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One Week, One community: Shaping the future for Business Process Excellence & Performance!

Introducing one week and one combined approach to Business Process Excellence and Performance enhancement. Unlike 10 years ago, Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, along with all the historical quality and operational improvement approaches can no longer sit in silos. After the last few years of turmoil, businesses are once again looking to results – to performance, change and generating meaningful business opportunities and growth. Gone are the days where the tools were the be all and end all of Business Process Excellence. Now a new landscape is emerging placing Business Process Excellence as one of the key enablers to complete business transformation and revenue generation.

For more information about the Week, please visit, email or call +44 (0)207 368 9300

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Process Excellence Week Europe

  1. 1. NEW AFFORDABLEIntroducing the European addition to IQPCs global series INDUSTRY RATES: Book before the PROCESS TO 17 December for only £4994th – 8th April 2011 • London UK PERFORMANCE The ultimate transformation framework for next EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS WITH generation businesses: Fusing process, people and REVOLUTIONARY INSIGHTS FROM 2011 KEYNOTES: technology for optimal performance THE FUTURIST James Bellini, Futurologist & Author, ‘The Bull**** factor’ Join IQPC’s world renowned Process Excellence Series to Exclusive to Process shift your process improvement approach to a true Excellence Week: THE VISIONARY performance delivery framework. Steve Towers, CEO & Founder, Corporate Leaders Boardroom: BP Group Through focusing on 4 critical building blocks to Performance Improvement to NEW Executive & exclusive knowledge change this revolutionary agenda will help you deliver a seamless approach to share. Request your invite today to join THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTER Performance and Business Transformation: the most senior leaders in the Business Process Excellence network Michelle Ray, Workplace Relationships ✔ PEOPLE & CHANGE: Create sustainable change across your organisation & Personal Leadership Expert through critical engagement, motivation, leadership, governance and performance management strategies NEW Introducing IQPC’s brand new ‘Brain Share’ and ‘Process THE COMMUNICATOR ✔ PROCESS MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES & APPROACHES: Accelerate Excellence Week’ clinic sessions designed Charles Faulker, Co-author, NLP: The returns and maximise the effectiveness of your current Process Improvement to optimise interaction, practical problem approaches through combining the powers of Lean, Six Sigma & BPM New Technology of Achievement, solving and tackle your biggest performance challenges Author, Creating Irresistible Influence ✔ SYSTEMS & INFRASTRUCTURE: Embed an end-to-end organisational, process and technology framework that will enable your business to meet and exceed THE PERFORMANCE LEADER delivery expectations in competitive market NEW Position yourself as an industry leader with new 2011 awards Jim Steele, Performance Coach & ✔ PERFORMANCE & STRATEGY: Deliver maximum value to the customer and categories covering BPM, BPO and Lean International Speaker drive a vision for profit through cascading top level business strategy in to Transformation every day operational improvements Plus CXO and executive representation from: Heinz, General Motors, Bank of America, DHL, Unicredit, and Severn Trent - see inside for more details!Process Excellence Week is brought to you by: In conjunction with:WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL:
  2. 2. PAVING THE WAY FOR GROUND BREAKING PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE NEW AFFORDABLE INDUSTRY RATES!IQPC is proud to welcome you to the European edition of the world renowned Process Excellence Week series.With the aim of accelerating and fostering the evolution of Business Process Excellence thinking around the globe, With early booking prices starting from as little as £499 and up to 50% off forProcess Excellence Week Europe paves the way for a holistic and results driven approach to performance and team attendance, make sure you signvalue creation. up to avoid disappointment!With competition for market share and profit still front of mind, it’s all about moving from thinking around process Take a look at the back page for moreto performance in order to hit the critical change and transformation targets your organisation needs as it moves into information or email With this principle aim for learning and knowledge share in mind the agenda across is constructed to ensurethat you can discover new inspiration across each of the critical building blocks to performance shown below. GET UP TO DATE ON THE NEXT GENERATION OF BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT PEOPLE & CHANGE PROCESS EXCELLENCE WITH METHODOLOGIES & APPROACHES PROFITABILITY INSIGHTS FROM: & VALUE • Barclays CREATION SYSTEMS & INFRASTRUCTURE PERFORMANCE & STRATEGY • Severn Trent • General Motors • Shell • UnicreditNot only does that mean that for the first time the you’ll go back to the office with fresh ideas and tested solutions • EFQMacross each critical area of change, but that you can tailor your personal agenda to focus on your current • American Expressprogramme development points. It’s easy! All you need to do it look through the agenda enclosed and pick the • Essentmost relevant sessions from each critical building using the key building block colour codes. • NAB • HeinzPlus, but don’t miss exclusive Process Excellence Week Leadership insights from: • Cable & Wireless ✔ The latest CXO insights on the evolutions on Business Process Excellence thinking: Forrester Research • Forrester Research lead debate on the evolving role of the Chief Process Officer • GE Capital ✔ The return of the EMEA Process Improvement Visionary Council: This year GE Capital, Lloyds Register, • Lloyds Register Deutsche Post DHL, Barclays Capital and BNP Paribas set the tone for the year ahead • BNP Paribas • BskyBThe next year is set to be where the true innovators and high performers emerge stronger than ever within the • Bank of Americastill challenging business climate, doing nothing is simply not an option. Wherever you are along the journey • Carphone Warehousetowards excellence, I urge you to join us on this evolution towards Performance Excellence – it’s the chance to • Barclays Capitalchallenge your assumptions, reposition your current process excellence approach for success and most importantly • npower Retailbenchmark against some of the most active and leading industry leaders in the field. • BAE Systems • Alstom Power Thermal ServicesSee you in April! • Deutsche Post DHLMegan James, Executive Director, Process Excellence Week Global Series • Legal & General WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 2
