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Dossier Elitad English (August 09)


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Commercial Dossier ElitAd

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Dossier Elitad English (August 09)

  1. 1. ELITAD ! MAY 2009 Experts in Social Media In Detail. THE STAFF Now YOU are the We work on strategic We improve the image, important one. communications, opening channels to influence and resources of capture audiences for politicians, people across Internet, Web 2.0 It´s time for YOU. In a global and Social Networks. This is executives, businessman and people. world individuals become increasingly our team: We are specialists in media important. People need inspirational management and creating new avenues leaders to motivate and lead them. of communicating, developing web Alex dc C.E.O. ElitAd provides the means for this tools, creating personal designs, magic to occur. Our role is to work with introductions into social networks, these leaders, advise them on distribution of multimedia material management of their online identity and Pavel Volistkiy C.F.O. (videos, photos) to clients, take them closer to their audience in an management of strategic and personal ongoing conversation that reaches all communication. We convert individuals targets. into their own efficient communications Raimundo Burguera C.O.O. medium with the capacity to reach a large global and influential audience.. José A. Fernández Our Rates. Chief Architect These are available at client´s request. Current rate for exclusive representation starts from a set-up fee. Brendan Golt C.B.D.O. We improve image, influence and This quotation includes start-up, design the resources of people and and development of personalised organisations through internet, diverse tools. Service, maintenance and web 2.0 and social networks. monthly assesments will entail costs in Partners ElitAd is a company specialized in line with our basic or premium package ElitAd counts amongst its creating, managing and spreading requirements. technological partners those personal branding in Internet, web 2.0 with the best solutions, some of and social networks. We seek to them including Amazon EC2, increase the image, influence and Google App, Movable Type... resources of people and help them to reach a large global audience. We are Further Information specialists in strategy communication, In our web you will find cv´s web 2.0, social-networking and web and an ample description of all interfaces. members of our STAFF. Investor´s Bulletin You confide in us, We believe in Cª Cabotaje Nº 16, you. Oficina 214 We're “choosy” about who we work Centro Empresarial Las with. We avoid working with people we Marismas do not identify with, share their vision Palmones 11 CP 11379 or do not believe capable of changing things to create a better world. Give us an interesting message and we will spread it globally. FIRST PERSONAL BRANDING AND ADVERTISING FIRM. IT´S TIME FOR YOU.!
  2. 2. ELITE ADVERTISING" MAY 2009 Services We are here to help you !! Own your personal medium. Social Media Marketing Experts. We create exclusive and specially adapted media in line We are experts on social networks, both in their function with our clients´ needs so they can own their personal and succesfull handling to open avenues of communication, medium. We use the most advanced platforms, easy to reach people and transmit messages. We are not only familiar manage so they can write and transmit ideas, opinions and with the top social networks from digg to twitter through to interests in a matter of minutes irrespective of where they flickr, facebook,, reddit, stumble upon, Youtube, are at the time. etc., but follow all new trends. Our team includes professionals who have worked, developed and even founded some of these networks with millions of visits. Spread Ideas Successfully. Thanks to our new technologies, we are capable of reaching an unimaginable array of people to entice them and bring out their passions. We are able to achieve this faster We love passionate people: than AP newswire with far more impact than other media like Your best followers are the ones that are passionate and TV, Radio, or Newspapers. Our objective is to convert those want to have a conversation about you, your ideas, your who give us their trust into powerful future communication actions, your product or something related (pictures, news, empires. videos, whatever). You need to be there to have the conversation WITH your people, followers, customer or any Strategic communications. other. If not, someone else will. We control the best technology in spreading messages, faster and more effectively than ever before. We ensure the long term strategic goals of organizations and leaders. We We are Multimedia. build emotional connections between people and cultures We do not only provide written information efficiently, we enabling seamlessness communications. We love change and also enable our clients to share images, photos and messages we are always ready to fight to make things happen. through videos. Our specialists advise on personal image and the best ways of reaching people. We also employ experts in Formation. Let us lead you. video editing to achieve professional results in improving Our consultancy rates are available per hour and cover presence and image of individuals and the organisations they assesments and proposals within social media, web 2.0 represent. We use tools such as photoshop to enhance images.. enterprise or internet. For regular contracts our clients are given free extensive training including the use of all tools for strategic purposes. They are provided with direct contact with specialists to resolve all enquiries on social networks, social media, web 2.0, legal advise on digital content, viral marketing and international law on any matter relating to their interaction in the web. Special rates are available to clients who adopt these methods within their corporate structures.. FIRST PERSONAL BRANDING AND ADVERTISING FIRM. IT´S TIME FOR YOU.!
  3. 3. ELITE ADVERTISING" MAY 2009 Proposal This is what we do for you: Improve the presence and internal and external communications of any organisation. Establish on Social Networks companies or groups and their executives. Increase Networking capacity of main executives in companies and organisations. Open avenues towards new partners, businesses, clients, markets, audiences, etc. Increase generally transparency and credibility. Creation design and configuration of online platforms inline with each specific profile to facilitate the spread of messages, either in written form or audiovisual in an optimum manner to reach required audiences. # Put into contact all representatives/management of companies with opinion formers, clients (active and potential) and employees of the organisation. Improve brand or group image in social networks and web 2.0 through the best equipped people and top executives of each organisation.# Open avenues of communication and conversation with clients. Our users/clients are already placed in social networks and if we do not take advantage of the opportunity our competition will be delighted to do so. Establish strategies for the capture of early adopters. ( Diminish the risk factor of crisis and reputation through the network. On establishing a strategy for online presence, our candidates end up being a reference where information is sought over our company, group or product, forming a barrier to entrance and making it more difficult for public and anonimous criticism to prevail. Create incentives for innovation and productivity within the group. FIRST PERSONAL BRANDING AND ADVERTISING FIRM. IT´S TIME FOR YOU.!
  4. 4. ELITE ADVERTISING" MAY 2009 Actions Some of the initiatives we develop: Site (Design & Maintanance): News, Actions, Donations, community. Transmission of videos. At least two monthly, containing ideas and opinions on current affairs etc. Micro-Blogging: At least 6 weekly updates Formation: For the optimisation of technological resources. Image material: Photos, close images so people can identify with them etc Recording and video editing. Social networks: Presence in the main and most effective networks adapting to each candidate/executive, organisation or company. Personal Blog: Design plus maintenance. Exclusive and connected with the best widgets, simple user friendly platforms for publication, optimised for search engines. Feedbacks & Support Channel. Suggestions, community, participation. Actions for user capture. Events, mailings, etc. LiveStreaming. Photos, opinions, articles, videos, microblogging, etc. Press releases. Presentation. Support in communication and crisis. Recopilation of database. Seek and offer political propositions which people can vote online.! CEO & SEO actions, optimizing and positioning on search engines. Monitoring social media action. ElitAd operates under the strictest guidelines to obtain the highest levels# of DESIGN and development, and offer an exceptional service to our clients.#We are never complacent in offering our services and always strive to ensure our clients stand out in relation to their competitors. FIRST PERSONAL BRANDING AND ADVERTISING FIRM. IT´S TIME FOR YOU.!