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Vestibule solutions presentselina


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Vestibule solutions presentselina

  1. 1. Introducing Elina The Management Suite for Hospitality
  2. 2. The Management Suite for Hospitality • Elina was designed to support the most critical areas of hospitality operations – integrating: – Powerful CRS, reservations and online booking; • Guest Services Module – Targeted Customer relationship management; – Efficient Operations management; • Internal Communications • Invoicing and accounting – Revenue enhancing Pricing and promotions; and – Loyalty building Newsletters and e-mail marketing, to name a few. • Imagine managing your entire hospitality venue from within one environment; supporting your service delivery from initial contact to post-arrival, consistently – now that’s setting service free!
  3. 3. The Dis-integration Challenge • The traditional model of hospitality management and distribution systems poses some challenges to both single image inventory and customer service delivery. • A frequent occurrence the development of Hospitality Business Systems is done as needs arise resulting in a myriad of software packages who do not share data nor enable the service delivery today’s customer has come to expect.
  4. 4. The Solution • A fresh perspective where integration and state-of-the art technology meets simplicity and business sense is Elina, our Management Suite for Hospitality.
  5. 5. Complete Flexibility of Design
  6. 6. Even at the Back-office level!
  7. 7. e-Mail Marketing Module • Since your database of guests and visitors will be complete and up to date at all times, use the e-Mail Marketing module to send out welcome e-mail before arrival, for feedback after departure, upselling, news, birthday e- mails – you name it! With Elina e-Mail marketing has never been easier.
  8. 8. Pricing and Promotional Engine • The heart of revenue management is selling the right product at the right time, to the right guest at the right price. • Elina uses advanced features to deliver dynamic pricing based on length of stay, loyalty, promotional codes, other products and services bought and more. This is in the booking engine online and at your reservation or call centre - seamlessly, every time.
  9. 9. Products and Services • Have products or additional services that you want your customers to see and want to decide when they see them? • Elina can sell champagne on arrival, paraphernalia like t-shirts, caps or even duvets, tennis lessons by the hour or a massage to loosen up.
  10. 10. Booking Engine • Easy to navigate, flexible design • With a fully flexible engine to sell rooms, apartments, villas and more. • Dynamic packaging, pricing and updating offers as the guest books. • Group rooms to assign higher value areas with the facility • Booking up to the minute
  11. 11. Complete Flexibility of Design
  12. 12. Operations Management • Front Desk • Invoicing • Accounts • Housekeeping • Reservations • Internal Communications module allowing users to send and receive messages (both internal and externally) making handovers seamless and guest information and preference data accessible to your front line team. • Elina, let’s you take care of your guest whether they are coming to stay for a couple of hours or several months.
  13. 13. Guest Self-Service Module • Elina allows interaction between you and your guest even before they arrive. • The guest management area is where guests can log in, add products and services, read news, change or amend bookings, view their profiles, accounts, statements, and more
  14. 14. Owner’s Self-Service Module • Elina caters to multi-owner properties and manages rental distribution between management companies and owners. • Owner’s are able to manage their availability online, make their own bookings and check the bookings on their property through the website.
  15. 15. Reporting & Analytics • Management dashboards for each functional area – Including up to the minute statistic and real time data – Quick launch and access to all related areas • Reporting made to order, using our tailored reports – weekly and monthly reporting made easy. • Secure and configurable access levels for all users
  16. 16. Customer Relationship Management • Whether a customer books online, calls, walks in, or orders via a partner, Elina let’s you access real-time data on your customers history, profile, and preferences anywhere. • Using our native Internal Communications module to deliver vital customer information to your front line team – even between shifts make delivering on your services promises a breeze!
  17. 17. Interfacing • We can interface with most accounting software suites provided we have the necessary documentation. • If you have systems with which you need an integration, Elina has pre-built and configurable integration points that make it easy to integrate with just about any piece of software or system. • At a reasonable price we can also offer you a food and beverage solution via our integrated partner POS provider.
  18. 18. Technical Specification and Fees
  19. 19. Elina Technical Specification • Elina is built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology, using industry leading standards to both assure absolute data security, unquestionable performance and scalability you can trust! • Elina is provided primarily as a serviced application. This means that there is no requirement for local servers or IT support. All you need to benefit from the performance and functionality of Elina is a local internet connection and a computer through which to access web pages.
  20. 20. Elina Fees • A small initial set-up fee will apply • After that all you pay is a maintenance fee* that will take care of support, upgrades, hosting, initial training (less expenses) and account management. – And if Elina is not for you, we’ll be sad to see you go, but you can leave anytime with no long term commitments. *Fee is based on # of rooms/properties that are managed through Elina. Please contact us for a demo and a direct quote today!
  21. 21. Elina - The Management Suite for Hospitality Contact us today for a demo or personalised quote! The Elina Team +44 20 305 17 305