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H/O linguistic and cultural discrimination of international students


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H/O linguistic and cultural discrimination of international students

  1. 1. 2013 TESOL International Convention Dallas 2013 Linguistic and Cultural Discrimination of International Students: Working Towards Harmony Elisabeth L. Chan Background • Motivation • Definitions Studies • 2008 The majority worried, 100% of participants All reported that while others did not experienced some Americans knew very know of racism or form of discrimination little or nothingabout thought it no longer based on race or their culture. existed in the U.S. language. • 2013 • The change in students’ perceptions of Americans’ knowledge and 1 opinions of their countries • Students’ lack of accurate knowledge and awareness of discrimination 2 • Challenges to students’ acceptance & intelligence 3 • On campus discrimination 4 • Results • Discussion & Implications • Limitations & Future ResearchCONTACT INFO: Full References, Handout, available:Member, TESOL International Diversity CommitteeInstructor, University of North Texas, Intensive English Language Institute, UNT Asian/Pacific Special Interest Group Network