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Reputational Risk ElitAd


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some words about reputational risk on web 2.0

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Reputational Risk ElitAd

  1. 1. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 It takes many good deeds to build a A good design and good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. (Benjamin Franklin) interactivity of our web and strong social media presence, Reputational risk will increase visibility of our comments, but  also entails  Online information on management of a larger area specific products or persons of information. SOME TOOLS TO is increasingly abundant, The second phase in READ YOUR although not properly managed. Many companies managing reputational risk is REPUTATION ONLINE are spending exhorbitant the search and analysis  to RSS amounts of money  improving locate ideas and REALLY SIMPLE their image through traditional commentaries by users in the SYNDICATION communication platforms, blogs, wikis and social networks, analyse the SOCIAL NETWORKS while at the same time FACEBOOK, TWITTER neglecting major growth information and counteract DIGG, DELICIOUS... potential. any attempts to undermine the reputation of the person TECHNORATI Reputational risk involved, the political party or INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE FOR BLOGS management constitutes the the company.  We are basic foundations of our committed to develop and GOOGLE INSIGHTS product services while   use a series of tools SEARCH TERMS ABOUT improving the image and (centralization of most PEOPLE ENTERED INTO THE GOOGLE SEARCH communication  services relevant RSS, Netvibes, ENGINE offered to our clients. We Google Reader, Yahoo, strive to develop a specialised Bloglines,, BLOGPULSE location procedure, analysis amongst others) that permit INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE and management of all us to locate and analyse FOR BLOGS information  published online information immediately.   KEOTAG of potential clients. Speed and agility are SOCIAL BOOKMARK LINK fundamental for the GENERATOR In our opinion, a rigorous and management of image. optimum online presence, is BOARDTRACKER the prime element required FORUM DISCUSSION SEARCH and the key to obtaining a positive reputation. It also SWOTTI prevents potential  crisis,  if   SEARCH, RATE AND management is inadequate. COMPARE OTHERS TWITTERVERSE, COMPAREBLOGS, COMMENTS.COM... A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM
  2. 2. BOLETÍN DEL INVERSOR NÚMERO 3 ELITAD OTOÑO 2009 SEPTEMBER 09 How to avoid a crisis DON´T WALK THE TIGHTROPE The best way to manage reputational risk is by avoiding the problem before it actually happens. The services offered by ElitAd minimise the risk  of a crisis in communications and, at the same time,  reduce the need to take preventive action if it becomes inevitable.  This is one of the keys as to why  ElitAd  converts clients into their own communications medium, extending their image through social networks and web 2.0 and making them the best source of available information on their activity.  ElitAd plays the leading role in controlling the distribution of communications and, after a  settlement phase, this will provide a strong entry barrier  for other types of information attempting to compete with our sources. Whenever a reply is required, irrespective of what field it is, rapid action will be possible. The services and products of ElitAd are focused as the best solution in avoiding reputational risk. Once we have located, and formation of classified (through source communication departments CONTACT and content) and analysed all to adapt internal and external ALEX DC public information of our policies to all the social prospective clients, we media requirements). @alex_dc proceed to manage it, creating a constructive Implementation of the most dialogue with those more advanced positioning JOSÉ A. FERNÁNDEZ critical opinions. We do this systems, SEO and SEM, @joseafernandez by positioning positive with the objective that factors ahead of negative contents we wish to publish ones. This creates new are better placed than their channels of communication negative critics, not only in RAIMUNDO BURGUERA with more up-to-date the search engines but in all @raibur information so that our the social media universe. clients users are fully informed. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to BRENDAN GOLT appear. (Socrates) @brendangolt Creation and development of a new form of communication, adapted to the new channels (Development and blog design, selection of most influential blogs for the specific sector of our client, assesment and editing in for further information about our press releases to blog procedures don´t hesitate to contact us community and selected fora A PERSONAL BRANDING FIRM