  3. 3. BE INSPIRED BY THOUGHT LEADERSExpand your horizons to deliver radical change! Bringing you fresh perspectives and thinking from outside of the Process Excellence industry to reshare yourtraditional thinking and inspire innovation. THE MOTIVATIONAL LEADER A message from Michelle... “NOW is the time to invest in educating, inspiring and engaging your workforce. In spite of the MICHELLE RAY, “The Attitude Adjuster” economic challenges we face, the future or our organizations will continue to depend on great On a mission to help you tap into your ability to influence others and create positive outcomes for leadership that is able to provide support and commitment to building a diverse, dynamic and all Michelle will focus on the power of personal leadership and drill down into your employee’s collaborative atmosphere where people can thrive. Whatever your job title may be, my mission is to underpinning motivations; Why we leave and why we stay - How to build outstanding, collaborative help you tap into your ability to influence others and create positive outcomes for all. I look forward multigenerational workplace relationships. to the opportunity to work with you.” THE CHANGE AND COMMUNICATION LEADER CHARLES FAULKER, CO-AUTHOR, NLP: THE NEW TECHNOLOGY author of NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, Success Mastery, and the DVD NLP in Action, OF ACHIEVEMENT, AUTHOR, CREATING IRRESISTIBLE INFLUENCE and the author of Metaphors of Identity, and Creating Irresistible Influence. Featured in The New Working with leaders and executives from the Silicon Valley to the City of London modelling the Market Wizards and other publications for his work with traders and high-stakes decision-makes knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations, he is the co- Charles will inspire you to influence change and truly turn around your PI program THE BUSINESS FUTURIST JAMES BELLINI, Futurologist & Author, ‘The Bull**** factor’ Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama and then to independent television as presenter, writer and narrator of a wide range of award-winning documentary series, current affairs programmes and Dr James Bellini is a leading futurologist and author with a considerable reputation as a thought- environmental reports. Accolades include the Shell Cawston Prize, the Golden Nymph Prize and the provoking speaker and moderator at top-level management conferences and business schools around Prince Rainier III Prize at the Monte Carlo International TV Festival and a UN award for the twelve-part the world. James has spent more than twenty-five years as a respected TV broadcaster, futures analyst series The Nuclear Age. For seven years he was a studio presenter with Financial Times Television and and writer with a strong focus on social, economic and technological trends up to Horizon 2025. Sky News. James has written many books and special reports and is a regular contributor to leading publications. He has also held senior executive positions in advertising and corporate communications After an early academic career James joined the US-headquartered futurology ‘think tank’, the and served on the European Advisory Board of the global future forum. He is a member of the British Hudson Institute, as its first British member. He subsequently moved to the BBC to present The Academy of Film and Television Arts. THE PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST Jim Steele One of the most charismatic engaging speakers in the Fascinated by the nature of performance Jim has spent much of the last 20 years working with highly successful individuals, teams and organisations from the private, public sectors and the world business world today. of professional sports. Join Jim as he explains certain cutting edge performance strategies and Addressing organisations throughout Europe, Asia, North America and in the US, Jim has the offers delegates the necessary tools to apply these methods in any area of their life. proven track record to deliver material that motivates, educates, inspires and entertains - and the ability to engage an audience that is unsurpassed in the industry. Hes also funny… very funny! THE VISONARY Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Group – celebrating 18 years of network for Business Process Management & Performance professionals. Now in 118 countries with Outside-In Thinking membership of 40,000+. The BP Group has offices in London, Houston, Bangalore & Sydney. A noted leader, Steve works as a mentor, coach and consultant and has helped pioneer through With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Steve is one of industrys noted experts in Advanced research and ‘hands-on’ exposure to the world’s leading companies the evolution to Advanced BPM Business Process Management (BPM) and Performance Transformation. He heads the Research & aka Outside-In . Recently recognised as a global thought leader in ‘Outside-In’ Steve continues to Professional Services network within the BP Group. evolve process thinking towards a customer centric view of business. As a co-founder of in 1992 Steve developed the world’s first and premier WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 3
  4. 4. NOT JUST YOUR AVERGE CONFERENCE:A NEW AND UNIQUE LEARNING, NETWORKING AND KNOWLEDGE SHAREYou spoke and we listened. At IQPC we know that 10 years honest knowledge share (and not the corporate spin onago a standard power point presentation was expected and things) and most importantly you want to be able to walkmet with your learning needs. However times have changed away with tangible business improvement strategies and notand what was fit for yesterday is not within today’s changing just fluffy concepts that will directly boost the results for yourbusiness environment. performance and change program over the next 12 months.With time and budget increasingly scarce you need to know That’s why the new look Process Excellence Week breaks allthe business value of attending. You need something the will these usual conference rules to bring you a refreshing meetingdeliver increased interactivity (with the right people), more format designed to maximize learning, interaction, training and benchmarking. And heres how... PROCESS EXCELLENCE WEEK BRAIN SHARES PROCESS EXCELLENCE WEEK CLINICS Situated in the newly interactive networking and solutions hall, brain share Addressing some of the industry’s most stubborn and long running