Haaga-Helia World Design Capital year


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HAAGA-HELIA University Applied Sciences performance in World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Year

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Haaga-Helia World Design Capital year

  1. 1. World Design Capital Helsinki 2012HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences
  2. 2. HAAGA-HELIA and the World Design Capital Year• The WDC year consists of development projects and events with partner organisations• HAAGA-HELIA one of about 20 partners• Seven HAAGA-HELIA projects chosen to be part of the program for the WDC year
  3. 3. HAAGA-HELIA WDC-projectsHelsinki Working Life• Experiental Cityshops • The meeting of• Suomenlinna Tomorrow• FutuAeroport • SYMBIO Living Lab• The Metropolitan Brand Education • Porvoo Campus
  4. 4. Common goals• Developing the future (tomorrow)• Helsinki, education and working life are targets of development• New way of thinking – everything is possible• Believe in your possibilities to influence
  5. 5. Visibility on WDC Helsinki 2012 Year• Website -> www.huomisenmuotoilu.fi (in Finnish)• Facebook ->Huomisen muotoilu HAAGA-HELIAssa (WDC)• Visibility on Campuses• Participation in events
  6. 6. HAAGA-HELIA’s WDC Projects
  7. 7. Porvoo Campus• Develop methods of learning and learning environment• ”Living Lab” Porvoo Campus• web pages: http://www.porvoocampus.fi/en
  8. 8. SYMBIO Living Lab• Encourage young people to creative entrepeneurship• Encourage and support in self-realization• Three videos in Finnish: http://www.youtube.com/user/haagaheliayht eistyo?feature=mhee
  9. 9. The meeting room of tomorrow• Increase inspiration and creativity, by developing meeting facilities and practices• Testspace Griini in Hotel Haaga• Modifiable and homey meeting room• Brought the meeting design service to Finland• Prezi: The Meeting of tomorrow• Web pages: http://meetingoftomorrow.com/• Video: http://youtu.be/vmy0XYqUY4w
  10. 10. Experiental Cityshops• Improve the operation conditions of cityshops• 35 partner shops in Helsinki downtown• Research on buying habits in cityshops as base for development• Business students develop e.g marketing campaigns
  11. 11. Suomenlinna – not only for picnique• Bring forward the diversity of Suomenlinna: world heritage site, historical value, diverse tourist destination, a place to live• Help in event planning, implementation, communication and marketing
  12. 12. FutuAeroport• Vision of the future of the airport and the importance in building the Finnish brand• Developing the airport services• Helping in finding ”best practices” and ”next practices”
  13. 13. The Metropolitan Brand• Research and develop the Metropolitan brand• Gather stories connected to the metropolitan area• Produce a handbook for actors and marketers of the metropolitan area• Research, how WDC 2012 year affect the attraction and awareness of the area
  14. 14. Thank you! More information:Project coordinator Elisa Aunola elisa.aunola@haaga-helia.fi