What's The Fathers Name?


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This is a very short document, easy to understand, telling you what the Father's real Name is.

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What's The Fathers Name?

  1. 1. What is the Fathers Name? To start with, let me say that there is truly only one way to write the Fathers Name, and that is in Ancient Hebrew. This is the Fathers Name in Ancient Pictograph Hebrew: efei in Paleo Hebrew like this: hwhy and in modern Hebrew like this: ‫.יהוח‬1. Does knowing the Father’s correct, proper Name really even matter? Can’twe just keep on calling the Creator of the Universe by any name we choose? • “Oh, He doesn’t mind, He knows our HEARTS”. • “He made languages; He knows what we’re calling Him, in WHATEVER language we’re speaking”.2. He does have a specific name, ‫ יהוח‬and we need to call out ‘in’ it. We cansee by these verses that He intends for us to use and speak His Name. • Genesis 4:26 “then began men to (call in the name of ‫”.)יהוח‬ • Genesis 12:8 “…And there he built an altar to ‫ יהוח‬and (called in the Name of ‫.)יהוח‬ • Joel 2:32 “At that time, whoever (calls in the name of ‫ ”)יהוח‬will be saved. • 1 Kings 18:24 “Then you call on the name of your Alahym, and I will call (in the name of ‫ ,)יהוח‬and the Alahym who answers by fire, He is the Alahym”. • Psalm 118:26 “Blessed is he who comes (in the Name of ‫.)”יהוח‬
  2. 2. 3. How can we call in His Name if we don’t know it? He wants us to knowHis true Name. • Ezek 39:7 “And I shall make My set-apart Name known in the midst of My people Isra’el, and not let My set-apart Name be profaned any more. And the gentiles shall know that I am ‫ ,יהוח‬the Set-apart One in Isra’el.” • Exodus 3:15 “Alahym said further to Moshe, ‘Say this to the people of Israel: (‫ )יהוח‬Alahym of your fathers, … This is My Name forever; this is how I am to be remembered generation after generation.4. What is His Name? • Hebrew letters are written and read from right to left. From left to right the letters spell out His name as: Hey Waw Hey Yod, and from right to left it would read: Yod Hey Waw Hey. A. The Y, Yod, ‫.י‬ • The first letter in Hebrew in His Name is the Y, the Yod, or the ‫ .י‬The Yod makes the Ya sound and this gives us the first syllable of His Name (YA). B. The H, Ha, ‫.ה‬ • The next letter is called the Ha, the H, or the ‫ .ה‬When this is the first letter of a word it’s pronounced Ha. When it is not the first letter in a word it ah sound. This is the second syllable of His Name. C. We now have YAH. • This YAH is Strong’s 3050. You need to only look at the Hebrew at the top and you will see the Yod and the He, saying YAH. (The J was improperly mistranslated there). • This Yah is actually a shortened version of His name as seen here: ‫יהוח‬ • Psalms 68:4 “Sing to Adonai, sing praises to His Name; extol Him who rides on the clouds by His Name, Yah; and be glad in his presence”.
  3. 3. D. The Waw, (The ‫ ) ו‬with its OO sound. • In Ancient Pictograph Hebrew, when the language first started, there were no V’s or W’s and the Waw was used as an OO vowel and was pronounced OO as in pool. • The only reason that this letter, Waw, (The ‫ ,)ו‬makes the W and V sound is because of vowel pointing. Vowel pointing only came about around the 7th century A.D. This is what changes the OO sounding Waw ‫ ו‬and makes it sound like a W or V. • The Hebrew Aleph Bet uses four consonants as vowels. These are the Aleph, He, Waw, and Yod. The vowel pointing system was not needed then, and really, is not needed now. They use them to create different sounds with these consonants, and these different sounds change the sound of a word and also the meaning of a word. It was not like this, when the Aleph Bet was first created. • If the Waw, (The ‫ )ו‬was meant to be pronounced as a W or a V, then lets take a look at a couple of names and how they would be pronounced. o Ruth would be RWth or RVth o Judah would be YahVdah or YahWdahE. Now for the final letter, the second H, Ha, ‫.ה‬ • An H at the beginning of a word sounds like ha sound, and at the end of the word it’s an ah sound.F. Conclusion: Sounding it out. • Yod (Y) with the Ya sound Ya • Ha (H) with the aH sound Ya aH • Waw with the OO (pool) sound Ya aH OO • Ha with the aH sound (YAH-OO-AH) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Yahuah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  4. 4. Please see red box on chart below to see confirmation of the Waw OO sound in the Ancient Hebrew.