sessions are designed to bring together attendees with one common challenges the Process Excellence Week clinic sessions are an interactive interest and most importantly a desire to share experiences. Designed to group designed to collaboratively shortlist and explore potential solutions. harness the experiences and knowledge of a group, brain shares are for a maximum of Led by experienced moderators that have already taken steps to tackle these 15 professionals with onsite booking available, and moderated by a qualified industry challenges you will first brainstorm options from the knowledge in the room, discuss professional to ensure quality of knowledge share. Themes across the two days are and then shortlist which approaches will provide the best and quick results within your open to suggestions from attendees in advance with proposed sessions covering: business environment. Perfect for both benchmarking your current approach or for • Training and development strategies those of you that are simply looking for quick fix solutions. • The latest technology solutions to enable performance • Business Process Excellence in content: How global trends and evolutions are LIVE PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS effecting you as a process and performance professional Stop by the live product and technology show case space in the new and interactive networking and solutions hall to get an in-depth look into the QUESTION TIME capabilities of the most advanced process excellence and performance Your chance to get face-to-face with some of the industry’s leading products on the market. The perfect opportunity for you to shortlist potential professionals and find out what makes their performance program tick. purchases for the coming year, see the latest application updates and get to grips with Moving away from the traditional power point presentation, ‘Question the true product capability and functionality. Sessions run for 20 minutes each Time’ sessions will be run for half the session in an interview format and then open for throughout the week – demonstration schedules will be posted onsite. questions from you the audience. It’s your chance to cut through the corporate speak and find out more about their biggest successes and learn from their experience. STRUCTURED NETWORKING More opportunities than ever before to meet and expand your network INTERACTIVE AND EXTENDED WORKING GROUPS across process and performance excellence with structured networking Want a more hands on and interactive learning experience. Then the opportunities spread through the week: extended working groups spread throughout the 3 core days are your • Themed lunch table discussions opportunity learn and take home some of the latest approaches to process • Live community benchmarking and assessment exercise management and performance excellence. Select from a choice of 3 hour working • Designated networking zones for peer to peer industry networking groups on the 4th and 2 hours sessions on the 5th and 6th to build your own unique • Plus don’t forget to join the Process Excellence Awards gala dinner and evening learning program. Youre guaranteed to take home practical approaches and networking (registration essential upon booking) applications to revolutionize your program from the minute you are back in the office. WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 4
  5. 5. A BRAND NEW AND INTERACTIVE NETWORKING AND SOLUTIONS HALL FOR AT A GLANCE BUSINESS PROCESS EXCELLENCEFree Solutions Hall and networking passes now available for local businesses –sign up today on Day 1 • Choice of Summit workshops • Structured benchmarkingThis year the newly named Process Excellence Week solutions hall is designed to be yourone stop shop for networking and solutions assessment. With complimentary passes • Process Excellence Awards Judging Dayavailable for anyone to attend just the solutions hall – 5th - 6th April – local leaders and • Process Excellence Week Networking Extravaganzaprocess owners can now stay up to date with the latest trends and products.The perfect place to build and refresh your Business Process Excellence &Transformation Network:• The chance to meet and share transformation and change strategies with 300+ Day 2 • Keynote Plenaries Business Improvement and Transformation professionals from across Europe. • Themed content tracks With over 60,000 online member of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ and half of those based in Europe, there’s guaranteed to be a big buzz onsite and it’s the perfect place to • Open access to public for the Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall arrange a meeting with some of your new found online contacts! • Product and technology demonstrations in Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall• VIP networking space: If you’re a senior executive or corporate change leader, take • Brain Share sessions the chance to sit back and converse in the quiet networking space by applying for entrance into the exclusive solutions hall VIP area. • Process Excellence Awards and Gala Dinner• Structured networking opportunities: Watch out for the chance to take part in a number of structured networking events run throughout the 3 days of the solutions hall. Everything from live maturity assessments, themed discussions groups, networking by industry and maturity, make sure you look at the onsite schedule to not miss out. Day 3 • Keynote PlenariesExplore the latest range of innovative solutions to help drive your BusinessImprovement & Transformation Program to the next level – all in one place! • Themes content tracks continued1. Access to over 25 leading first rate solutions providers: 2011’s solutions hall will • ‘Business Process Excellence in context’ Brain Shares be clearly marked and sign posted with relevant solutions, making it even more easy to • Open access to public for the Process Excellence Week pin point which solutions are relevant for the next progression in your Business process Solutions Hall Excellence initiative. • Product and technology demonstrations in Process Excellence Week2. Look outside the Lean Six Sigma & BPM box to solutions that will take your Solutions Hall program to new heights: Delve into innovation, customer experience, performance, change management and automation solutions that go past the Process Excellence basics to drive increased ROI and sustainable change programs Day 4 & 5 • Certification course: CPP certification level 1-2 with the BP Group.org3. 10+ innovative technology demonstrations: Want to see the hottest technology and solutions on the block? Then make sure you take time out to see some of the 2011 solutions demonstrations – everything from the latest statistical software upgrades, e-learning solutions to process mapping software it’s your chance to try before you buy WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 5
