s e n c e a n d be delighted to do so. communication of any organization. - Establish strategies to capture Early Adopters. - Introduce leaders of companies and - Incentivate innovation and productivity organizations  into social media. within the group - Increase Networking capacity of these leaders opening new communications routes - Web Site (Design and Maintanance): News, actions, donations, community,... towards potential partners, business, clients and audiences. - Increase transparency and credibility THE MARKET FOR NEXT YEARS IS REAL Twitter’s Financial Forecast Shows First Revenue In Q3, 1 billion users in 2013 TWITTER GROWTH This internal Twitter financial forecast from February 2009. Twitter has told us that this was never an official document and it certainly is no longer accurate. But it gives an interesting glimpse into the company’s financial targets nonetheless. The projections go forward to 2013. The most interesting data point - As of February, Twitter expected their first revenue to come in Q3 2009 (which is now). A modest $400,000 was expected, followed by a more robust $4 million in Q4. The document also shows Twitter’s projected user growth (25 million by the end of 2009), which it has absolutely blown through already. By the end of 2010, Twitter expected to be at a $140 million revenue run rate. from A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  6. 6. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 some interesting links ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA 7 Ways to Become a Twitter Analyst The Importance of a Strong Online Presence [The Zed Shaw Case] 20 SEO Tips That Every Web Developer Should Follow 15 Useful Twitter Tools For Web Worker from - Personal Blog. Design and Maintenance. - Management of reputational risk Exclusive, connected to the best widgets, analysis, via identification and evaluation of easy publication platform, optimized for potential risk factors, internal or external, the search engines... implementation of a strategic online - Feedbacks & Support channel. presence (SEO) that positions all positive Suggestions, community, participation. factors of our clients in the first results of - User capture actions. Events and mailings. search engine searches. In this way, we - Lifestreaming. Photos, opinions, articles, create an entry barrier that prevents public videos, microblogging, etc... and anonymous critics from featuring before - Press Release: Presentation. us. - Back-up on communication crisis. - Diminish reputational risk on the internet. - Recompiling of data base. Establish a strong online presence - CEO and SEO actions (Optimazation and strategy so our candidates or Positioning in search engines). representatives end up being excellent - Monitor actions in social media. references when searching for their company, - The Development of applications to carry political party or product. out feedback from our users.These services - Video Difusion. At least 2 monthly videos are very useful for political parties to the with ideas, experiences, opinions on current degree that they allow online voting on affairs, etc. determined proposals, policies and measures.  - Microblogging. - Formation - For technological optimization resources. - Image Material - Photos, images that people can identify with, styling, etc. - Recording and video editing. - Social Networks. Presence in the main  and most effective ones adapted to each candidate or client. A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  7. 7. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 person involved, the political party It takes many good deeds to build a or the company.  We are committed good reputation, and only one bad to develop and use a series of tools one to lose it. (Benjamin Franklin) (centralization of most relevant 7.0 RSS, Netvibes, Google Reader, Yahoo, Bloglines,, Reputational risk amongst others) that permit us to locate and analyse information immediately.  Speed and agility are fundamental for the management of SOME TOOLS TO  Online information on specific image. READ YOUR products or persons is increasingly abundant, although not properly Once we have located, classified REPUTATION ONLINE managed. Many companies are (through source and content) and spending exhorbitant amounts of analysed all public information of RSS money  improving their image our prospective clients, we proceed REALLY SIMPLE through traditional communication to manage it, creating a SYNDICATION platforms, while at the same time constructive dialogue with those neglecting major growth potential. more critical opinions. We do this SOCIAL NETWORKS by positioning positive factors FACEBOOK, TWITTER Reputational risk management ahead of negative ones. This DIGG, DELICIOUS... constitutes the basic foundations of creates new channels of our product services while   communication with more up-to- TECHNORATI improving the image and date information so that our clients INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE communication  services offered to users are fully informed. FOR BLOGS our clients. We strive to develop a specialised location procedure, Creation and development of a new GOOGLE INSIGHTS analysis and management of all form of communication, adapted to SEARCH TERMS ABOUT information  published online of the new channels (Development PEOPLE ENTERED INTO potential clients. and blog design, selection of most THE GOOGLE SEARCH influential blogs for the specific ENGINE In our opinion, a rigorous and sector of our client, assesment and optimum online presence, is the editing in press releases to blog BLOGPULSE prime element required and the key community and selected fora and INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE to obtaining a positive reputation. It formation of communication FOR BLOGS also prevents potential  crisis,  if   departments to adapt internal and management is inadequate. external policies to all the social KEOTAG media requirements). SOCIAL BOOKMARK LINK A good design and interactivity of GENERATOR our web and strong social media Implementation of the most presence, will increase visibility of advanced positioning systems, BOARDTRACKER our comments, but  also entails SEO and SEM, with the objective FORUM DISCUSSION management of a larger area of that contents we wish to publish SEARCH information. are better placed than their negative critics, not only in the search SWOTTI The second phase in managing engines but in all the social media SEARCH, RATE AND reputational risk is the search and universe. COMPARE analysis  to locate ideas and commentaries by users in the The way to gain a good reputation is OTHERS blogs, wikis and social networks, to endeavor to be what you desire to TWITTERVERSE, analyse the information and appear. (Socrates) COMPAREBLOGS, counteract any attempts to COMMENTS.COM... undermine the reputation of the A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  8. 8. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and CONTACT looks like work. (Thomas Edison) ALEX DC ALEX DC 8.0 Location technological centres in @alex_dc JOSÉ A. FERNÁNDEZ In this moment, our centre of Europe. operations is based in Madrid. Some members of RAIMUNDO BURGUERA JOSÉ A. FERNÁNDEZ the executive team operate @joseafernandez in the south of Spain and BRENDAN GOLT Gibraltar from their own In today's knowledge-based offices.  economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. Jobs in the RAIMUNDO BURGUERA information technology sector, for PAVEL VOLITSKIY Our objective for the near example, pay 85 percent more than @raibur future is to set-up the head the private sector average. (Bill office in Malaga, given that Clinton) we are involved in the BRENDAN GOLT Malaga Valley project, and @brendangolt we wish to contribute to the development of this area as one of the most important ElitAd operates under the strictest guidelines to obtain the highest levels of design and development, and offer an exceptional service to our clients. We are never complacent in offering our services and always strive to ensure our clients stand out in relation to their competitors. The information contained in this document represents the current view of ElitAd on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. ElitAd must respond to changing market conditions and ElitAd cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication. © 2009 ElitAd. All rights reserved.