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Sweden - the new culinary nation Hovstadius Ami VisitSweden


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Ami Hovstadius, Communications Manager of VisitSweden presented Sweden's Food and Tourism in HAAGA-HELIA's Food and Tourism seminar November 1st, 2013.

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Sweden - the new culinary nation Hovstadius Ami VisitSweden

  1. 1. Sweden – The New Culinary Nation Ami Hovstadius, VisitSweden Photo: VisitSweden Henrik Trygg
  2. 2. Food, culture & scary stories Sweden 4th place in the world. “The capital has long been a stylish, top-notch destination for serious gourmands and boldly experimental chefs but lately the reputation and influence of Swedish cooking have spread beyond the country’s borders. Considering that Swedish cuisine is so strongly tied to locally sourced ingredients (be it seafood, game, berries, herbs or regional cheeses), it makes perfect sense to go to the source of all this fine food”
  3. 3. 2020 The best food! Minister for Rural Affairs, Eskil Erlandsson Foto: Johan Ödmann
  4. 4. Foto: Erik Olsson
  5. 5. “and if you are a diehard food lover … Swedish food revolution is in full swing…aware of health benefits, restaurants, bakeries and popups are rearing all over London… Sweden is without no doubt the next foodie hot spot!” INSTYLE
  6. 6. 780 million SEK pr value 2011-2012
  7. 7. Foto: Håkan Vargas/
  8. 8. The Plan Five focus areas: • Primary Production • Food production • Public food • Restaurants • Tourism Foto: Miriam Preis
  9. 9. The Network • • • • • • 26 Regional ambassadors 12 Experts from five focus areas 12 Communication advisors Culinary Capital of the year Culinary Nation Conference 365 News channel
  10. 10. The Tools • Rules and regulations • Special fund for development • Communications strategy
  11. 11. The Communication Strategy 1 1 National development 3 Focused marketing 2 Global PR
  12. 12. The Target Audience The influential foodies Why foodies? They shop, cook, eat – but most of all they like to share, talk about their experiences Foto: Nicho Södling/
  13. 13. What is driving the foodies?
  14. 14. The Brand Promise “I want to maximize every aspect of my life. Eat well, know more, look good and feel great.” For a tastier* life *unique flavours, holistic health sustainability Foto: Nicho Södling/
  15. 15. 1,1 billion SEK 0,02% marketing
  16. 16. Farmers Foto: Miriam Preis/
  17. 17. Food production
  18. 18. Public food
  19. 19. Restaurants
  20. 20. Tourism Foto: Henrik Trygg
  21. 21. 38 billion SEK +199% in food tourism export
  22. 22. Keys to successful food destination • • • • • • Market research – who? Define clear objectives Communicate benefits and progress Engage stakeholders from the start Plan longterm and commit Support cooperation food producers & tourism entrepreneurs • Quality program & certification • Offer training • Follow up 2003, Steven Boyne, Derek Hall, “Managing food and tourism developments: issues for planning and opportunities to add value”
  23. 23. Sweden – The New Culinary Nation
  24. 24. Foto: Miriam Preis
  25. 25. The bottom line One vision and consistent communications awareness awareness builds relationships relationships lead to more business And more business create new jobs! creates 20 000 new jobs in 2020 Foto: Johan Ödmann
  26. 26. Foto: Martin Svalander/