  6. 6. How to navigate the agendaCovering the critical building block to performance excellence and transformation, participants can now select the content most relevant to theirpersonal and business development by using the agenda content key code. Just match the content themes below with the coded session on the agendato make sure you take away what you need from your time onsite. PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 1 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 3 Process management methodologies and approaches People & change PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 2 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 4 Infrastructure & Systems Performance & Strategy WORKSHOPS & NETWORKING DAY 1: Monday 4th April 20118.30 Coffee & Registration9.30 WORKSHOP A WORKSHOP B WORKSHOP C Why we leave, why we stay…How to build How to effectively integrate your balanced scorecard ALL DAY WORKSHOP OPTION outstanding, collaborative multigenerational with your lean six sigma initiative to drive execution Topgrading™: How to hire and coach high workplace relationships Are you looking for ways to ensure your business strategies are not performance teams The notion of having one job and having it for life does not hold just planned, but cascaded and executed effectively? Join Paul Jack Welch, author of Winning and former Chairman, any appeal for the new generation of workers. Those days are gone Docherty, CEO of i-nexus and leading expert on the emerging General Electric forever and unless organisations are willing to invest in their people business discipline of Business Execution as he shares how leading emotionally and financially, the best and brightest will unashamedly organisations are transforming their Balanced Scorecard from a “Topgrading helped us develop the tools to differentiate talent at GE.” seek opportunities elsewhere, leaving you scrambling to replace measurement to an execution system by systematically integrating 10 years ago that McKinseys produced their famous paper on “War them. In this context, employers must be willing to rethink existing Balanced Scorecards and Lean Six Sigma. for Talent” that had organisations sitting up and for the first time hiring, mentoring and training practices and let go of old ideas that wondering how and what they should do. Subsequently Bain’s shaped the traditional organisational structures. In this fun and Featuring case studies from leading organisations, this workshop research followed over a thousand organisations concluding that informative presentation, participants learn how to adjust attitudes will provide practical guidance to both Lean Six Sigma practitioners share price construction had in the last 10 years changed from being regarding the secret to motivating and retaining our workforce to who are trying to align their programs with business goals and to 80% on tangible assets to 80% on intangible assets – that is people! create outstanding intergenerational workplaces. Developing an senior executives who are trying to utilise Lean Six Sigma to drive unbiased viewpoint and flexible approach, coupled with exceptional execution of their strategic objectives. Drawing on over a decade of However, surveys by the CIPD out earlier this year show that whilst interpersonal skills and specific methods to keep all team members experience working with over 100 global organisations, Paul will 50% of organisations are undertaking talent management activities engaged, productive and satisfied. These are prerequisites for share the critical role of Hoshin Planning in linking the Balanced only 35% have a formal strategy and only 20% a formal definition. So leadership success in managing our human capital. Scorecard with Lean Six Sigma and lessons that have been learned the question remains, what are you doing to ensure you organisation Learning objectives and benefits of attending for managers: about how to get senior leaders engaged in driving the process. is equipped for change by securing and retaining A-grade talent? • Understand the “push” and “pull” factors regarding employees’ decisions to stay or leave Paul Docherty, CEO, i-nexus In this 2 part day workshop you will have the opportunity to work • Learn how to apply positive communication and influence to give through a case study and understand the key processes and tools support and motivation to all team members; regardless of age, for Topgrading - a proven methodology for hiring and retaining A culture and attitudes Players. Over 30 years of research and over 65,000 assessment • Practice the language of leadership to use when giving feedback interviews, Topgrading has consistently proven to be the most to different generations reliable process and methodology to identify, recruit, deploy, • Learn how to create a work environment that fosters retention by develop and retain high performers. encouraging creativity, participation in decision – making, Attendees of the workshop will discover how to: brainstorming and problem solving • Identify an A Player - someone who has a 90% chance of WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 6
  7. 7. DAY 1...continued • Experience a hands–on opportunity to practice the power of achieving a set of outcomes that only the top 10% of people positive connection with all generations could achieve • Understand the true cost of “mis-hires” to your team or business Michelle Ray, Workplace Relationships & Personal • Build a scorecard for Topgrading Leadership Expert • Create a ROI and payback model • Employ virtual benchmarking No matter how good the theory or the process, people are critical for execution and results. Topgrading will be the key tool in your kitbag. Christina Pritchard, Founding Director, Meta-Lucid12.30 Lunch & Networking1.30 Benchmark your way to success – structured networking exercise This unique benchmarking session is designed to help you: • Assess your current programme strengths and relative weaknesses • Highlight specific areas for programme improvement • Match you weaknesses with another strengths through structured roundtables based on key maturity model criteria • Earmark which session over the next 2 days will be most relevant for your individual and organisation development strategies2.30 WORKSHOP D WORKSHOP E WORKSHOP C continued Creating a successful Customer Outcome with The agile enterprise: Balancing Innovation and Process Topgrading™: How to hire and coach high Outside-In Thinking Management performance teams In this session Steve Towers, renowned Business Process leader and There has been much