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Aboriginal art and symbols


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Aboriginal Art

Published in: Education
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Aboriginal art and symbols

  1. 1. Aboriginal Art
  2. 2. Aboriginal Art was always created about important stories in the Aboriginal Community. Even today, Aboriginal artists use stories as inspiration for their artwork.
  3. 3. Aboriginal Art is almost like its own language. There are many layers of meaning to every art piece. The Aboriginal people have no written language of their own, their culture uses icons (symbols) to tell stories through generations, this is why Art work is very important.
  4. 4. Art was often used to teach children how to behave. The elders of a community would teach lessons through art.
  5. 5. Aboriginal Art was usually painted on bark, rocks, or drawn in sand or dirt and accompanied by a song or story. Today much Aboriginal Art is painted on canvas.
  6. 6. Many Aboriginal Artists used dot paintings to hide secret messages within their art. The dots made is difficult for the Aboriginal symbols to be understood. Most of the time, Aboriginal artworks are painted from a birds eye view.
  7. 7. Aboriginal Symbols