CBI Part II Worksheet


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Activity used in CBI: Connect Build Integrate Part II workshop on practical use presented to TICE faculty on March 15, 2011.

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CBI Part II Worksheet

  1. 1. Exercise 1. Functional Text Analysis<br />1. Write a question your students might have after reading the directions for the activity.<br />2. Your students have completed the exercise and have their answers. Write two activities you can use to check the students’ answers.<br />What is the activity?What content has the student used?What language skills has the student used?What other skills has the student used?#1#2<br /> <br />3. Most students are more focused on whether the answer to #2 is past events, facts and explanations, or a point of view, than the language they have used to find the answer. How can you extend the activity to allow students to now focus on the language skills? And what language should be focused on?<br />4. Has your predicted question from #1 been answered through doing the activity? If not, how can the answer be integrated into your activity?<br />Exercise 2. Grammar Focus<br />1. In the activity, parts 1 and 2 of Task 3, list everything the student is using below:<br />Content UsedLanguage Skills UsedOther Skills Used<br />Exercise 3. Short Stories<br />Example Discovering Fiction Pre-Reading Activity<br />1. Fill in the bulleted lists with the various skills used in the activity described above.<br />Exercise 4. Corrective Feedback<br />1. Below you will find 3 students’ answers to the same question on a content-based reading exam. Think about how you would grade each one?<br />Product placement whereby product and brand in some populic media, such as TV and movie. For example, the Olympic are the rock’s concerpts.Product placement is placing products and brands in popular movies or TV programs.Examples: 1) You can see actors wear Nike shoes in movies.2) You can see Carrie who is in “Sex and the City” uses Macbook.product placement mean that the products can used in important occation to support that or to be part of such as Olymbic an concert<br />2. Which of the following would you grade for?<br />- Content- Verb tense- Complete sentences<br />- Spelling- Word form- Other?<br />3. When giving back exams to students, what do you review?<br />- Content: “the right answer”- Correct verb tense- Correct sentences<br />- Correct spelling- Correct word form- Understanding the questions<br />4. Did you find yourself focusing more on Content? Grammar? Reading skills? Test taking skills?<br />