discussion in the press about the innovation crisis and founder of the BP Group will walk through a successful tried and how traditional process improvement approaches are suffocating the Session continued from morning session. tested model for radically increased Customer Experience. current innovation culture phenomenon. With the proper understanding Based on CEM & BPM principles participants will learn how to shift and tools it IS possible for process management and Innovation to work from an inside-out to customer centric outside-in operational together in a process oriented environment. In this workshop, Dr. Samuel model for increased competitiveness in today’s marketplace. will discuss how to tackle the current controversy surrounding discipline and imagination, and will demonstrate how to simultaneously integrate the You will gain a background and understanding to outside-in process excellence disciplines with creativity to meet the challenges of thinking: tomorrow. In this workshop you will: • The misalignments in today’s companies which traditional change • Discover a process based approach to uncover revenue, cost and service techniques have failed to address improvement opportunities through the understanding and connection • The opportunities created by thinking about process in the context of Process Improvement and Innovation tools of the customer • Learn how to execute product, process and business model improvement • Optimising the business proposition is an alignment to the projects for organic growth successful customer outcome • Understand how to develop and thrive in an ambidextrous culture for • The reasons why latest generation techniques can impact efficiency and creativity revenue, cost and service simultaneously • The 22 tools that make up the CEMMethod Dr. Phil Samuel. Chief Innovation Officer. BMGI Corporation Dr. Phil Samuel is Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for BMGI, Inc. Phil brings Steve Towers, CEO & Founder, BP Group more than a decade of experience to his role as CIO, helping clients’ in- source creativity and increase organic growth potential. Phil’s counsel is invaluable during the strategy deployment phase of any Lean Six Sigma, Design, or Innovation initiative, and he has become a trusted advisor for executives in a variety of industries.6.00 Process Excellence Week evening networking extravaganza IQPC’s networking evenings are the perfect chance for you and your team to expand your Process and Performance network in a more relaxed and personal setting. Catch-up and share a drink with those you’ve met throughout the day, meet those you have not met already and share ideas on the next generation in Business Process Excellence. The evening networking extravaganza is available for those opting into the 1 or 2 networking package – see the pack page for more information on registration. WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 7
  8. 8. Keynote Thought Leadership followedCONFERENCE DAY 2: Tuesday 5th April 2011 by choice of themed content tracks8.00 Official Opening of Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall 11.45 Bringing together two sides of the executive leadership teams to debate the Join your peers to witness the grand opening of the 2011 Solution Hall. Open across the 2 days, future of both quality and IT for Business Process Excellence it’s where you’ll be able to find all the latest Business Process Excellence solutions to help your As the world of business evolves and technology changes the way we interact globally, the business progress to the next level. Product and case study led presentations will run continuously improvement and transformation roles of the CIO and CQO are evolving with it. Roles such as the through out the 5th & 6th April in the solutions hall. For a complete schedule or further Chief Process Officer or the Chief Performance Officer are emerging across the globe, fusing the information on solutions hall only and solutions provider passes visit pre-existing transformation roles in order to drive a more holistic transformation and change programme. So what are some of the challenges and opportunities for those currently filling one of CXO STRATEGY & PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS the most dynamic and creative roles in a modern company and what will the next generation of8.50 Chairman’s opening remarks CXOs leading Business Process Excellence look like?9.00 A glimpse at the Future: The next 50 years and how it will effect you Debate 1: Defining the emerging role of the CPO – Chief Process Officer • What is the role of the Chief Process Officer? And where does they sit within the business? Set your sights on the future not the problems of yesterday to ensure that your business is bang up • What qualities will they need? And what will their priorities be over the next 10 year? to date and set to excel within the fast growing business climate. So get ready to be inspired and • How are these type of trends effecting and evolving the traditional Business Process Excellence expand your horizons around what does performance in the new economy and global businessFUTURIST OPENING climate look like? roles of the CQO and the CIO? How are these moving into the Chief Process Officer role? • What does the business world of tomorrow look like? What are the global business, social and Debate 2: The CQO perspective: How is the role of the CQO changing in line with these trends? ADDRESS consumer trends that need to be on your radar? • What key industry trends and movements do CQOs need to be aware of? And how are these • Set your sights on the necessary evolutions: How will these global trends and changes in the way that we do business effect the way that you approach performance and change programs? changing the role of quality management in line with changing business strategies? • Evaluating the shift between productivity and quality as key business fundamentals • The leaders: Analyzing the global leaders and what they did to become head of the pack. What • How can CQOs evolve their quality programmes to ensure they are delivering a competitive edge are the lessons we can take back to our own business? • Corporate culture and performance: A look at corporate psychology and why organisations act and innovation? the way they do. Is your corporate culture set up for high performance? Debate 3: The evolving role of the CIO • What are some of the challenges and opportunities for those currently filling one of the most James Bellini, Futurologist & Author, ‘The Bull**** factor’ dynamic and creative roles in a modern company and what will the next generation of CIOs look like? • What qualities will they need? And what will their priorities be over