Ww i keynote!!!!!!!


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  • Ww i keynote!!!!!!!

    1. 1. BATTLES OF WWIBy Elizabeth Denney
    2. 2. BATTLE OF TANNENBERGThe battle of Tannenberg was in full a German victory. This battle takes place inAugust 1914 in the east corner of Prussia mainly between Russia and Germany.
    3. 3. BATTLE OF TANNENBERG CONTINUEDThis was Germany’s most complete battle, they completely encircled russia’s second army.
    4. 4. BATTLE OF VERDUNThe Battle of verdun officially started on February 21, at 7:15am, again germany seized this battle also, thanks to their large ring of forts...
    5. 5. BATTLE OF VERDUN CONTINUEDThe battle of Verdun was declared the longest battle of WWI, this battle was also rescheduled more than three times!!!
    6. 6. BATTLE OF SOMME The battle of somme was known for its brutality. This battle took place on thewestern front between Britain-France and Germany.
    7. 7. BATTLE OF SOMME CONTINUEDThe first day of the battle was on july 1, 1916, It was recorded as a “one day battle”. The battle lasted 5 months and in November they called it off... Britain lost one- third of their troops.
    8. 8. THE BATTLE OF THE MARNEThere were two battles of the Marne, the first battle started the 10 of September in 1914. This war was brought with the outcome of the ‘end world war’ movement.
    9. 9. BATTLE OF THE MARNE CONTINUEDBy this time Germany has gotten within 30 miles of Paris withthe persistence to follow the Schlieffen Plan, but, by this time Germany’s fifth and sixth armies were exhausted.
    10. 10. GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN The Gallipoli campaign took place in February 9, 1915 the british navy ships attacked the turks at the Dardanelles. The ships had to turn back because the turks defense was way tostrong. That day, two British ships along with 700 souls were lost at sea.
    11. 11. STALEMATE A stalemate during WWI when Germany out by outflanking the enemy (going around them). Its not a term, its an event. This took place near the town of Arras. In 1914.Stalemate was an event between Britain and Germany at the end Britain won.
    12. 12. CHRISTMAS TRUCE The Christmas Truce was during WWI, December 24, Christmas Eve, 1914. Only on that night did both armies come on to the “No mans land” and played football and exchanged memories. The very next day they were back to their trenches and continued the war.
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