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  1. 2. Queen Anne This piece is a drop-leaf dining table. These were characteristic of the Queen Anne Style. This style was delicate and refined. It sophisticated design.
  2. 3. Chippendale This style incorporated the use of images from nature such as birds, flowers, and other plants. The style was also fond of claw feet. This chair has claw feet as well as ornate images.
  3. 4. Federal Style Federal style was very ornate and sophisticated. This Philadelphia Highboy was common in the federal style era.
  4. 5. Modern/ Contemporary Modern furniture is innovative and new. It encourages different ideas that might have been taboo once. The shape of this chair and its general industrial feel make it a nice modern piece.
  5. 6. Art Nouveau Art Nouveau pieces are generally reflect motifs in nature such as shapes and patterns of trees, flowers, or fruit. The color of this vase and shapes like rippling water make it a great example of art nouveau.
  6. 7. Shaker Shaker furniture is simple and functional. It is made to show good craftsmanship and serve a purpose in the home. This table is a nice example because of its simple lines.
  7. 8. Empire The Empire style is incredibly ornate and decorative. It originated in France under Napoleon’s Empire.
  8. 9. Hepplewhite This style, founded by George Hepplewhite, explored different shaped chair backs such as this one.
  9. 10. Duncan Phyfe Duncan Phyfe was an Early American cabinet maker. His chair legs often curved outwards like this one.
  10. 11. Baroque This style is elaborate and formal. This chair is a perfect example with the leather and carved edges.
  11. 12. Spanish Baroque This style had many decorations and ornate details. This bed frame is a good example because of the detailed carvings.