the next 10 years? • The role of IT in shaping the business of tomorrow10.00 The Power of Personal Leadership – “Attitude makes the Difference" • A comparison of the emerging CPO role to the traditional CIO stereotype We all possess the ability to profoundly impact another person by the manner in which we conductMOTIVATIONAL KEYNOTE ourselves. When we go out in the world with a happier disposition, we impact others positively. By Panel Chair: Connie Moore, Vice President & Research Director, Forrester Research KICK START YOUR DAY: our own demeanor, we create an energy force that has the power to change attitudes and change Robert Ottolini, VP Quality, Opel, General Motors lives. We should never underestimate our own personal power! This highly energized and insightful Shailesh Grover, Global Head of Quality & Continuous Improvement, Barclays presentation offers a deeper understanding of the power of positive thinking and personal Fabrizio Majorana, CQO, Unicredit initiative, as well as specific tools to implement when faced with our own “stinkin thinking”. Matt Fisher, COO, EFQM Learning objectives and benefits for attendees: Myron Hrycyk, CIO, Severn Trent • Implement immediate solutions to workplace stress and negativity • Realign your core personal and professional values to those of your workplace • Learn how to re-energise attitudes to co-workers and management that brings profound results 1.15 Lunch & Networking in Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall • Discover how to influence others with outstanding communication skills • Live product & technology demonstrations • Master the art of personal leadership in all relationships • Themed lunch discussion groups • Private lunch for Corporate Leadership Board Michelle Ray, Workplace Relationships & Personal Leadership Expert11.00 Coffee & Networking in Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall • Exclusive book signing with James Bellini • Plus pick up your free audio CDs from Michelle Ray • Live product & technology demonstrations WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 8
  9. 9. DRILL DOWN CONTENT PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 1 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 3 BRAIN SHARE SESSIONS SESSIONS – SELECT YOUR Process management methodologies and approaches People & change (Based in Solutions Hall) PREFRED SESSIONS VIA THE PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 2 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 4 Roundtable places will be limited to 10 per table. Attendees may select one and register upon COLOUR CODED CONTENT Infrastructure & Systems Performance & Strategy registration onsite in the morning to secure a space.2.15 EXTENDED SESSION FOR Defining a BPM and performance EXTENDED SESSION FOR GLOBAL TRAINING APPROACHES INCREASED INTERACTION delivery framework: Forging a value-add INCREASED INTERACTION FOR PROCESS IMPROVEMENT relationship between IT & the Business Organisational Excellence: Joining the This session will bring together the two How can you introduce meaningful BRAIN SHARE OPTION 1: Training and dots between leaders, people, process perspectives (IT & the business) to define strategies revenue and margin improvement into a certification and sustainable performance for a holistic approach to successful business company that has already been • Certification standards: A comparison of global Defining what your Management System looks like transformation and improvement. "optimised" many times over? standards and alternative models • How do you translate Process Excellence, MDM, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make Does the following scenario strike a chord? As • Introducing professional qualifications: Is there when launching or evolving your programme. But SOA, BPMS into a language that can be with many companies, the recent recession has another credible option to belts? with advocates for so many different improvement understood by the business and executed to forced you to cut back costs. You may have already • Options for building a sustainable, credible and approaches, tools and frameworks out there how benefit customers and shareholders? taken "the low hanging fruit" in terms of the most self supporting training and certification • If you can’t bring your organisation to a standstill do you know which one will deliver the results you obvious cost cutting initiatives. You have also hired programme need? And how can you fit them all together to to sequentially progress through the phases of the best consulting companies to help expedite • Ensuring that tools and learnings are used post deliver a cohesive and coordinated approach? process maturity, how do you manage concurrent your business recovery. However, despite all efforts, training, back in the business as usual initiatives in all phases of the maturity model? business is still slow. The economic environment, • Bringing the different business improvement Gary Adams, Continuous Improvement Team In this session hear the stories, successes and whilst not expected to enter another double-dip, Lead (South). Transformation & Business lessons learned in 3 very different performance methodologies and critical approaches under one remains stagnant. Design, npower retail improvement programs. This is your chance to roof: Piecing BPMS, Enterprise Architecture, Lean Six • What do you do next when you can’t just keep understand their decisions, how their programme Sigma and Agile together to deliver on one strategy removing more cost? BRAINSHARE OPTIONS 2: e-learning: has evolved over time and ask any questions you and coherent problem solving methodology • How do you start generating improved revenues • Managing both sides of the relationship for • A comparison of different online e-learning options have to those who have already done it. again and quickly? • Differentiating between credible online learning optimal performance results: Bringing together Discussion hosted by: John Corr, President, BP Group options the business leaders with IT Matt Fisher, COO, EFQM • Creating a BPMS platform for business process • Hybrid learning approaches: Deciding the right balance between online and classroom visibility and control: What does the journey look like? Mark Zirbser, Head of Process Excellence, Cable & Wireless Communications Panel to include:3.05 Ian McKay, Head of Quality Assurance & New deployments – is there a one size PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Business Excellence CS&S MASS, BAE fits all approach to getting your business SYSTEMS PLC process management programme off the BRAIN SHARE OPTION 1: Performance ground? Management: The people perspective Started by brief snap shots of both