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Buzzmonitor Monitoring, Social Management and Analytics + Historical Data & Consumers Insights


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Buzzmonitor is the first tool with a unique report engine that allows analysts to create unlimited views of Social Data. Buzzmonitor covers the functionality of many other tools in one integrated platform.

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Buzzmonitor Monitoring, Social Management and Analytics + Historical Data & Consumers Insights

  1. 1. BUZZMONITOR The next generation of Social Media Tools
  2. 2. Group | Our Business Units 2004 2007 20122010
  3. 3. Mexico Brazil USA Spain Germany Colombia Group | Where we are
  4. 4. Group | Some of our customers
  5. 5. What is Buzzmonitor 1. LISTENING Design any number of customized reports and organize them in folders. Generate Dashboards displaying any number of charts and share them with your team. 2. SOCIAL ANALYTICS Measure the performance of your Facebook page, Youtube channel and Twitter profile and compare it with your competitors. 3. SOCIAL CRM Manage your customers’ interactions and track conversation metrics on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 4. SOCIAL BIG DATA Using our exclusive text mining technology coupled with GNIP/Twitter analyse millions of data points about any topic since 2006. The first Business Intelligence tool for Social Data
  6. 6. Listening Buzzmonitor allows the creation of unlimited reports through its exclusive report engine allowing cross-referencing, filtering and grouping within more than 40 variables, including bio, comments, terms, brands, followers etc. Social networks covered (+ millions of sites, blogs and forums):
  7. 7. Listening | Reports & Dashboards Choose among 4 types of charts and filter or group by tags, terms, sentiment, gender, location, bio and other attributes. All monitoring projects can be also seen on dashboards and can be shared with anyone from your team.
  8. 8. Dimension: Unique users Any report can be also based on unique users to give a much more precise metrics for defining reach. Beautiful online design All colors of the reports can be customized directly on the tool without using any other add-on which simplify the life of the user Listening| Exclusive features E-mail alerts Buzzmonitor allows the users to set e-mail alerts with specific criteria and choose the list of people that will receive.
  9. 9. Social Analytics Social Analytics is the best way to analyze the performance of Social Channels and compare them with competitors. Social networks covered:
  10. 10. Social Analytics | Facebook Pages Performance 12 metrics: compare your Page performance with any competitor’s pages. All this indicators are made online and real time. E-book: 12 essential indicators from Facebook.
  11. 11. Social Analytics | Buzzmonitor Youtube Analytics A 10 metrics Analysis Report for your Youtube Channel . E-book: Youtube: 10 successful indicators.
  12. 12. Social Analytics | Twitter Performance Buzzmonitor covers Twitter Followers Evolution and TOP Retweets reports.
  13. 13. Social Analytics | Instagram Buzzmonitor delivers 3 metrics from Instagram: Followers Evolution, Engagement by Posts and Profile Engagement. * Until 3Quarter 2015 – available in Excel
  14. 14. Social CRM & Community Management Post, Interact, classify and organize data from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Beautiful dashboards can also be created with custom CRM metrics. E-book: Strategic Social CRM. Social Networks covered:
  15. 15. Social CRM | Unique features Ticket Management: embedded workflow to implement a full customer care via Social Platforms. Author history: records all interactions with every customer. Deep Profile for Twitter: discover what other brands were mentioned by your users and interact according to his/her preferences. FAQ: configure most used answers for frequently asked questions and improve the performance of your team.
  16. 16. Social CRM | Balanced Score Card Buzzmonitor allows supervisors to evaluate analysts through Balanced Score Cards. Supervisors can design a form with specific metrics and generate a score to her team for a given period.
  17. 17. Thank you @getBuzzmonitor