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Preguntas y reglas en ingles


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Preguntas y reglas en ingles

  1. 1. SCRIPT FOR THE VIDEO Whe are studentsof the Technological University of Torreon We´re going to talk about the statistics variability My partner: Elizabeth grijalbarocha And servant =: Karen lizethbarajasalmeidaWhat is varability?Variability occurs variables that can be desive to achieve the requiredquality.processes generally use diferentresarces in order to produce productsOr services.How many types of variability are there?Three types of variability.Variability systematic and planned.Typical variability problem and the nature of theexperiment.Systematic variability and unplanned.What are the security measures?Variability measures are designed to measure the magnitude of the deviations ofthe values of the variable with respect to the central value of the distribution.
  2. 2. What is the purpose of the measures of variability?Accurately calculate measures of variability such as variance and standarddeviation.What is the coefficient of variation?The coefficient of variation at different scales but are correlated statistically andsubstantively with one common factor. That is, both variables have a causalrelationship with this factor.Rule Description Chart Example Problem Indicated
  3. 3. One sample (two One point is more thanRule shown in this case) 3 standard deviations 1 is grossly out of from the mean. control. Nine (or more) pointsRule Some prolonged in a row are on the 2 bias exists. same side of the mean. Six (or more) points inRule a row are continually A trend exists. 3 increasing (or decreasing).
  4. 4. This much oscillation is beyond Fourteen (or more) noise. points in a rowRule alternate in direction, This is directional 4 increasing then and the position of decreasing. the mean and size of the standard deviation do not affect this rule. There is a medium tendency for Two (or three) out of samples to be three points in a row mediumly out ofRule are more than 2 control. 5 standard deviations from the mean in the same direction. The side of the mean for the third point is unspecified. There is a strong tendency for Four (or five) out of samples to be five points in a row are slightly out ofRule more than 1 standard control. 6 deviation from the mean in the same direction. The side of the mean for the fifth point is unspecified. Fifteen points in a row With 1 standard are all within 1Rule deviation, greater standard deviation of 7 variation would be the mean on either side expected. of the mean.
  5. 5. Eight points in a row Jumping from above exist with none within to below whilst 1 standard deviation ofRule missing the first the mean and the 8 standard deviation points are in both band is rarely directions from the random mean. WESTERN ELECTRIC RULERule Description Chart Example Any single data point falls outside the 3standardRule 1 deviations limit from the centerline (i.e., any point that falls outside Zone A, beyond either the upper or lower control limit) Two out of three consecutive points fall beyondRule 2 the 2σ limit (in zone A or beyond), on the same side of the centerline
  6. 6. Four out of five consecutive points fall beyond theRule 3 1σ limit (in zone B or beyond), on the same side of the centerline Nineconsecutive points fall on the same side ofRule 4 the centerline (in zone C or beyond)BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Luceño Vazquez, Francisco Javier Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Gonzalez Ortiz, Marta Pascual Saez, Jose Maria Sarabia Joy, Alberto Luceño Vazquez, Francisco Javier Gonzalez - 2005 - 338 pages.  Bartes Prat, Xavier Tort-Martorell Llabrés, Pere Grima Cintas - 2004 - 376 pages.  Mendenhall - 2007 - 776 pages.  Johnson, Patricia Kuby - 2003 - 509 pages.  L. Devore - 2008 - 744 pages.