deployments, • Engaging the business leaders in critical and then followed by an open Q&A this is the performance management chance of the year for those of you at the • Increasing the sustainability of performance beginning of a deployment to: improvements • Set your approach and execution strategy for • Creating mindsets and behaviours that stick Business Process Excellence • Creating performance through increasing • Define what model will work best and deliver organisational skills quickest results for your business • Learn from the lessons learnt and stumbling BRAINSHARE OPTIONS 2: Leveraging blocks of those that have gone before and over Performance Management technology and come the obstacles tracking suites • Hear from a successful award winning start-up • How can Performance Management technology business process excellence deployment and their help to monitor and track the performance of secrets to success change and transformation programmes? • What technology options and functionality are Ian Dobie, Head of Business Improvement, there for me to choose from? Legal & General • How to get the most out of the additions of a Performance Management suite WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 9
  10. 10. 3.55 Networking in Process Excellence DRILL DOWN CONTENT PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 1 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 3 Week Solutions Hall SESSIONS – SELECT YOUR Process management methodologies and approaches People & change • Live product & technology demonstrations • Process Excellence Week prize draw and PREFRED SESSIONS VIA THE PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 2 PERFORMANCE BUILDING BLOCK 4 competition COLOUR CODED CONTENT Infrastructure & Systems Performance & Strategy EXTENDED SESSION FOR PROCESS EXCELLENCE Optimizing causes of work & decision WEEK CLINIC points BRAIN SHARE SESSIONS INCREASED INTERACTION (Based in Solutions Hall) In this session attendees will be taught key business process management tools to help reduce critical4.25 Managing yourself through change: Cascading strategy to operational reality: workload and increase successful customer Making it come to life TECHNOLOGY FUTURES Creating the mindset of adaptability and outcomes: Join focused discussion groups around the practical peak performance Discover how to more effectively capture and cement • Discover a practical framework for mapping your strategic goals to form the foundations for your business application and ROI on some of the latest We are well and truly in the knowledge economy, businesses customer interactions evolutions in the BPM space. where effective learning and adaptability are the change and transformation initiatives. Through looking • Breakpoints: Pin pointing your key process key characteristics of high performers. Knowledge at strategic planning and the concept of Hoshin Planning breakpoints and minimising point of failure from BRAINSHARE TO INCLUDE: workers now need a very different outlook and set discuss practical strategies to turn business vision into a the customers perspective • Cloud based BPM of tools to get outcomes in teams, business units reality. • Moments of truth: How to match key customer • Open source BPM solutions • Setting the strategy: Creating a definite vision, or organisations. interactions back to your critical causes of work • Applications for Business Intelligence prioritising actions and setting clear course to get there • Business Rules: Re-working your business rules for • Content & data management This session is designed to help people with one of • Linking daily activities and processes into the wider optimal successful customer outcomes • Enterprise architecture & agility the biggest challenges faced in business today – company strategies for meaningful results • Optimising decision points to minimise causes of managing and thriving around change. This 90 • How do your measure success? Feeding strategic work and potential points of failure throughout Each attendee will spend 20 minutes with each minute interactive learning experience will be a planning points into key KPIs and governance your business processes roundtable leader and cover all technology areas dynamic mix of theory, practical exercises and processes at all levels of management throughout the simple but effective tools designed to transform organisation Charles Bennett, SVP Delivery, BP Group your beliefs and behaviours and get you to an • Creating measurable milestones and daily activities for optimum frame of mind and adaptability. Like these sessions – then attend improvement programmes that are truly working the CPP course in more detail towards a shared vision and goal for business Through a series of activities and analogies designed for the full qualification excellence to engage, challenge and entertain, this session will • Create accountability at all levels within the business help you address the following questions: for achieving the shared vision • What determines exceptional performance when faced with demanding and challenging Peter Henderson, SVP, Head of CA Strategies & environments? Change Management, Bank of America • How do we manage the complexity of driving5.15 change whilst at the same time executing on Turning customer centric – the process of Creating an ambidextrous organisation: tactics? customer value creation Stealing a page from the innovators’ playbook • Why do people do the things they do and how • Creating a customer architecture for moments of Every organisation is on a quest to improve its can we/they change to suit the current demands truth: How to understand what the customer performance in three key business activities: within the business? really wants, and then re-orientating your internal • Improve the performance of current business processes and metrics to match • Create a profitable future for the organization Uncover hidden performance and discover how to: • Understanding and mapping the customer • Selectively abandon the past. • Access your potential by managing your ‘frame journey, to truly understand what the customer Whilst traditional process excellence has focused on of mind’ experiences improvement, innovation focuses on doing things • Identify strategies for dealing with rapid change • Performance measurement: Linking traditional differently and then abandoning the past. • Create the energy to perform under pressure and lagging customer satisfaction metrics to leading deal effectively with new challenges, obstacles indicators for a more pro-active approach to Discover how you can steal a page from the and setbacks business process excellence Innovators’ Playbook to simultaneously manage the • Challenge and change habitual behaviours and • Driving effective ownership and business planning Yin and Yang nature of efficiency and creativity: make more ‘useful’ choices, specifically, when to drive the right changes at the right time to • Creating a process based approach to innovation under pressure. deliver maximum customer and business benefit • Understanding which companies that can truly be • Impact the beliefs of clients and colleagues by called ambidextrous organisations Paul Lawrence, Head of Customer • Develop an ambidextrous culture for efficiency understanding and utilising ‘components of Architecture & Process Improvement, influence’? BskyB and creativity within your organisation • How to leverage innovation approaches for next Jim Steele, Performance Coach & generation Process Excellence International Speaker Dr. Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer, BMGI Corporation WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 10
