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Qr code


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Qr code

  1. 1. Quick Response Code
  2. 2. QR Code can be scanned and read by camera equipped smart phones via an application/software and brings you full of data 1 2 3
  3. 3. SKY is the limit for QR Code
  4. 4. QR Code is scanned by huge people and has become a new trendNearly 50% of Facebook users in the world;300 million + people in total has scanneda QR code before Source:
  5. 5. QR scanning has increased by 4549% and main scanners are women. QR scans increased by 4549% QR scanners are mainly women (Q1’12 vs Q1’11) 25+ years old QR Code Scanners 32 Women 68 Men QR Code Scanner Age Split 55+ years 11 45-54 years 22 35-44 years 25 25-34 years 22 18-24 years 16 Under 18… 5Source: Mobio Report Source: Mobio Report
  6. 6. QR codes are mainly recognised on packs and key driver is discounts QR are mostly seen on a product Discounts, sweeptakes, additional info& purchase are key drivers to scan QRC Driver for QR Code Scan On a 87 Magaz Coup Product ineMGH’s QR Code Usage and Interest Survey on 64 63 60 56% 46% 45%February 2011 53 36 31 News Catal paper ouge TV OOH 27% 17% 16% 21%Source: MGH’s QR Code Usage and Interest Survey Feb’11
  7. 7. Primary locations where QR codes are scanned; at home and in store Location where QR Code was scanned At Home 58 Retail Store 40 Grocery MGH’s QR Code Usage and25 Store Interest Survey February 2011 At Work 20 Outside/Public… 12 Restaurant 8Source: Comscore QR Code Usage Data July’11
  8. 8. 14% of Turkey Population has a smart phone 14% of the population uses smart phones 70% of those has their 1st smart phone Majority has smart phones for less than a year (71%) 44% of these are online everyday 72% thinks that in the future they will continue using smart phones at least as much as todaySource:Our Mobile Market Survey Turkey 2011
  9. 9. Photo&video shooting, listening music & Internet browsing are key activities for Turkish consumers on smart phones General Smart Phone Activities Seach for Restaurant 20 Seach for Travel 23 Application 29 Tethered to PC 29 Finance 33 Video sites 39 Map 40 Search for a product 40 Read news 41 Play Game 49 General Search 55 Social network 58 E Mail 59 Other activities 60 Internet 66 Listen to Music 68 Shooting photo/video 68 0 20 40 60 80
  10. 10. Although only 19% shop online with a smart phone,84% of consumers with smart phone searches for local information and after search they shop online (31%), goes to store (57%) 92% of Turkish smart phone users are aware of mobile marketing, mobile marketing is realized while searching (40%), while watching videos. (34%) 84% of Turkish smart phone users searches for local information, after search; to visit a website (44%) to get the phone number (39%) to shop online (31%) to shop from a store (29%) to visit the store (28%) Only 19% shop online via smart phone and 40% of those, shops every month on smart phone Those who does not shop on smart phone has a barrier of the preference of pc (65%) unsecurity (29%)
  11. 11. QR Code is just a smarter barcode Barcode A sophisticated & smart has a linear one 2 dimensional dimensional codes matrix barcode that up to 20 numerical digit can hold thousands of information
  12. 12. All UL products have barcode, why not a QR Code?
  13. 13. UL will link offline with online marketing via utilising greatest enabler of change the power of digital platform via QR Code to craft brands for life Hightened Increase Trial Loyalty Increase HigherPenetration Repeater Rate Social connectivity Increase the & awareness of Engagement new launches EducateConsumers Educate Consumers Tell the Recommenda product tion benefits
  14. 14. A QR Code will be the link to offline to online marketingQR code on pack links to a tab in web site of the brand
  15. 15. Our agenda will drive the QR Code Agenda PRODUCT CAMPAIGN FACEBOOK INFORMATION AWARENESS Variant Information, New campaign Like it! Product Benefits, launch, Facebook Value Equation, TVC, content, Usage New news game link Recommendation ONLINE SAMPLING OTHER SHOPPING Migros shelf Where: execution Sampling POP/MMR Sanal OKK Market/Hepsi Grupanya/Hepsi Burada optional Burada
  16. 16. Where would QR Codes be used? AT HOME OOH Product Information Shop online when ran Connect augmented out realityGet engaged with social New campaign IN STORE Get engaged with social media Product Information TVC media Get discounts Recommendation Sampling Get engaged with social TVC media New campaign Sampling Recommendation
  17. 17. Some ideas to attract consumer for QR Code Making QR Code in store QR Code scanning to Augmented Reality By passing thru a QR codeshoot a photo with Yumoş 3D Angels Falling sticker