  11. 11. DAY 2...continued6.00 End of Day7.00 Pre-awards drinks reception and networking7.30 2011 Process Excellence Awards Ceremony. Make sure you reserve your place at the community event of the year to celebrate and recognize the top performers for 2011. Process Excellence Awards are now open for entry and close on the 4th February. For more information surrounding 2011 awards applications visit Keynote thought leadership, choice of themedCONFERENCE DAY 3: Wednesday 6th April 2011 content sessions and Business Process Excellence in context discussion groups8.00 Networking Breakfast in Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall And who will become the new leaders? Join your peers to witness the grand opening of the 2011 Solution Hall. Open across the 2 days, it’s • How does L6S & BPM need to adapt to the recovery economy: Ensuring it’s a driving force for where you’ll be able to find all the latest Business Process Excellence solutions to help your business positive business change? EXCLUSIVE TO PROCESS progress to the next level. Product and case study led presentations will run continuously through • Going beyond cost-cutting to pro-actively drive customer experience and top-line growth EXCELLENCE WEEK! out the 5th & 6th April in the solutions hall. For a complete schedule or further information on Chaired by: Michelle Ray, Workplace Relationships & Personal Leadership Expert solutions hall only and solutions provider passes visit PI Visionary Council representatives8.45 Chairman’s opening remarks & recap of the awards ceremony Eric Thompson, Process leadership Manager, Shell International Sandy Lucas, Quality Leader, GE Capital8.50 Challenging your individual and organizational performance! Emmanuel Decroix, Global Deployment Leader, BNP Paribas – Corporate Investment Banking Jim Steele is one of the most charismatic presenters in the business world today. Addressing global fortune Estelle Clark, Director Business Assurance, Lloyds Register 500 organisations, Jim has the proven ability to deliver a message that motivates, educates, inspires and Ben Nicholson, Director Operational Excellence, Barclays Capital entertains. Fascinated by the nature of peak performance, he has spent much of the last decade working Delf Schumann, VP Corporate First Choice Office, Deutsche Post DHL with highly successful individuals from business and from the world of sport, seeking to understand not just what makes these people tick, but what makes them tick so much faster, stronger and longer. 10.25 Coffee and networking in Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall • Interactive benchmarking exerciseCHANGE KEYNOTE Beginning his career as a life insurance salesman, his early performance was decidedly average. But PERFORMANCE & when shadowing one of the companys peak performers he made a discovery that would reshape • Book signing and follow up with Jim Steele his whole life. He realised there are definable strategies of mindset and behaviour that that can • Live product & technology demonstrations propel an average performer towards excellence. He became a tireless reader, gradually piecing together his own unique take on peak performance, allowing him to achieve a breakthrough in his 11.05 Outside-in: Revolutionary customer thinking strategies for the next generation own performance, winning many awards including Top UK Salesman – surpassing the company’s of Business Process Management definition of Excellence by more than 300%. The worlds leading companies have come to realise that only when their customers are successful, will they be successful. In pursuit of their market leadership not only they need to spend time to look inside CUSTOMER CENTRICITY & In this fascinating keynote, discover: their business to know how things are getting done but also look outward to get deep understanding • How you too can reach peak performance and achieve excellence of their customers. Welcome in the new era of outside-in thinking that is sweeping the globe... PERFORMANCE • What turns average performers into excellent performers • How to apply a structured recipe for peak performance to your organization and truly make a Outside-In can really be summarized in the statement that “the customer experience is the process”. difference We can no longer just look within our organisational boundaries to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We have to extend our scope and embrace a broader view of optimising process by Jim Steele, Performance Coach & International Speaker understanding, managing and developing customer expectations and the associated experience. Hosted by the world renowned BP Group, this unique panel is your chance to meet and hear the customer success stories from 3 of the most successful outside-in companies. • What makes an outside-in thinking company?9.40 The 2011 Process Improvement Visionary Council • Putting the customer at the heart of everything you do – turning traditional BPM on its head for Every year Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ brings together the most industry recognised andEXCLUSIVE TO PROCESS talented Lean, Six Sigma & Business Process Excellence leaders to help you map a vision for the future successful customer outcomes EXCELLENCE WEEK! of global Business Excellence and performance. Following rave feedback from the inaugural European Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Group – celebrating 18 years of Outside-In and US panels the PI Visionary Council returns to help you get your priorities straight for 2011. Thinking • A reflection on the role of Business Process Improvement in transforming European businesses to move out of the recession • From recession to recovery: How has the landscape changed for the big European multinationals? WEBSITE: • TEL: +44 207 368 9300 • EMAIL: 11